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The secret agony of a dying angel

"The secret agony of a dying angel" (2003 Demo)

1. The slave of your fuckin' heart
2. Goddess of melody
3. Death in my heart
4. Secret agony
5. The end of our fears

1. The slave of your fuckin' heart

Fallen in dark light without your tears
I've heard a poetry makes me
Fear of tomorrow of the future and the past
You're my enemy and I want revenge

My soul is just dancing, dancing in the dark
The decay is rising up, on my
Head I will pray for, pray for myself
In the dark I will see your sweet end

Save my life
I don't know how
respect me now
I'm the slave of your fuckin'heart tonight
light my eyes
bring me down
in the dark he will steal you from me

darkness is crying bring out my eyes
a little tears is going down
from your
face of an angel, face of the past
and a gun is sleeping near, near my head

now the decay
tears from the sky
blood from my eyes
death from suicide
my sweetest angel don't forget my life
follow my heart in the night
and make me blind

2. Goddess of melody

Angel of dirty light, dream of joy
A frozen sun is burning now, on this land
Goddess of melody, take this hand now
I hope in your help tonight to make me free

I'll die...for you
And my angel will fall

In flames will burn the life like desire of your end
Passion is rising up on ,my eyes like a breath
(a) frozen tears is going down on your face full of life
living without one fear is so strange in this world

tonightttttt...I will die for you
to make me fell like angel inside

now the is bad,the dark is rising up
tonight I've decided to die for your sweet image
I can't retourn I will live forever
in this lake FULL OF SOULS..

3. Death in my heart

I'm a dirty whore born into the night
Made from mistake,death for a light
I don't want your sorrow, I'm a fallen angel
Born in a noise that want revenge

Don't you die for me live with my suol
Breath my dirty air, feed with my heart
I don't want to save you,I'm a bastard angel
Born in the night death in your arms

I'm falling now
Because i am
I'm crying now
Death in my heart

4. Secret agony

At the shadow of cypress
Into a grave
I will be conforted by dark sound
A perfumed tree will be a father to my dreams
To lose the illusion of your life

I have lost my faith in you
I have made a song for you
Don't you cry enjoy your self
Destiny comes will bring my sun

Tonight I will die
This memory comes from nothing
To bring us into the nigth
This sound is taking me to nothing
To lose the illusion of your life

I'll go away,my soul will fly,to the end,
end of glory
there's a simphony,are you listening?
the dark noise the wind of decadence

I'll go away from my dirty life,the past is burning brigth
I fell your little tears,this shadow make me fear

I don't know how you can save my soul from the dark
I know the reason of your tears...

5. The end of our fears

Are you looking here?
Now your time has gone
Gone into a mistake
Gone into the unknown


I wait your condemnation
Many hopes you killed
And fuck your reason
I attend the winter
I have many pain
Made from your sweet perfection
Have you ever heard the scream of dying heart

I fell the hate in my heart
Nowhere to run place to hide
I fell the hate in my heart

Now the sky is so empty
Empty of your mistic tears
Are you understanding
Is the end of our fears?


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