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Them Used Gods

"Them Used Gods" (2002 Demo)

1. DemiGodLike
2. Outside View
3. Inbred Infinity

1. DemiGodLike

01. - Demigodlike

[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

You see yourself as the next step
From the divine afterglow
Pulsing, vibrating, individual
Everything under your control
Every moment a born victory
On your private show

Demigod -look at yourself
The mirror is shattering
Fake ruler of your being
Is looking back at you

Can you please come with me
And gaze at the truth
Now you finally see
You're just one of them
One of Them Used Gods

And you're amazingly similar form
To the followers
Simple, bleeding,
From the gods palm feeding
You just don't comprehend the fact that
You're alone, alone, totally alone

Demigod -see closer
The mirror is catching up on you
True dealer, your shaping figure
I saw you shaking hands


What did you find? was the coldness still there?
Was it a loathsome place? did it stain your privacy?
Was it really on fire or were you kicked out?
You, as transparent as any of you

2. Outside View

02. - Outside View

[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

Had a weird one last night
Gave me the chance to creep
Everything isn't over for me
I feel the need to continue
Could I be wrong?
So if I'm wrong
Illusion replaced the truth
If I'm misguided
Illusion as the truth
Had a weird one this night
Gave me the chance to creep

Why is it everyone understood
In what way?
They proceed to live again
I died when I peeked
I begun to malfunction
Shut down, reboot, shut down

Now I laugh and grin
I'm the mockery, the joke, the mortal
You see yourself in me
You'll have your weird one too
Prepare for the show


This much I, I will tell you
You aren't what you appear to be
Life as the camourflage
Death as the last point on your way
I too see them in me
Your white lies and the black ones
They will seem as the point
They are the ultimate failure
This much I will tell you
And the rest is just meaningless
Chatter of infinity
False hope for you and for me


3. Inbred Infinity

03. - Inbred Infinity

[Lyrics by J.]
[Music by Elenium]

I create, ejaculate, this world

I am immortal
I am eternal
I am internal
Creator, saviour, the end

I create, I cease this world

I am alone
I am with you all
I am external
I love
Victim, follower
The reason for it all

These things I repeat
These things I live with
These plains I'll summon
This life
I'll try to create
These things I repeat
I'm immortal, I'm eternal
I'm internal -infernal
I'm alone, I'm with you all
I'm eternal -I love
Creator, saviour
The end, victim, follower
The reason for it all


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