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... And Our Time Announces Black

"... And Our Time Announces Black" (1997)

1. Fall of Usher
2. ... And Our Time Announces Black
3. Ceremony (Dance Macabre)
4. Travel Through Eternity
5. Rite of Pass Away
6. Last Dreams in Darkness

1. Fall of Usher

2. ... And Our Time Announces Black

Black host of shadows
Marching to the war
Our souls amongst them
We're going...
...Into death
Axes, enormous swords
To destroy race of weak
In the name of your abyss
We'll kill...
...Our enemies!
Foes-weak race
We'll reign the world
We're few, but each of us
Have ancient power of...
They'vedestroyed bodies of
Our ancestors
But spirit shall survivThese souls are of us
They scored batlle
But war is our
Combative sodom
Believed in us
(He) have loved in darkness
(He) have died in us

3. Ceremony (Dance Macabre)

Wolves dancin' in the mist
Dance of unholy ceremony
Priests bathed in blood
Forest takes their lives
Leading through the madness
To the magical ring
They have lost in their lies
Wolves - unholy beasts
They knew lord's power long
Foolish people! still
Does not understand
Satan - Night
Satan - Fullmoon
Magical power of his reign
Satan - Forest
Satan - it's me
His power rules the world
That's just what beasts born
Baptized in enemies blood
Will restore the order
On a planet
On a planet of moon
On a planet of woods
On a planet of night
On satan's planet

4. Travel Through Eternity

Wind of emotions pulls my soul
Not knowing what to do
I close my gate
Searching for silence
Forest's emotions
I Explore wisdom of horns
On the soulship
Sailing through the storm of false
To the island of my solitude
Tears are drops of my soul
Am i dying... is it now?
Preparing my grave
My heart is bleeding with fear
Eyes covered by mist
my fortress captured
I'm lord of silent feelings
Am i it now?
Walking away-i kiss
Your image in memory
travel through eternity

5. Rite of Pass Away

I see at your cruel face
Do you allow us lord
For a moment
Of dlight?
Flash of blade
Is falling down
Last heartbeat,blood
It's so beautifull!
Last kiss and only blunt
Pain in the lungs
I burn as a candle
But now it's too different
So hard to breathe
Blood flew away
And after that,death
Shall dance in her mind
I pass away
its so delight
I pass away
Pain is my friend
Its so delight
...And only fog...
...Covers my eyes...
...And her miserable soul
Is swimming through styks
Passing away into darkness
To the land of eternal

6. Last Dreams in Darkness

I dream about
Someone...far away...
From here...
I dream about
Far away...from me...
And i know
You'll return...
From a foreign land...
I know
You'll be back
Just like yesterday
You will return to me...
Only to me...


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