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Destined To Burn

"Destined To Burn" (2005)

1. Alienation
2. The Caress of Naked Flames
3. Far from Sanctuary
4. Human Remains
5. Burial
6. Blood Drenched Truth
7. From Cold Dead Hands
8. Infest
9. Maleficium of the Masses

1. Alienation

Transcending my body
Free of the earth
Hatred embodied
Freedom incurred

Preserving the mind state
Attainment of rights
Pre-judgement determined
Your own chance of life

Hateful admissions
Emotions untied
The depths of your fears
Unfolded by lies

Submissive detractors
Afraid to concede
The judgement of others
More words than of deeds

Alien state nations blind
Pre-destined mortal grind
Alien state thoughts all mine
Your mind state now flatline

You take the strain
You feel the pain
Strip away the thought
Your judgement bought

No longer warm
A walking corpse
Zombied insane
It's all ingrained

Your fears
The alien kind
Your tears
Force you blind

2. The Caress of Naked Flames

Scorched lump quivering
On the ground whimpering
Deep in shock
Left to die

Victim of a diabolic mind
Cruellest kind
The sound of
Screaming serves
To clam his nerves

Burning desire
To set those he hates on fire
He likes to
Watch them squirm
As they burn

Fire burning oh so bright
Flaming bodies an awful sight

Internal organs cooked
By the caress of naked flames
Morbid laughter as another
Writhes in searing pain

Cranium's a ball of fire
The hair completely singed
Melting flesh dripping away
From wildly thrashing limbs

Lungs are overheating
Without air they start to choke
Their lives drifting away
In a vile puff of smoke

Fire burning oh so bright
Flaming bodies an awful sight

The skin is sealed and scarred
Rapid cauterisation
Gruesome deformation
Premature incineration

Charcoal flesh blisters pop
Dribbling with pus
Leaking over flayed skin
A blackened outer crust

Their ashes scooped up clumsily
After they have been burned
Confined to quarters cold and dark
Within a silver urn

3. Far from Sanctuary

Judge those you believe
To be beneath you
Mock those who put you
Where you are
Your blind biting
The hand that feeds you
This time the line
Was crossed too far

Every day
Every sentence
Escaping your lips
A lie
You try and try
And climb so high
As you verbally

But you will find
That you are mine
And I will end
It all
And I will rob
Your precious pride
Before I make you

You will be
Far from sanctuary

I'm coming for you
Without warning I will strike
I'll watch you flailing
As you wallow in your lies

When I arrive I will
Escort you to your death
Insatiable my rage will be
Until your final breath

I'll take you down
Just like all the ones before
I'll wipe you out
You of those that I abhor

It's happening
The look on your face
As you're fading away
I rejoice
Your life is no more
You deserved it this way

4. Human Remains

The forest now is burning
The place I once called home
Ancestors' place of rest

They came to take and destroy
Assimilate and rape
Vision of new order

Hate, rape, take

Cultural degeneration
Tribal reallocation
Ancestral desecration

Corrupt imagination
Inhuman devastation

Hate, rape, take

Insane invasion
Displace your freedom
Greed wealth made god

Distant sound of present storm
Echo now of future form
Set the fire to burn away
Human remains on this day

5. Burial

I seek that which will relieve me
That which will take away impurities
And the smut smeared across my mind
Hatred burns in my veins

The evils haunt me
And control my body

Will be no more when I deliver
All depravity

Stain the dirt with the blood
Of my infected body

Weakened still I bleed
Because I love to gush upon the soil

I feel relief
As my disgusting
Blood drains from my wrists

And I release
Hell onto the earth
Below me

Such are my urges to bleed
That I survive

6. Blood Drenched Truth

Brain clots and body swollen
Thoughts lie scattered broken
Mouth moves with words unspoken
Mind bleeds while slowly choking

Scream trapped by fear is stolen
Hands bound by chains unbroken
Sight fixed upon the totem
Head rots with dead eyes open

You preach so eloquently
Of all your crimes
You speak to justify
You and all your kind

Well rehearsed rhetoric
Won't fool us all
Blood always leaves a stain
It's running down the wall

Why waste my time with fear
Why fear at all?
Fear only keeps you down
You're headed for a fall

Why waste my time with lies
Why speak at all?
Your words fall on deaf ears
I've heard it all before

You speak to purify
All that you've done
Blood always leaves a stain
It's there upon your tongue

Slip the rope round the neck
Bend the back spine goes snap
Twist the arm body drops
Tear the joint shoulder pops

Rifle butt to the head
Skull is crushed not quite dead
Thrust the knife onto the womb
Divulge form still unborn

7. From Cold Dead Hands

8. Infest

Billions of human beings
Parasitic entities
Overload capacity

Spreading irreversibly
The plague infects the sanctuary
Overrunning everything

Squeeze the life out of the world
Smother the earth blacken the sky
Pestilence comes doomed to demise
Assemble to obliteration

We infest this land spread like a disease
Destined to burn destined to bleed
We infest this land spread like a disease
Destined to burn destined to bleed

We stumble across this broken world
A blundering mindless mass
Burn the bridge behind our heels
On to oblivion

A human cull is what we need
To purge the earth into purity
Destroy mankind forever more
Annihilating all

9. Maleficium of the Masses

Close my eyes to this hell
Walk blindly in my shell
Eat all that they feed me
It's too late to be free

Dull senses impaired choice
Deny right choking voice
Constrain though to the grave
Reproduce one more slave

I see fear in your eyes
You're hiding behind lies
Illusion I'll displace
Tear the mask from your face

Now stripped and laid bare
You can't hide anywhere
I see through your disguise
Your decent breeding lies

Dreams departed creatures calling
Burning end as freedom falling
Splitting mind devouring flesh
Never finding your last wish

Starved of life right memory faded
Imprison truth as hopes traded
Sell yourself just to get a fix
Reprogramming same shit

Weaving of a complex web
Weighing down upon your head
Keep control by social fraction
Feeding lies to spiteful faction

New regime no need to wait
Comply supply facilitate
Didn't think we were born the same
Did you know you were born a slave?


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