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A Cross Inverted

"A Cross Inverted" (2004 Demo)

1. A Cross Inverted
2. The Essence Of Purity
3. To Wreak Havoc
4. Surun Aika
5. In The Distance

1. A Cross Inverted

My mark, of the rotting christ
With honor I bear it every fucking day
Inverted cross, as a sign of my faith

The day when the bastard was nailed
I was there, I witnessed it all
The night when he "rose to the heaven"
I was there, pissing on his corpse

The remaining light descended
As the broken banner of jesus
Amidst the likes of his kind he was
With the nails carved in deep
I saw the rotting corpse of his
And screamed: I killed the fucker!
The true saviour of mankind
A son of god indeed

He died with the thorns on
And I burned his icon
Now it's another aeon
But still the hatred for him lives on
In me

2. The Essence Of Purity

In the depths of those evergreen forests
Many times have I wandered
But still my soul yearns for more
For in the caress of the nature
The true essence of purity can be found

They are so delightfully silent
The untouched woods so pure
Where the the disease has not yet been spread
I can find my only true haven

3. To Wreak Havoc

The canonical order of the present eternity
Extensive way of spreading false ideology
The time is ripe to strike their so-called unity
And force a way to wreak havoc and breed anarchy

The religions, enduring with the misguided masses
Shall be swept from the face of this earth
The choice was theirs: our way or total removal
They did their pick and chose
the path with the dead end

Justice will not be defined on the basis of the bible
Right or wrong will be judged by our own behavior
Why only we seem to realize the current system's feeble?
Any sane man sees that there never was any savior

Today they are the leaders
Tomorrow we'll take their place
We, the non-believers

The only way to maintain order is by agony
No church or state, just one supreme tyranny

4. Surun Aika

Maa on kylmä jalkojeni alla
Ei löydy lämpöä mistään
On aika minun jäätyä myös
Mahdankohan sulaa keväällä?

Katseeni on kuin tyhjää vaan
Suru sisälläni pohjaton
Tarvitsen voimaa selvitä talvesta
Ikuisesta ja kylmästä

Säästä minut tuskalta
Ei, mikään ei auta
Minulla ei ole suojaa
Viekö talvi minut iäisyyteen?
Vain aika sen näyttää voi

Elämän on oltava synkkää
Aurinko ei iloitse enää
En minäkään
Koskaan en lohtua löydä

Surun aika koittaa jälleen
Syksy aikaa on pahuuden
Kuoleman viljan keruu aikaa
Heinät kuihtua alkavat
Murentuvat kosketuksesta
Kylmä sumu hiipii illalla varkain
Jäädyttää sielut ja sydämet
Kyyneleetkin jääkiteinä tippuvat

5. In The Distance


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