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The Switch Has Melted

"The Switch Has Melted" (2006 EP)

1. Desert of Winter
2. Timmy O' Toole
3. Self Less
4. The Switch Has Melted

1. Desert of Winter

We burn our own worthless creations
Our plastic lives go up in smoke
So black, so choking

Blocking out the sun

The killing winds and desert frosts
Ending all life that came before us

Sit back in horror

You started this and you'll end it
Final escalation
And the cities we revered
Will be our downfall
Technology we praise being our extinction

It never ends, cannot help ourselves
Plunging headlong into oblivion

2. Timmy O' Toole

Grip the ladder for reassurance
The moss, the slime, they are all mine
And even if they do come down
Can never break through the wall into my world

These selfish moments cut off from pain
And all my hard work up in smoke

All alone, down here, only silence for company
Dreams, fears, memories, winding journeys
Inside of me

Feel the slowly spreading dampness
Conjuring shapes in the darkness
The air is thick, inhale the slime
Fluorescent-lit numbers remind me of time
But what is time down here?

Its just a memory another part of me

3. Self Less

Tragedy, the night calls
Empty of reason

Its all taken too long
We blink now our time has gone
Memory fades with the leaves
Autumn comes as summer recedes

Shout it out "I'm helpless"
You act just like your selfless
But you couldn't care about your selfless

Feline grace, by the fire
Sleep with one eye open
Wary, careful, doesn't know them yet

Time was short but still I learned
You're just like a chameleon
You never show your true colours

4. The Switch Has Melted

The switch has melted, was it earthed?
Stuck on a setting frustrated
Greased by dirty palms

Slide out screaming
Our organs lie in kidney bowls
Twisted seething
Clinical definition
Lead out for your amusement

Led away hollow
Drained of all positivity
Drenched with tallow
Putrid man fat
Over used un-swallow able hooks

Medicated interaction led to this
The vile mess, our hearts shine less
What is meant by it?
Can I choose to unexplain a sentiment?
The test of time, will we grow, will we change
And leave behind, parables of shame

Our hearts shine less


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