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Mark Black

"Mark Black" (2006 Demo)

1. Erased In Peace
2. Mark:Black
3. Inanimate
4. Ctrl+Alt+Delete

1. Erased In Peace

I deleted the word today
The connection with the past was erased
Now embraced
With strangling silence

Escalate the smallest things
Bring faith to the believer
But no one flies on broken wings
Not even the deceiver

Viewing it all one last time
The consequences are devastating
Canít picture what it would be like
It is all too comprehensive

I cannot believe
And I cannot retrieve
All the things that are seen in this numb illusion
Perfect or not
Neglecting hints and thoughts
The reason all bridges built are burning

Closing my eyes and execute
Drifting away to escape
Longing for words eternally
Reading the phrase again and again

Those shifty eyes make no one wise
But that shivering makes people take a stand where you can land
But always those 1000 things to do
And then you wonder
Why you wander like this

2. Mark:Black

All the days covered in sin...
I cannot even reckon their numbers
Spent and then sent to hell
Itís farewell to innocence
All traces came to be erased by the shame and the guilt
The germ inside became the puppet of filth

For another end
You draw the line
There are always reliefs

Colours undefined
And transparent sights
Passenger still unknown
Timeless it seems to be
The indifference inside of me
Closing curtains at mark:black

Hear the ticking from the hours?
As they are passing by in disguise
Through the years theyíve been haunting me

No matter how many steps I take itís always there behind me
In darkness dwell, sustained by time, inside it lives to guide me

To the bitter end
You draw the line
There are always reliefs


3. Inanimate

Nightfalls I'm watching the skies
In disgust
Empty hands and silent prayers
Lay down to meet the whispers
I'm watching the skies
In disgust

Descending souls and
Blanking their heads
Surrounded, outnumbered
In so many ways
Reveals my life
But still counting the days
And when you turn
They take me away

Sonorous, can't you hear it?
The nonsense remedy
Inanimate, stated
Pay the price of poverty

Another day
Painting scars on a lifetime wreckage
Another dayÖ

At dusk my soul is swept away
Along with the fading sun
Travel far, trough time and space
Survey what's to be done

A glimpse of light
As life goes by

4. Ctrl+Alt+Delete


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