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Eclipse Eternal

"Eclipse Eternal" (2003 Demo)

1. Heralds Of The Apocalypse
2. Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire
3. The Eternal King From Below Doth Arise
4. Storming The Pearly Gates
5. Infested With The Human Disease
6. Awaken Ye Lords Of The Dark

1. Heralds Of The Apocalypse

2. Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire

Upon this battlefield earth I stand sword upraised in defiance of all that was all that is and all that shall be
Chaos has a voice and i am it
Behold as I walk through the valley as the shadow of death you shall learn to fear evil for your lord is not with thee he cannot guide thee he cannot save thee I am coming for thee
The road to heaven shall be paved in the blood of the innocent
Behold I cometh with clouds of flies and every eye shall see me followed by those honoured enough to have pierced him and the earth shall wail beneath our reign
I am the Alpha I am the Omega the beginning and the ending which was and which is I am forever
Come with us let us lay in wait for blood let us lurk privaly for the innocent with cause let us swallow up alive as the grave and whole as those that go into the abyss let us laugh at humanities calamity mock when there fear cometh as desolation and destruction cometh as a whirlwind
and when they call upon christ for salvation he shall not answer for he is dead and we have killed him they shall kneel before us but we shall show them no mercy for they hated knowledge and did not fear their true lord they shall eat the fruit of there own devices for the turning away of the truth shall slay and the beliefs of fools shall destroy them!
and the rivers shall run red with their blood
Drink till your heart is content to kill the world we have been sent
onlyweak fools do repent for we are all hellbent
burn their churchs torch their temples kill their priests sacrifice their disicples
tonight we shall eat of their flesh and drink of their blood
Marching over the corpses of the people we've killed straight to hells gates with bloodlust we're filled from out of the flames a starcase doth arrise spiralling upwards it pierces the skies
We have declared Armeggedon upon heaven!
Behold as I walk through the heavens as the shadow of their death they shall learn to fear evil for there lord is not with them he shall not guide them he cannot save them for he is dead and we have killed him
Your Lord Is DEAD!
Forever live in fear of the Unholy Blackened Empire

3. The Eternal King From Below Doth Arise

Onward to WAR!!!!!
Let the darkness be forevermore
Start the third world war!
Let chaos reign forevermore
Every human dead with a bullet in there head
paint the whole world red cry with tears of lead
Hate thy neighbour Kill thy son
Raise your swords for the unholy one
For him we rule these lands with weapons in our hands
Mercy is for the weak no redemption shall we seek
You will learn to serve or you'll get what you deserve
(repeat above lines)

There can be only one end to this war... everyone dead!

Thus for the crime of life do i proclaim the punishment of death
Let the weak be banished from the earth... permenantly
Thus I have spoken so shall it be done

As the last rays of light leaves the skies
As all your hope dies
The Eternal King from below doth arrise
As bombs now scorth the skys
As all that is human dies
The Eternal King from below doth arrise
Death to the weak no redemption shall we seek
We were born to fight they shall feel our might
kill everything that liveth in the light
Forever we will dwell in thee eternal night!

4. Storming The Pearly Gates

Do what thou wilt, true law of this universe, chaos
this place, this world , this reality, is cloaked, in an eternal, eclipse where the light has been permenantly vanquished and the serenity of the night is forevermore
All wait with baited breath for the stormclouds are on the horizon the dead are rising
The four bringers of the end are born again tonight the heavens shall hear our battlecry Storm the pearly gates Prepare thyself for war!!!!!

The blue sky turns black as smoke rises from the burning bodies
the smell of burnt flesh chokes the lungs of the warriors of the dark ones ascent the staircase to the heavens
Blackened bodies of the angels lay in heaps before the pearly gates
the battering ram crashes again and again
at last the great gates broke and fell to the ground
In a rush the hordes charged forth
the taste of blood intoxicating their minds
the first died quickly but still our army marched on
On and on and on and on Storming the Heavens!
Then into the growing blackness of the sky four cloaked figures materialized
forces created from pure hate and malice born to bring chaos to the world
from within them there did arise a scream that killed all letting nothing survive
and in the chaos beneath they heard...

"let there be no more life above or below!"
Total Genocide of the Human Race!

Upon the world beneath there did rain blood for forty days and forty nights
as the drowning looked up for salvation they witnessed there heavens burning and where deafened by the screams of angels
As Satan looked up from the fiery pits of Hell he did witness gods head impaled upon a spike before the fallen pearly gates
and once again they heard...
Let there be no more life above or below

5. Infested With The Human Disease

Growing inside it is alive festering inside it has survived
I was given a human name but inside the demon remains
iIwatch the world go by through this human eye I watch the world go by and I wish it all to die
misanthropic impulses screaching there will misanthropic imuplses screaming there will
out of this human mouth they scream kill
I've shed my skin peeled away the layer taken myself apart ripped out this human heart
your murdered children live in my chest screaming and crying they will never rest
Your dead children live in my chest they will never rest
In the darkest of shadows in the darkest of night
my eyes now burn with hells fiery light
humanity cannot escape centuries of hate their stupidity caused this fate now now it too fucking late
no more morality no more christianity as i rape your faith you cry blashpemy your tears are as fake as your sincerety end of your life we consumate with a knive
we consumate with this here Knife!!!! (repeat)
The world is infested with the human disease the only cure is DEATH
A thousand rasorblades all cutting you apart
A million maggots all eating your heart
A million needles all piercing the eye
All your children just grow up to die!
Forever in pain you will remain
Forever insane and in blood we will reign!

6. Awaken Ye Lords Of The Dark

Father awaken from your long slumber the world is in bloom it is ready for deflowering
the night is calling whisperering her sweet hate for life
the icey winds numb our minds as we feel the cold hands of death grasp our hearts and squeeze
the moon will soon eclipse the sun and darkness will once again cover the earth
blood will flow through the streets as all the suns of light are slaughtered
once again the preditors will rule the night
My lips ache for the taste of her poisoness kiss my loving lier Oh Medusa my love bless me with thy deadly stare I wish to look upon your beauty for eternity
Lady Macbeth hark my pleas grant me thy wisdom cowardice traded for strength and purpose

Blood quence my thirst for death (2x)

He getting close i hear him in my dreams whispering his disires
Awaken the dead he says Awaken the Fallen
Awake the demons within rise its time for the war to begin (repeat many times)

As I speak the sacred hyms i feel the power rushing through me In the darkest of shadows I shall forever be

I call upon thee my brethren
Awaken Set
Awaken Cain
Awaken Liaviation King of the Night
Awaken Shive destroyer of the light
Awaken Belial Beezelbub lord of the flies
Awaken Damian Prince of Darkness and lies
Awaken Hecate Goddess of the Underworld
Awaken SATAN lord of them all
I call upon thee
Gods Of The Dark
It has been to long since we walked the earth together and reaped what god hath sown
The future belongs to us
Come forth and let us take what is rightfully ours
It is time for this world to end and ours to BEGIN!
AWAKEN Ye Lords Of The Dark!
It is time for there world to end and ours to BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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