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"Dreamlands" (2000)

1. Six Cold Days
2. Sister Moon
3. Dreamlands
4. Swallow Her
5. Suicidal Angels
6. Edenfall
7. Starguardians
8. Our Love Is Eternal
9. Farewell
10. April Rainy Night

1. Six Cold Days you want to know the truth
I am bleeding and it hurts
all the things you've said before
like pins driven in this heart

and I'm shrinking 'till I'm small
so nobody sees my waste
drown myself in steamy mirrors
'till I almost disappear I'm standing in the rain
I see you just walk away...

I've met your demons on my way
they're drawing lines on my blue skin

patient blades drink rusty water
when I fade with dying light
no mercy and no forgiveness
her black diamonds turn to dust

close my time in Thanatos' hands
on this sweet reckoning day
let's see now what you can do
will you show who you love
no warm words can ease your pain
when you're falling
but I still can smile you want to know the answer
I am bleeding and it ends
you'd better leave or hide your fear
I won't forgive... it is too late

2. Sister Moon

in the middle of the night I am still alone
in silent journeys to hidden stars
I steal their light
and fly into an open sky
where I shall find
all that is mine

you take me there
where pain slowly leaves my body
caress my hand
the dawn will never come
a lonely wolf I am
with your light I awake
you are my sister moon
shinning so bright

in the middle of the night
I am still alive
in silent journeys to hidden worlds
I steal your light
and sail across the starlit heavens
where I shall find
all that is mine

you take me there
where pain slowly leaves my body
caress my hand
the dawn will never come
a lonely wolf I am
with your light I awake
you are my sister moon
shinning on me

you are the sweetest promise
of an october night
carrying me to the places
nobody ever dared to kiss
as I'm falling breathless into your ocean
in velvet rain I touch eternity

3. Dreamlands

dreams they enlight the shadow you hide
no more dead past
you leave it behind
end sentimental poems in cold jester's game
with nightmare sunsets you fade away

freezing alone
forlorn defeat
enter them now...

for every dying tear is a broken dream
those empty hearts
new sorrows rise
this raging storm is our last caress
colossal pain
the blind embrace

freezing alone
forlorn defeat
enter me now...

I am the master
ruler of this play
I know your fear
and I can feel your pain
now take my hand
through dancing flames
towards Elysium
we'll go

end this life
with just one word
heavens close above
falling fast
you'll dive
(into a) shallow grave inside

4. Swallow Her

rising higher now
wraps the moisty dusk
the universe in swoon
of milky sighs

in rain of shattered feelings
I fall empty and cold
blackhearted angels' twilight
bleeding is my broken heart
children of silver shield
lovers in sweet embrace
waters trembling with bliss
dead leaves in autumn haze
swallow her...
see now how she yearns for this
open her...
with a razortongue in flames of the end

in silky streams of mourning
a solitary muse
withering roses' drama
bleeding is her weakened heart
strayed in eternity
a requiem for silhouette
funeral widowspring
half-opened and undressed

never leave her again
...she's thirsty...
ecstasy of seductive scents
all is yours to drown in

a promised passion falls
and we will kiss the steel
cause all the prayers we've saved
are lost and dead

5. Suicidal Angels

you feed those crimson sorrows
inside my burning veins
you're tearing me out and kissing me dead
as my collection of failures grows

but deep there's a chaos-demon
that's called myself
feasting on vengeance
in mind's pandemonium

in your whore world illusion
unlocked red light dreams
you never wanted to see
how I want you to stay

tired of constant crawling
an aimless odyssey
I stare into your eyes
and watch that something dies

breaks the silence
let us go
for we're the earthborn phantoms
the eye of the storm that's yet to come
young night thieves
we steal the tragedies unbearable
false healers
golden frames of innocence stiffle us

soulfever rapes me
the contecst of my movements
misoginistic hell
an icon of regret

6. Edenfall

we , the orphaned...
...fallen ones...
far from our kigdom gone
gathered in silence
the eldest tribe
millions of years mean nothing
here and now

starfire wisdom enlights our path
sinister avengers for the newborn age

fiercing pestilence
violent inferno
furious armageddon
walk with us!

let the emptiness swallow the weak
and winds of vengeance rise
the blind will follow dead call
when we will rule our earth again

hypocrisy falls
we bring you the dawn of knowledge
exit... the darkness
enter... the enlightment

moonwarriors in chariots of storm
cursed and immortal
emperors of nightly domains
in spiral descending
as utopia burns

tyrants of dreamside dominions
blackwinged nightmare warlords
they bring you the new order
chaos is the new order

7. Starguardians

the cursed and the blessed
chaotic lightning's yield
shadows' father
enigma of gods

the ire from above
forgotten realms reveille
bravehearted symphony
the elements to come
break curtains of clouds
awaiting the call
we are dancing under the moon
descendants of storm
renewal harbingers
centuries fall
as we invoke the powers of earth

the gift from the skies
sorrowful mourners' tears
sad lullaby
for those who have left behind

the mother of men
in restless and tired sleep
she dreams
her children arise

united we stand
in brotherhood of our blood
starguardians' fate
for battles to come we're sworn
forthcoming doom
hurricane follow us as we invoke the powers of earth

8. Our Love Is Eternal

welcome and touch the arcana of forbidden arts
a secret alchemy of erotic fantasies
godless mysteries of whispering statues
bittersweet dominions of their cryptic tongues

this sensual catharsis
under rosy arches of thine wildest desires
thirteen candles dimmed by morning spell
as we approach the nightshore's haven

and if you try
you will stay forever
ruined dreams' cathedral falls
angelic voices' sad elegy
heralds of infinity

I love you
and always will
stripping you of all your pride
im my serpent's arms embrace
you're shinning like a star

9. Farewell

to this toxic despair
in the endless shade of grey
all alone you'll stare
through the window of end
naked truth now strikes again

enter halls of dying lies
bleeding heart...
shall beat no more

follow now
empty pages of your life
burned inside
razorblade is all that you've found
you've tried all
but nothing was gained
sanity's lost
you've tried it all
in vain

travel in solitude
dead passion trip
you're passing away
with fear in cold eye

...this is now
fucking deadpoint of your life
you're broken and hollow
as bitter grain hurts
and frost hits blind mind
it seems you're lost
with stone tears in your eyes
you're tearing down the unseen wall
and you're killing yourself again...
...and again...

10. April Rainy Night

...this is the end
and you have nothing to say
while sadness in the corners hides
you leave
not knowing I am dyimg here
all alone
a completely broken one...


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