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Pieces Remain

"Pieces Remain" (1992 Demo)

1. Genital Mutilation
2. Internally Devoured
3. Puree of Flesh
4. Crematory
5. Pieces Remain

1. Genital Mutilation

He follows his prey with scissors in hand, hoping to slice chunks of young flesh
Ejaculating to the taste of freshly cut skin, masturbating while chewing on her recently mangled chin
The taste of pus sends him to a climax, the pleasure he receives as he brutally hacks the carnage of his twisted mind
Genital mutilation on her crotch will be mine when he can't find one to kill, he begins to masticate himself
Eating his own flesh for his putrid fantasy, raw flesh dripping with blood
Orgasmic ejaculation craving the skin of a young thing perverse impulse provoked by dementia
Lustful feeling experienced while eating raw flesh

2. Internally Devoured

Flies taken beneath the microscope extraction of their larvae, injected into an open sore
Your twisted curiosity what will happen maggots pumped through your heart
Aorta clogged by their growth, the seeping fecal ingestion developing
Internal gestation grows insect annihilation of cells, intrusion obliteration of tissue
Blackened blood turned to bacteria feeding for their growth
Circulatory system invaded, war waged on your innards
Maggots feasting on your now half-eaten liver
Drawing out the larvae, injecting it into a wound
Anticipating intestation of your sick addiction
Larvae assault

3. Puree of Flesh

The spawning of an obsession for killing
Those whom you breed, ripped, torn apart
Mangled slowly revealing innards which you feed the moment of climax
Victims strewn around, bodies galore, clots passing from laceration
Bodies by hundreds, lifeless of the floor

4. Crematory

Bodies taken to the kiln for the cremation of bacterial degenerations
The fiery demise of the now charred corpse, a pile of ashes here now lies
I like to watch bodies burn, flesh blackening smolder
I watch on in ecstasy as their eyes melt away, watching the bodies burn, tasting the crisp stiff.

5. Pieces Remain


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