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"Ageless" (2001 EP)

1. Ageless
2. Somewhere to Something
3. Circulation
4. Before the Rain
5. Pictures of a City

1. Ageless

When the sand blows to your eyes
And talk to your imaginary friends
Hide your love and say
I can't see anything

If you're tired of hiding
If you're tired of waiting
Stand up and laugh
But please don't poison me with your bitterness

I'm ageless
A smile in the crowd
But you only see me in bad dreams

I'm a simple man
I'm sorry but that's not what I've found
And I wish I had a gun
And I'll show you what was - what will be

There are lambs for the slaughter
Waiting to die
Someone take these dreams away
And this love will tear us apart

Let god save god

Please don't stop to talk
But you're so cold and I'll be crying
If you take my place in the showdown
Since I've been lovin' you - I will die

When the sun goes
You see my return
But I fear tomorrow
And I know: there's no love in fear

Learn to swim
It's the same all over
And the silence drowns the screams
But our friendship never dies

2. Somewhere to Something

I will be empty
So much that is empty
My energy is sucked towards a black hole

In my brainstorm
Collapsed wires
My ruined signs
And now I don't sleep
My dreams are defective

The morality's dagger in synchronous with the fear
Afflict low
Somebody, somewhere to something

Useless searching

The last way in a paper labyrinth
I'll burst the walls
Straight make the playing-field
Oh, no
They said: "It's contrary to the rules"
Yet, I try

I survive my own weakness
My soul moves into a free tree
And blowing in the wind...

Every light is blinding
Every voice is deafening
In my obscure memories' pictures
Every colour you are

The past drys on the wall
Smoke is a cloud I'm hiding behind
They play with stolen thoughts
I save myself from the time-thieves

I said the last word
The tune is recorded
The door is closed
Thoughts are dancing inside

3. Circulation

I write the news
You don't know when I lie
Real thoughts, real dreams
Version of the full-life

I try to dance too
Despite the music isn't my style
I travel or escape
I haven't decided yet... all right...

Imitation jewellery in a stylish dress
You're wrong if you think you see my actions
And you don't even guess the truth

This will be my yellow road with nothing to change
It is the circulation
Circulation of events

Dirty lusts, payable feelings
Second-hand words
Second-hand girlfriends
For sale

The needless thoughts are wiped
My head is clear in the open air
Old dreams, tired smiles
Some velvet phrase in your mouth

I build a cenotaph for the trust
I spread desire to the empty-headed people
And I laugh and laugh...

I'm running and my thoughts are fading away
Speed is freedom
It reminds me of space

Pull-offs along the road
Halls are grown dim by smoke
Drunkards under the tables
Lights on my line - but now I blind

4. Before the Rain

Before the rain
You feel the change
At the end of the way
And the death in the silence

In a rushing cab
The memory of your last kisses
But next time in a coach
You brood over your mistakes

Where is the friendship...
In the time of weapons...
The colours are fading away
The power of pictures is only an illusion

It's only an illusion

What will you tell to the children?
How long will the traffic to cemeteries rise?
Many times you don't say anything
Because you have too much to say

Among the mountains
Songs in tears about blood
You don't feel the rain anymore
You learn how to fly from the earth

Please, take the curses away

The girl rushed
And shot laying down, like you
Cold moved into her heart
And her fingers waved in silence

5. Pictures of a City

Concrete cold face cased in steel
Stark sharp glass-eyed crack and peel
Bright light scream beam brake and squeal
Red white green white neon wheel.

Dream flesh love chase perfumed skin
Greased hand teeth hide tinseled sin
Spice ice dance chance sickly grin
Pasteboard time slot sweat and spin.

Blind stick blind drunk cannot see
Mouth dry tongue tied cannot speak
Concrete dream flesh broken shell
Lost soul lost trace lost in hell.


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