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Of Shadows And The Dying Sun

"Of Shadows And The Dying Sun" (2003 Demo)

1. Black Moon
2. Of Shadows And The Dying Sun
3. The Heritage

1. Black Moon

Dawn of justice
The end of light
Fall of the christian
holy unite
You're not pure,
but we are the cure
off their knees the christian flee

As their thrones made of lies
They fall into a downward suicide
thus they'll see the thruth behind
the wisdom of an infernal mind

Black moon rising upon you fucking slaves
(we'll laugh at you when your maker breaks)
Heavenly empire will feel our wrath
thou shalt suffer, we'll make it last

Now that the land is ours again
we feast on your corpses 'til the very end

2. Of Shadows And The Dying Sun

Peaceful it was in the beginning
Everything existed for itself
No sovereignty nor god
Except for the inherent.

At some point there was a turn
A sudden change in the continuum
Religion entered the fields
Shattering the solidity of mankind

It all was nothing
Like nothing through our hearts
Sweeping the spectre
Of shadows and the dying sun

Two thousand years have passed
Living in the shades of faith
Now it's time for retribution
By our supressed hate
To betoken the raping cyclone
And the cleansing doom
The final accomplishment
To restore what once abloom

Thus the space lingered on
The distance seemed to be endless
Then from nothing came the answer
The solution which had been sought for ages

It was then when it all seemed so worthwhile
The preceeding epoch was not in vain
But the lies were fresh in their minds
In the eyes of the society we were still the ones they resent

3. The Heritage


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