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"Feedback" (2003)

1. World Hello Day
2. Feedback
3. Aeolian Choreography
4. 4,48 for Sarah
5. Sinusoid Forward
6. Venus Project
7. Departure Fresco
8. Digital Future Anthem
9. Suicide Generation

1. World Hello Day

keep on pretending
an artificial trick
spread magis sparks
enjoy this happy hour

brighten your wrinkled face
hope you won't get tired of smiling
such a fascinating scene
nevermind our greedy sights
what an ache this state could bring
that which slowly disappears

architects of better future
seemingly so fragile staff

no hidden cameras at all
call and win - don't dare to think

some things they're not destined to last
as we brought those fires

can't stand this immense tension
wish I could step out from this hurt

a madcap show
systematic acts
heroes of new age
stuck in global distaste
second hand motions
false feelings' trade
surprised & staggered
construction slowly breaks

on and on - in endless search
our souls are rotten to the core

just a joker from a box
ingenious puppet dance
feel the heat is on
celebrate world hello day

2. Feedback

transform every common moment
in gem that's worth living for
intensify impressions
dive in a dual world

claim only highest standards
discover shapes
save quiet prayer
sing softly lullaby

she's the air I breathe
the perfect drug

midsummer icy dusk
still noises overwhelm
lifeless, lovelorn and numb

haunt spectres from cold past
how did it come to this
would you tell me that it's gone

will you watch all over me
in those creeping hours' fall
like supernova flash

exploding daily star
an inscrutable force
she-wolf awakes

comforter & best friend
always there - no anger drawn
just some things that I yearn for
colour of sundown has changed
since that day - everything's new

she's the air I breathe
coaxial reference system

for I have nothing to fear
addicted to precious sweetheart

what we give is what we get
it means together as one
well, time is on our side
we're hiding the angels now

angels of warmth in the light
we are the lucky ones
nothing remains the same
sleepwalkers' companion

promises made to keep
no words we need to tell
crystal decades of trust
a story never ends

3. Aeolian Choreography

neutralize this neural mess
rundown rancid inertia
containin' liquid doubts
bury charity terms

catch 22 curious disciple
an alcoholic ego drama
decadence nemesis
the ordinary hunt

tread not the path of the strong
parasite - failure collector
discouraged performer
in intoxicating surroundings

aeolian choreography
stranger figures weave
quality noble regress
charmin' song of the damned

synthetic chloride deadlock
in the octopus' garden
mechanic domino action
old has-beens' deja-vu

in the venomous talk shows
beggars' banquet - hall of fame
gyroscope - out of order
just an exhausted tragedian

extended amok threat
red alert - shockin' warn
subtitles' indistinct
unbalanced microcosm

4. 4,48 for Sarah

hey little girl
hope you guess my name
let me now
eliminate myself
serial victim - a black sheep
jaded & chronic castaway

well she is all alone
absent, alien, frozen heart
still believes in nothing
in her solid garbage bunker

from the hour zero - damned
polluted neverland
yesterday frames - torn apart
I'll paint the sky in dissonance

no good ever comes of this
as I fuck up old fairytales
intravenous bitter pills
suck the light out from my eyes

stripped of all but troubles
download damaged passion
razorblade - highway to hell
suicidal hollow showdown

hooks in my dried skin
acrid, dready, dull & tied
hide'n'seek - playin' dead now
scavenge silver dazzle

don't need another devil's advocate
encouraged doctors
hope to leave before the dawn
I'd never bite this hand

5. Sinusoid Forward

activate fantastic aeon
assymetry breaks at hand
kaleidoscope phenomenon
celluloid charmin' scenes

enter this decade of glamour
then float slowly in the mud
new colorful rollercoaster
highs and lows - merry-go-round

hoi polloi dolls - suburban riots
spit or swallow - new raw deal
plastic bullets' entertainment
adrenalize at v.h.f.
accelerate changin' seasons
spontaneous & breathless kid
fluctuate the consequences
expansing & advanced forms

no awkward situations
call us squalid misanthropes
share the sick & dirty thoughts
on our obscene channel low
monochromatic dementia
no hideout for reservoir dogs
our fury well designed
brave new world - yet undone

lowest common denominator
good-for-nothing Jack The Lad
ever happiest high powered killjoy
an idiotic ignorant

with a fast tracks installation
inspiring ingrowing net
corporate revolution
lost luxuries monuments

6. Venus Project

an empty space escapade
for blind dates' amateurs
spinnin' round & iced planets
direction still uncertain

this honeymoon in hell
dare-devils furious joyride
let us explode - a dead end
our worlds'colliding crash test

no bullet proof shields shelter
blackout sudden attack

we're going down and under

fracture the structure now
divided and aggressive
our secrets well prepared
paralell & illusive exile
at medium sized flashpoint

banshees' lament echoes now
sorrowful chain reaction
envious words' cannonade
brisk arguments unheard

bothered by odds and ends
conceptions cancelled soon
luxuriate in general schemes
meet me at vanishing point
analyze this surface tension
supernatural equation
foreseen episodes
experience director's cut

a trendy fashion collection
eradicate eminent style
rewind the allegories
universal aesthetic escalate

lookin' forward to tantrum
no savin' quiet creche
leaden heart's crescendo
current thrill right in-your-face

7. Departure Fresco

from hero to subzero
antisocial enfant terrible
natural born loser
support stupidity certificate

chromium covered walls
in my own dust bowl
this deserted epicentre
wordless dreams' battlefield

this is the departure fresco
innocence's paled
ironic & sincere greetings
from reality backstage

personal blitzkrieg crossfire
full contact murderous crash
forwards movin' vanguards
exclaiming empty promises

rumours & complaini' chord
crutch credit deadline
supratwilight conditioners
critical nothing mass

scrawlin' farewell notes
in fevered coma haven
no jackpot at all
useless patterns' back for good

witness this bleak utopia
no will is in command
so tell me - is this a boundary?
I'll sleep when I'm dead

your chemical saviour
won't take you there
in coma distance -a random pain
the apathy manifesto

8. Digital Future Anthem

full speed ahead
towards synchronized sunrise
focused in weak eye
deconstruct our memoirs
neurotic human form

negative system report
feel sorry for losers
neither shrink nor struggle
insipid & helpless

no emergency exit
exhausted coexistence

steal the last breath
scratch those shadow mirrors
there's no turning back
as we're ready for new dawn

upcomin breakin' news
sadistic web tentacles

28 already old
stuck in great spirall fall

chaotic killin' spree
none of us will take it's toll

under the surface - the beast well hides
self respect is all we've gained

new world is ours to come
just believe in a splendid failure
digital future anthem

9. Suicide Generation

defeated serpents' nation
uder a whip we crawl
strained nerves & superb breakdown
hysterics' uncontrolled

high-graded sweet relief
enter such a peaceful room
eliminated rescue choice
sucked dry - a victim drugged

interactive decadence
insomnia overdose
instincts we follow numb
checkpoint at midlife crisis
grayscale - stain our thoughts
we're dancin' on empty floor
takin' this nowhere ride
indifferent & off-line

join the suicide commando
in constant & slowly chokin'
as good as it gets
proud to be dead man walking

back-seat predators
stiff - freezin' out of love
glimpse sour disconnection
we're the maniacs syndicate

report our departure
revelations soon collapse
deeper shades of grace descending
face the monotonous loss

no wonders at all
driven by the plain impulse
the message so straight
invite you to my breakdown


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