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"Eclipse" (2001)

1. Welcome Millennium
2. Solar Spectacle
3. Timebomb
4. In Memoriam
5. Virgin Suicide
6. Eclipse
7. Youth is Forgotten
8. Elysium

1. Welcome Millennium

D.N.A. coded aggression
in millenium fever supermarkets
at lowest price sold out
via internet corrosive structures

are we ready to disarm
demons hiding in our minds
neverthless those burning bridges
set the clock on golden age

our tongues bleed black
disconnected scientic centres
crisis, chaos & panic
our electrohearts refuse to beat

no turning back to zero point
2000 years a number too high
on rust covered liquid screen
soon we'll observe the final eclipse

megatowers stained skyscrapers
sunburnt shining forms
in bytes we speak
a lesson is learned

is everything prepared
for the dead earth blast
fasten your seat belts now
we're heading for the end

2. Solar Spectacle

calm lovers' crash
both swallowing pain
wound & scar industries
intense indifference

I'm a jester puppet
squalid crumbcollector
hard hours' theorist
stiff pattern reactor

and I struggle for the air
in my lunatic asylum
small breathless space
shy irony king
that's what I am
you crawl in loss for words
drownin' in despair
innocence's torn
with pills, drugs & guns

you feel like live on
with storms by your side
at neon flames horizon
there's nowhere to hide

look what you've done
tell me what went wrong

deep under my skin you creep
poison slowly flows
staring at those hollow halls
sliperry shifts,digged out distrust
never wanted this way to end
never thought this heart's so cold

seems everythins we had is gone
all love is dead
we fall

symphaty's lost
display no regrets
hear no honest truths
anger overflow

fragile sunny moments
unfairly erased
half - speed discouragement
toxic shock syndrome

you feel like live on
with none by your side
down on my knees I/ve realised
you're fuckin' waste of time

the winners of a losers' cup
more still come to after the break

3. Timebomb

another scarred dog sunrise
hopeleessness included
free sorrow handy case
self sucking serves me well

depressive shock
dry throat & cold sweat
exclude logic examples
constant events

search for delusive skylight
portable plastic men

save your soul
and don't you dare to ask for more
cause all we've got
unfriendly world of whores

same ol' song again
stuffy environs sight
sustain a common loss
let loose your private hell

harmony breaks
clock's ticking much too fast
accelerate - no fear
file - dust & broken glass

this is not
a love song
and the sense's suddenly gone
well I stuck in nowhere
and I show my wounds opened

just ordinary story
another shooting star
simple episode's failure
you're fired - sad to say

hit the dirt
the only way is down
slime covered sores
cold alcoholic cell

4. In Memoriam

we came here alone
and alone we'll leave
until then I'll light
another ever - burning fire


sitting here in this empty room
with rainy thoughts
and dusk in my eyes
(only silence of dead flowers)
I'm all alone... I'm fallen

in solitude I'm fallen
where are you now?
why like a blind man
I do search my way
further into the dark

5. Virgin Suicide

hello my friend, hope it's the end
no saving grace, no words to tell

since emotions explode
solidifly sorrowproof shields

try to reconstruct my world
from broken frames of the past
entering final chapter
embittered daybreak surrounds

virus in veins
elusive pain
forever blind
first strike is deadly & now death becomes me
convicing concept well excused
nail biting show, exciting view
world famous victims - opening night
commercial breakdown, tense sinews graps

drive needle in, solution - choke
third degree filth
rope, dagger, bullet - a friend or a foe
uneasy movement - in for the kill

senses slow down
bite helping hand
zero in on me
scratching the surface & now death becomes us

feels like I'm doing it for a first time
forced to play this ugly scene
an actor without screenplay
in a virgin suicide

forward to exit, shivering & stoned
insipidlifestyle - rat race control
transfigured angels with no choice at all
taking their own lives - you're next in line

6. Eclipse

from the cold rage of fanatic minds
from the ashes of burning dogmas
on eighth day we've created hate
venomous reptiles - in terror we trust

clandestine dynasties in silence await
hidden structures, engines of control
conspiracy governments
subversive tactics, deconstruct the truth

enemise of the west
desert legions arrive
apocalypse comes silently
dogs of god lead march to war

nevermore to serve despot
dethrone the old crowned man
foul stench of burning heavens
exiled archangels
at the golden gates of eden
ex oriente lux
new age harvest - cruel work
invisible inquisition triumph

blind disciples shall be rewarded
starving hordes of nomads ride
religious cleansing holocaust
onwards first crusade against the god

7. Youth is Forgotten

silent are tombs of our youth
as we lay here exhausted
with pictures of long lost friends
embraced by cold loneliness

I yearn for a breath
in this twilight of my life
as my seasons slowly
turn to grey

weak butterfly children
with broken wings
they try to follow
pale rays of light
so don't you leave me here

for every word is a freezing hurt
swansong of my withered hopes
last departure for my angels

silent are tombs of our dreams
as we lay here forgotten
with pictures of long lost friends
embraced by cold autumn rain

8. Elysium


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