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"Sunset" (1997 Demo)

1. In The Beginning
2. Millenium Gone
3. Autumn Dance
4. Terra Mater Dolorosa
5. In Memoriam
6. Like Statues Of Stone
7. Kingdom

1. In The Beginning

2. Millenium Gone

golden age forever fallen
our empires turn to dust
without faith, no sign from heavens
humanity on it's knees

slowly drowning under pressure
the dominions of black sun
once so proud, the blood divine
dance with night dreams

monuments of millenium almost gone
as time has reached the point of the end
we shake our heads, new gods shall rise

eternal sadness and no utopias
masterpiece of bitter art
shapeless forms of human ideas
transformed into lands without light

some've chosen hate while others choose hope
the final confusion, the curtain falls
we tread thrones of old gods and dance on their graves

in minds of those who still can see
evil and goodness united in one
last desperate scream from the planet earth

3. Autumn Dance

the coldness that's outside
with colours of autumn I dance
mysterious fall of life
wind freezes me again

obsessed by memories
some pictures from the past
so cold the world arround
my blood stains on the leaves

so hard to find the joy
in happiness of others
when all is said and done
it seems I have to leave

as everyday I walk
and watch that something dies
so pale the walls surround
each day I slowly drown

like tears the rain falls down
to wash away our sins
we raise our fists at skies
and ask if there is sense

under the same sun
eternal wanderers in time
we're searching for the light
that's hidden deep in us

4. Terra Mater Dolorosa

when the earth is dying
no one shall be born
sun forever closed it's eye
our mother cries halplessly
we let her die slowly in pain
we lost the key to golden gates
we all were blind, we were so blind
what's gained ? this great demise
weeping old men on the shore
terra mater dolorosa
all her children
all is lost
to see the fear in the handful of dust
to find a hope in a morning light
to see the signs... to hear the call
watch the birds they fly away
ther's hope for them but we have to stay
don't ask me why we were so blind
we were so blind, we all were blind
chained to our drowning vessel
watch the clouds they burn in sky
majesty of unknown wisdom
will be shown on day of wrath

5. In Memoriam

we came here alone
and alone we will leave
until then I'll light another ever burning fire
sitting here in my empty room
with rainy thoughts
dusk in my eyes
(only silence of dead flowers)
I'm all alone... I'm fallen
in solitude I'm fallen
where are you now ?
why like a blind man I do search my way
further into the dark

6. Like Statues Of Stone

I saw you standing there,
in the garden of my dream
so pale and delicate...
mist danced arround your arms
dressed in red
my angel
it's cold here so cold without you

and statues of stone they whisper my name
for love so tragis shall not be forgotten
trees calmly sleep and wind blows my tale
with wine and tears I taste my loneliness

and if I die will you miss me, will you shed a tear
or leave a trace on my nameless grave
and my words echoes like mourning for beloved ones

those who are gone forever
and never come back
they never come back
they are gone forever

7. Kingdom

I am the alpha and I am the omega
burn forever burn
the kingdom of light

as light fades away we hail the victory
as earth dies in flames we welcome victory

now we are standing among the ruins
we welcome the dawn of new age of man

as light fades to black we hail victory
when night covers the world we hail victory

as light fades to black we hail victory
when night covers the world we welcome victory


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