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Misanthropic Spheres of Damnation

"Misanthropic Spheres of Damnation" (2003 Demo)

1. In profondi satani gloria
2. Misanthropic spheres of damnation
3. Battlefield
4. Emen hetan
5. Hellbeneath
6. And hell followed

1. In profondi satani gloria

2. Misanthropic spheres of damnation

Crying as the sun was dying, i kissed the corpse of my innocence
I looked at the black sky and waiting on Satan�s call
I understood that hate is the only way for me to feel
No confessionnal box anymore, i�m forever damned

Misanthropic spheres of damnation, that�s where my soul�s lying
Trust you, my lord, for your dominion will embraced the earth

Obsessed with the idea of death, i forgot death itself
I don�t hesitate anymore between vomit or pray
I kill, kill, kill, like a god in fury, kill to appease my hate
Gore obsessed, life at its end

I�m from misanthropic spheres of damnation, i trust in Satan
I like to lounge in baths of blood dreaming of the dark age arriving

I search death in every man i see, and give him this great present
For life is the serpentine route that we never reach to climb
For death is the cradle wa all wish to return with a sad sought
Melancholia gnaw at my soul under the sign of 666

With my veins full of nights, i have no place as a human being
I�am a beast, writing the epitaph of humanity without any light
I�m forever lost, i secret disaster and vomit on this world of pain
Feel the impossibility to live and kill, kill, kill, yes, burn them all

I�am jesus Christ�s cross, a symbol of suffering

Pissing on the carcass of my innocence, i endorse the uniform of obscurity
Slava Satan legion, i�am from darkness

3. Battlefield

Traitors shall lie on battlefield
Until the end of times
They shall feel the dishonour
And die, ashamed for always

Iam going to kill you with my vengeful sword
You are nameless here for evermore
No need to cry, despair is no help
And tears are the sign of your lake of bravery

There�s no place for vileness in my troops
You must stay with the dead forever
With the valorous who died in my name
Fall on battlefield ! be forgotten by all

You won�t spit your venom on my name anymore
Stay crouching down in the charnel, be afraid of death
You will stagnate in the marshes of the dead forever


No one will know you died here by my name
No one will remember your existence
I like to see terror in your eyes
For you have fleed from the fight, Die now ! ! !

Iam the great conqueror, fear my wrath
Forgivness cannot affect me, NO
I overlap under the name of Aragorn
You swore me obediance and fidelity

Your oath was not heartfelt
Dark water will be your shroud
I will bruise your flesh

Anyone who will look at your corpse
Floating in the marshes of the dead
Will just see the hideous face of a traitor
Since your corpse will look like your rotted soul
I will never forgive your sin
Forgive your weakness
Forgive you
Feel dishonour and shame !
There�s nothing after death
Taste non existence !
Non existence !

4. Emen hetan

Lord Satan, you who rules this world
Please ressurect the cities of the damned
Evil flowers swarm in my black heart
You drain my blood away in rivers of suffering

In the name of Satan, I call
This will be evil�s night, hear me my lord
I sing the words of emptiness
That will attract demons on earth, oh Satan, please come

I vomit on the holy images the weak gave me
I burn the symbol of jesus christ
Queens of hell will hear my voice
�eternal quest of satanic pleasur !


I will be born again in blasphemy
Mortals shall suffer and burn in hell
See lust into my cavernous eyes
It�s now time to sacrifice

Tonight evil�s reign will come
Tonight whores will wishper the name of Satan
Evil curse will begin
I will be born again in blasphemy

In nomine Satanas clamo�Emen Hetan�

Iam born again, Satan give me rebirth
Whores are singing great songs of sabbath
The current of this river of blood is too strong
You cannot resist, sell your soul to Satan !

Join the masquerade of Satan�s fanatics
Come and lacerate the organs of christianity
This dying virgin who needs to be finished off
Join the masquerade of Satan�s slaves


5. Hellbeneath

I will take your soul to hell�

I am the shadow of a very ancient dream
Of blood corrupt by sadness and tears
I�m made of darkness
For obscurity is the one to be fertile

I�m from hell beneath, over death, out of life
Hell is on earth � fortunately, I�m not alive

I was just a satirical look on this loathsome
World of cruelty and pain
God died with my body full of health


Christians can say I am from the fallen and the losts
Everything will go dark for them while I saw the light
My satanic blood had won the paradise of non existence
Not human at all, dead without any regrets

I am the voice across the grave


The attractive shadow of an ancient dream had put a spell on you
Give up, your blood is corrupt, you�re forever lost

Come with me in inhumanity
Come and see after death
The orgasmic sight of Satan�s mayhem

6. And hell followed


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