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Born Into Darkness

"Born Into Darkness" (2005 Demo)

1. Amid the Devil's Laughter
2. Dying Alive
3. Born Into Darkness:
4. Stitchface
5. Tears of a Broken Sky
6. Tempered in Silence

1. Amid the Devil's Laughter

Entrance to this endless abattior
An everlasting landspace of mass hate that crushed fate with ill desire
Empires of sin, they grin with fruadulance
(Empires of sinful beasts they stalk me, poor decisions haunt me)
False comfort pulls me in to choose the noose of truth
Amid the devil's laughter
He's mocking me
(Withing this sea of senseless blasphemey)
Time created these cracks, a design that's sure to relapse
My curse that's carried from the past
Confusion's wrath, my mind confined and paralyzed
(My self inflicted torture hiding from exposure)
My mind has fled astray, this course of sores begins
(In this corridor of demons, nothing's left to believe in)
Amid the devil's laughter
Languid limbs drag my flesh across the rock, scarring every bit of thought
Now, a morsle for the flock devouring me
Hopeless is the mindset of the weak
But re-occuring history's proving to me that everything must expire
Everything is fading slowly in time
Incineration, perish in the fires burning inside
No inhibition, I will never give in, Lay down and die
Fight against this life
Time to revive, Assimulate
Break this cycle, Create this tidal wave of rebellion
To flood this hell we live in
Rapture, rapture cleanse with disaster
Waves crash steadfast, the backlash of forgotten children
Enraged with the fury that's been caged
We are enslaved by the demon in who's paradise we lay
Break free from these restraints
Caught in this abyss with thoughts that I can't bear
I'm held within this snare
Amid the devil's laughter

2. Dying Alive

What's this fascination with decline?
Another disappointment with a pain that's divine
A brutal savage state of mind
Lashing out and striking down the confidence inside
I'm dying alive
Bursting with emotion, I confine
Running round in circles, frenzied life that is mine
A suicidal state of mind
Butchering this carcass is the only way
To find some fucking relief
Mow it's time to put my brain to sleep
Erosion's set, engraved in stone
Mutilation now, death's engine is fully blown
No more pain
The room is spinning
No more pain
The walls are closing in
Malice befriends me
Slaughter the livestock the cattle are plenty
Solace in nothing, I'm empty
Twidted with mischief my conscience has left me
I've had it with all of your fuckin' lies
My justice will come with the dawn of your demise
Hastened defeat
Terror consumes me, the structure depletes
Torture, grinding the meat
Torn from my instinct and poisoned with deciet
I'm betrayed witin me
Chaotic frenzy
Instilled in th eminds of the mad
This life is false we are dead
Controlled we've all been misled
Brainwashed and driven to death
Death, it's the only certainty that's left
Death, so why not?
I die each time I struggle
To transform in order to thrive
You're killing me inside
I'm dying alive
Yes, I'm dying alive

3. Born Into Darkness:

Blood wings, fly me to the end of time
And draw back the sunrise
Dawn's end befell men due to virtuos wane
Now in the darkness all shall remain
Strain the black holes, a mixture revised
Skies erupt into onyx decline
Shine opaque, the darkness is divine
"Chime" said the death bell "The end is the time"
Entangled, imprisoned, enslaved in flesh
And then soon laid to rest, a deprived, defective life
I'll forever despise
Depart now to darkened dimensions
Escape to dim-tinted landscapes where decline binds me
We are born into darkness and piosoned with this disease
The seduction of pain
Never the fuck again
Never will I trust in this life for there's clever thoughts
Thrust to disguise the endeavor of a just paradise
We must sever and descend into the night
Consumed with intentions not right
I drip with nocturnal delight to defy life and law
In the void I greet pause out of sin made this dark denizen
Encased in shadows embrace, metempsychosis
Now entombed, mutate in the womb
Darkness consumed my heart with callouses, my hide
Light be denied, the corruption of my mind
I cry out to vow this dark decree
My ode to the moonlight find delight in my pain
Seduction leads only to self destruction
Seduction of Pain
Metamorphosis now taking place
I'm born into darkness
Torn away from light I must reshape
I'm born into darkness
I'm buried live where light will subside
This life a facade, so where is your god?
Where the fuck is your god?
Placed inside this womb I am entombed
I'm born into darkness
Shifting sides to contain life in shadow
I'm born into darkness
Now, these onyx scales take shape to cover this landscape
Frozen chamber, incarceration
Blood wings fly me to the end of time
I collide with the silhouette side, reinvent my pride, suicide
The seduction of pain has taken hold on my soul
I release all control and embrace much pride in suicide
I'm born into darkness, becoming more heartless
Infect my brain with the notions of death and then surely I'll wake
It was not my choice in this life
I was born into darkness

4. Stitchface

Ripping apart my own existence
Fashion my flesh with thread
Mangle myself for this disguise
Then bind all of the sutures that make me whole again
Deny these voices that I have inside
Telling me to die, my sanity now subsides
Lacerations are in line, refine and reconstruct myself this time
Create this design and untie these knots that I have inside
They're entwined
Remind myslef of the troubled times
I find there is no peace so I must release from life
Justice will cease for I will appease my mind
"All that which is just, is only held
Held in the eyes of the wicked!"
Wicked eyes staring down on me
I despise this weakened side of me
And now I'll desecrate myself, by rearranging me
I will never be complete, so I'm striving only to be deceased
I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed
I must hide myself for I am strange
I am nothing, I'm confused
Because all of my life I've been abused by these things
Sever the strings that restrict my feelings
And what I am
Battered with sin, a broken man
Dying within, it's time I stand

5. Tears of a Broken Sky

Nothing is real but our dreams
conflicted nostalgia repeats
For I'm chosen by anguish
Believe in nothing, there's no trust in memory
These falsifications fisleading hypnotic vibes
They're constantly taunting me with notions of suicide
I should've never existed in this life
The day of my birth case a stone up to shatter the sky
It's raining this cryptic ripened blend
The poisons of self-doubt descend
Now I'm staring at the nothingness expand
While uncoiling my burden throughout the land
shrouded in failure's abusive dance
Sadistic memory truth's blinded glance
Disorder chaotic symptomatic display
A deranged perception I can't explain
Family ties restraints, cutting the cord of life
Blame pushing the line off the frame
While I'm chasing the razor blade
Lacerate, penetrate frailty
Break free from life and let go of these questions
Tears of a broken sky
And I'm clouded with lies when these questions arise
These tears of a broken sky
I'm caught in the middle of your fucking games
You claw and you bite me without any shame
You're scarring my mindset with all of your lies
Tears of a broken sky
These questions they haunt me like nightmares at best
Compulsion, the puling from under my chest
The silence is calling the misery's high
These tears of a broken sky
Disturbing memories remain
My torture, my torment, my flame
Distorted collection replays
It's raining this cryptic ripened blend
Unchain me, before I'm submerged within this storm of lies and these tears
These tears of a broken sky
I'm sick and tired of always wondering why
Must the truth always be silent to me in life
I trust in nothing because there's always something to hide
So remove my mask and erase my past's disguise
Trust in nothing because there's always something to hide
Ignore the truth and in the darkness cry
For all along it was me who was cast aside

6. Tempered in Silence


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