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"Demo" (1990 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Abyss
3. Epilepsy

1. Intro

No lyrics, instrumental intro, but the correct title is:
"A Nagy Ho-Ho-Horgász"

2. Abyss

You stand on the verge of a chasm
Waiting for an inner sign
The path of your life comes to an end
Your lucky star doesn't shine

Jump! the abyss intices, release from lethargy
Hurted down - by invisible hands you got no energy
You are killers!

Life is a shit, you can't depend on the people
I've got no strenght, I wanna die
Life is a shit, I am alone
I've got no strenght, oh my fuckin' life

You stand in the gate of death
Still some moments
Highly wait for the fatal power
There's no friends

Jump! the only movement, there's no more energy
Hurted down - soon you'll be flying to eternity

Fate of millions
Senseless fight 'till death
Don't return for this once
And now you loose your path

Evil killers!

3. Epilepsy

Invincible, invisible forces distort space and time
Someone else can see the sunshine just the frozen
Face of Moon is mine

As soon as I was born the sky was wept because
He was fear for the world of me
Grief took my arm, told me tales of fate and the time
When I'll be rich and free

Sometimes I feel cold waves inside
Something someway possess my mind

I'm mocked by this cruel world
I bow my head and complain without mind

Waiting, trembling, crying look out of the window
But the sickness working hard
And shows you morbid faces on the walls of madness when the
Solitude of the cell touches your heart
Escape from the world, escape from your soul
You're exiled

Slowly your moods change, you take fright at the
Sudden fit and you thought turn to wild

You frothy mouth opens to pray for mercy


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