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"Dreamscapes" (2001)

1. Dark Woods And Willows Wild
2. Graven Bay
3. Elysium (Gallery Of The Fallen)
4. These Bleak Enshrined Emotions
5. Remorse At Dusk
6. Leafy Tendrils (Part One)
7. Millenia Gone

1. Dark Woods And Willows Wild

Darkwoods and Willows Wild

Dark are the woods and wild is the willow
Swift is the silence passing over the meadow
Blasted be the breeze that brings with it sorrow
Calmed by the screams that cannot see the morrow

Nepenthe ease the pain that's as cold as the river
Sun heat the day that makes my soul shiver
Swift be the arrow from my bow from my quiver
Sharp be its point and to black hearts deliver

For a darkness has taken this once prosperous land
That which stood firm has crumbled to sand
But that which forsakes shall soon pack up and flee
For by arrow and blade these lands shall be free

The sorrow is planted in root, branch and see
The vast cry of nature heeds me and mine steed
We ride down the sorrow and with it we go
To another dimension not above nor below

Life floods the woods and with joy weeps the willow
Bird song breaks the silence that troubled the meadow
A fresh scented breeze has blown out of sorrow
An air of sweet laughter awaits for the morrow.

2. Graven Bay

Graven Bay

Breath of dawn listening astray
With leaves of singing harps
Their tuns of exhausted dominance
The cry of withering dust
A love affair among the awakening

Overwhelming disturbance fantastic terrors invite
From the one who hides his name
Among the formless allay the flower ashen
Imparting immortality desecrated in horns
Demonstratable throne of the evergreen anthem

Those who dwell there seem dauntless
Great antiquity of grievance recognised
Across the valley flowering by the bay
Austere dormant in grief
Barbaric old hands within the grave

I still lay cold at night lost and betrayed
Longing for the majestic and elegant view
The innocence lying south the crystalline cathedral
Graven Bay
All ones curing madness

On shields of golden knives I sleep
Wondering still searching for my own destruction
I see no other way the night still embracing me
Leaves of forbidden call
On thorns I lay
To the dark I scream; I am
Under the autumn twilight.

3. Elysium (Gallery Of The Fallen)

Elysium (Gallery of the Fallen)

Why the sky red?
Crust of the Earth dead
Flower of life gone
Why do I burn?
Destroy thee
Dust of many fields gone.
Weep no tears at my fallen grace
Temptation of the netherworld
Into the darkness at any given hand.

See the seas of the sword
Black nights
I have on me the blood of death.
Through the gallery of the fallen
Fall of life
Old man's hand over bleak hills
Emerging destiny
Wondering time.

Life does not wait for you
Dead and gone
Nothing to show of your fallen existence
Kingdom gone.

4. These Bleak Enshrined Emotions

These Bleak Enshrined Emotions

These bleak feelings enshrined within
The clouds of the past
Emotions as dead
As the decaying autumn leaves
Now that I have lost you
To the sands of time,
Only pain is left
When a loved one dies.
What is the point of going on
When all I've lived for in life is gone,
Depression remains.

Manic depressive
Painful existence
Meaningless life
Devoid of feeling
What is left?
I'm dead inside

Let death take me
Forging on in spite of myself,
Living on through self torment,
In losing you I've destroyed myself,
I'm of the grave.
Through all the pain I've suffered since you died
Blaming myself for all that transpired,
My life null of positive emotion,
In depression I've no will to go on.

5. Remorse At Dusk

6. Leafy Tendrils (Part One)

Leafy Tendrils

Near the edge of the eternal starlight forest eaves
Hidden in the clinging shadows, the lingering one grieves
Awatch this night he is upon the dancing goblins game
Wary of the wispy fire with the strange eidolon flames.

Lurking in the depths of the insipid nevergreens
Amongst the leafy tendrils where mortals have not been
A shadowy figure ponders and sends his thoughts out up above
To try to pierce the branchy tomb and mingle with the dove

The rotting leafy tendrils inside his mind doth grow
Trying to break into his soul they tangle to and fro
Able to bear no longer he breaks from 'neath a tree
Into the circle of goblins, with his staff to flee.

The lone one flies amongst them, but his kind they do not know
They flail their spindly limbs and let air a ringing crow
A nocturnal elder goblin makes a sign with fingers three
And the membranous flailing goblins flap off into the trees

He turns his face into the sky and screams his questions three
Why have the nightful goblins departed to the trees?
What are these leafy tendrils that bring me to my knees?
And where oh where by sky and earth have gone the race that gave me birth?

7. Millenia Gone

Millennia Gone

A dragon plummets from without the moon
And in the very same instant another star winks out
The soul of the great beast has expired
It savagely beats its falling wings
And speaks coarsely in its hollow, rasping tongue
Of a time, long since passed, when it was young
Gravity latches onto the dragon and drags her cruelly earthward
She can no longer defeat the elements and stay aloft
Screaming, tearing at her breast she plummets headlong
Into a dark chasm somewhere in the south, deep inside a forest
And the nightingale whistles in its shrill, beauteous tongue
Of millennia gone when the great reptilian was young.


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