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Applause: JHVH Elohim Met

"Applause: JHVH Elohim Met" (2004)

1. Apostasy
2. Procession of Blind
3. Sick.Sin.Skin
4. Allegory of Suffering
5. Ain Sof Aur
6. Black Coronation
7. New Führer
8. Dyscrasia
9. Manifestation of V Stabbing Wounds
10. After the Sepulture (Samael cover)

1. Apostasy

these are fools that men adore
I am not for them

death for the dogs

pray in silence as I have been praying to you
forsake me, and I let you die
in your useless misery
painting with blood is house of god
he will be leading not lambs but goats

I am the will, I am the doubt
I am the master of weakness and light
no salvation, redemption, resurrection yet
scourge in my hands

and so I believe to day
that my conduct is in accordance
with the will of the almighty creator
in standing guard against the jehowah
I am defending the handiwork of the lord

we are one - we are none
death is the crown of all
we are one - we are none...

black coronation

2. Procession of Blind

mute beholders of events
come - I began a new act

from this death born first resurrection
a skill to rebirth in another

...and umbilical cord united
formless visions of suffering
into dead accompaniment
to the puzzle of flesh

abridged record of emotions
a touch, a sweet perverse lust
lunatic caricature of total devotion
cursed are this womb which born trust

a moment of immense intensity of will
I've done cosmic dimension once
in unity with moons, comets and stars
I found myself in elements of universe

flash - the highest fulfilment
the spirit consciousness recive
and will of creation
modern blasphemy is done
tyrant's slayer come

here is new god's coronation
which I proclaim

3. Sick.Sin.Skin

I've (got) many names they cannot bear
I scratch their wounds I give'em fear
sharing yourself just try
be as oblivious as I am

many colors - one shade
every moment has many ends
every movement becomes new death
remember what flows in your veins...

billions of gods, satans, saints
masks - under masks rot
you're the herald but of which saviour?

I am what you are
I dissipated I subsist everywhere
I disappeared I comprise everything
leprosy and plague from my breath

in ignorance you exist
is liberation from time and death
blood is the sole plain in which we're living

unclean we drift down into the nightmare
suffocated, blind
they can't drag us in their immaculate vacuum
wait and see which death will tear us apart

4. Allegory of Suffering

continous decomposition of former structure
dissolved in regnant view of perfection
lash in reward for charity!
cross in reward for mercy!

if the sun spawns the worms in the defunct
and being a deity kisses the carrion
I'll obey covered
in the holy sick
rot in blessed sin
with the five-scared skin

womb of earth is opened
daimonizomai adonai
eucharist loyal zombie
the ruler of all

pure sodomy become inevitability
I see the laughing face of madness

before ever the hanged man's cord is cut
or the vessel of lost souls is broken
and the dust goes back to the earth as it was
I'll obey covered
in the holy sick
rot in blessed sin
with the five-scared skin

5. Ain Sof Aur

still in shit we're playing...

evoke hecatomb
revelation's end
bow to god that failed
harvester of death

I am the lord of lie
I am the false immortality
I am collective part of a million
I am obedient benefactor

crawl on knees penitent servant
my stigmata bless your self-restraint
god's mind melts in black heroine
now legions of suns I reign


peace in soil's womb worm
I will feed you, I will water you
love you made too sterile
became a poor whore

manifest of carnival
lam's revolt - lam's annihilation
decrepit old man's decayed eyes
demands dreaming
names (which) mean nothing
fight at once for excuses

may god save us

speak together, speak if you want
I've neither degenerations
nor nothing...

6. Black Coronation

black blood of (the) dying smooth
white host, red wine
still mute, still blind
eclipse of thy ephemeral vesper
hear them praying to me

infinitessimal guil - the pure soul is a pure lie
son of man stabbing my feet - yet... still
lycantrophic's foetus transmutation
skinless eyes searching doomsday truth

I know i cross the limb
too dispassionately
master in lunacy

I've (got) individual frame
non alternating into nothing
over-weak vessel for content to fill it up
being medium I imitate motions of moribund
the flesh was made word
the flesh was made war

7. New Führer

I am the anointed
another face of god
on man's dreams I rise
and turned their dreams to dust
dead prophets, dead priests
I regard as my antagonists
fuck the holy one
I am everything in everyone

the most worthy of life
are none of you, you parasites
without hate I'll kill
those who doubt in me
let blood flow to my name
let exorcism begin
so hide your fears deep
before you call me

the brightest star amongst the stars
the eye on the throne
the archetype of the disobedient god
- the cult of the dog -
- the cult of the dragon -
- the cult of the goat -

bring peace master of light
and drown this light in blood
transcend creation
another world is coming

there is no memory of those
who have gone before
and of those who come after
there will be no memory for those
who are still to come after them

hear us master !
lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil

8. Dyscrasia

destructor of the shape
betrayer, you marked me
leave the promised land
in everlasting mourn
you are to have no other gods but me
neither eye has never enough of its seeing
nor ear of its hearing

dethroned deity's antagonist on the earth
grim their dirty leper flesh to dust
poisoned by paradisaical canting serpent-bite
crush the skull of the opposite- the man's reptile

I stand above you pregnant soil
you demand blood of the chosen ones
here comes the new born end of the land
that lost his will to reborn again
manipulate old laws you take
old mourning from the oldest grave
our penance is our mother
and her sin, the name of earth is eve

manifestate your wounds
to those in doubt

arma christi
foreheads with lamb's marks wearing the crown
lamentation of god is abomination
pentacle star of birth was burn

9. Manifestation of V Stabbing Wounds

der tod ist gross
wir sind die seinen lachenden munds

er sagt für dich: ich bin
und kommt in tausendfachem sinn
kommt endlich über jeden


between lifespawn and agony suspended
I am
the prayer beyond it's mourning

that which has embryos of life
has stigmata of death too

protagonist, antagonist
with courage collective your fears
protagonist, antagonist
who make up a heaven of our misery

cold tomb for false god

10. After the Sepulture (Samael cover)


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