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"Rebirth" (2005)

1. To my buddy
2. Brothersss
3. I give you
4. Strength for
5. Days of oblivion
6. Imperial apartment
7. b ~tomoe~
8. Embrace all emotion
9. Fake
10. Change

1. To my buddy

You always lavish these words, "I'm your soulmate".

These days, many things happen rapidly.
Ordinary life and precious time at dizzy speed pounce upon me alternately

Then I received your frisky e-mail with warm regard
When I read the text with devotion, I felt unverbalized joy and sorrow willing up

As you say, the time we spent together is like just a moment in our life,
but I really remember the happenings, words and liquor at that time.

I'm sorry for only the time is passing by saying "drink together".

I believe we can meet again as same as the time we spent

It might not be spoken now,
it was so delightful and joyful for me to hear you are pleased at the long distance to know I exist and live.

It gave me warm power from that you understood everything.

I wanna see and tell you it honestly without excuse on drink
I'm feeling so honestly

I'm living in the town called Tokyo without any changes and going on my way with some struggle
There's no change.
It is nothing new to say, but I feel happy for that I could meet you.

2. Brothersss

Do you remember?

Those days we spent in that town
Those nights we cleared over and over

That morning drink, smell and smoke remained
The streets we slept on after laughin' out and playin' out.

Fallin' asleep with a smile in full-filled hope and expectation
Without any uneasiness and fear to live a life

We were clad in unlimited power and thinking happy time will go on forever
Blindly..., purely... .

We've been thinkin tomorrow must come and the sun must rise

3. I give you

at sound intervals

within emotional crashes

thought like a flesh spins in my brain at high speed

lots of power and spirit explode

gratitude beyond words to hands and voices pushing my back

lighting flashes too bright to open my eyes

sweat blown off

countless eyes with certain intention in the dark behind there

emotion in perfect accord in the unconsious state

in a slow drift

feel the tide of air ,wind and spirits in the slow drift

poul spirits into words and sound

i send you

trust it resound in your heart

trust it's engraved in you mind

i give you

4. Strength for

Sights in my memory
Beyond the livelong time
Thoughts cross over
Willing and expectation in the air
Teardrops to reply to them
Repetition of revelliion and submission
Strength I trusted for the revolution
Goes smash all too soon

Remain seeds
Bury in the soil

Beyond the space time
Buds come out
Cardinal red flowers bloom

5. Days of oblivion

Things buried in oblivion between today and yesterday
sound and sound
word and word

They are forgotten and passing me by
They mad alot things, sound, words, incidents and people nonexistent

Scoop up everything and hold them with devotion not to overflow
Remember as far as the capacity of my brain
Express as far as the capacity of my mind
Still thoughts have been forgotten in intervals
They mad a lot of thoughts, sound, words, incidents, and people been passed
in silence

Sound not to turn to sound...
Words not to turn to words...
How can I grab them?

Person I ahd to meet, but I couldn't meet.
Incident had to happen, but it didn't happen.
Days should be unforgettable, but nobody remember

How can I grab them?

Wonder there was no feeling then?
Where's the feeling?
I can't confirm what I've mad by myself.
Not in my brain..., not in my mind... .

6. Imperial apartment

7. b ~tomoe~

Japanese lylics:

8. Embrace all emotion

A majestic story starts
It continues everlastingly
Being engulfed in the mad sound stream
Thrash/Beat a sound lump mad from a clash of lots of emotion and ideal
at the risk of our lives
Exchange words
Suck blood each other
stand here with my comrades
In a short time
Time stops many many times...
Explosion in the calm and wave of gentle air
Embrace sweat, teardrops, passion and...
Embrace all emotion
At the fingertips
In a voice
In sound and words
Soul lodges in piles
In a small space
A story disconnected with reality
An everlastingly majestic story starts

9. Fake

Flies around my ear
In the cold and mindless

Don't trace my footprints
Dig over buried memories
Words disgrace my future
Words weather the past

Don't touch me

Gulps my body
Whispering voice
Outcasted emotion wakes up
Gaze deprives my future
Words idealize the past

Shut up
Don't talk to me

10. Change

It's nowhere not to change
It's the most important to try to change
It must be changed by volume of hunger for change
There's (much) more volume in your emotion than you expect
There must be a huge power
There must be the possibility to overthrow money, (social) status and talent
only in desire to change and trust to make it
Anybody had ideal
Anybody has a seed of passion
Don't hesitate
Without flinching, lift up high proudly
Lift your emotion, passion and ideal with your fist


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