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World Wide Genocide

"World Wide Genocide" (2004 Demo)

1. Meaning of Life
2. Color Blind
3. Isolate Dissolution
4. Limb to Limb
5. Inside Me
6. Tough Shit

1. Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life
You want to know why youíre here
Whatís the meaning of this
Why you do all you do
You want to know the meaning
Do all you can while youíre here
Your life will only last so long
Realize youíre not immortal
Rush to do all you want
So you can get it all done
If you were here forever
It would all be so pointless
Life is the meaning of life

Donít you understand it?
You hurry to do all you want
To do all the things you need
Life is the meaning
If you were here forever
Life would be so meaningless
So do everything you can
While you still have it.

Life is so precious
ever so meaningful
because youíre here
for only so long

Think how boring
it would all be
if you were here

2. Color Blind

Color Blind
Broken skin
and bloody lies
spin the wheel
everyone dies
war breaks out
an orphan cries
I wish this world
wasnít mine
black verse white
your god or mine
weíre better
better than thine
great arms race
first on the moon
disrespect us
and weíll kill you

countries at war
for no real reason
blood for oil
youíre fucking spoiled
racial hatred
is fucking stupid
hate me aesthetically
Iím color blind

color blind: the world should be
color blind: the way for me
color blind: would end the wars
color blind: would make us free

all because of some
stupid petty differences
that wouldnít be looked past

3. Isolate Dissolution

Isolate Dissolution
A black clouds hails over my head once again
The cold showers soak me under a moonless sky
Nothing good is the plague of my life
My tears accompany the droplets from above
Consideration of relieving myself
of the rubicon sea residing within me

Too depressed to think straight
To decide what my next move should be
Under this black cloud called life
The small sign of hope and opportunity

Abruptly shut, closed, destroyed
Killing everything within me
The thickness of my body

Thoroughly drenched by the black rains or the darkened skies
Will the moisture of all thatís not good ever stop controlling my life

Expanded coldness with every failure
Following me with each trial
Slowly tightening the noose around my neck
Cutting away all happiness, enjoyment of life

4. Limb to Limb

Limb to Limb
Sometimes I donít know why Iím like this
donít you know I try to fight it
Maybe you shouldnít have started the war
Now youíll never be how you were before

Iím going to tear you apart limb to limb
Your life line is running thin
The light of your life is going dim
Iím going to tear you apart limb to limb

Tear apart, rip apart, cut apart, limb to limb

Iím not like this
Try to fight it
Iíll fight no more
Ď Cuz I like it

I love to see the look in your eyes
when you realize you life is being torn apart
limb to limb

The dead body falls to the floor
into the puddle that came from tearing you apart

limb to limb

The blood runs down my chin and fingers
bathe in the blood that came from tearing you apart

limb to limb

screaming, tearing, cutting, look at me
bleeding, bloody, crying, come to me
lying, yelling, falling, donít you see
beating, breathing, choking, pleasing me
killing, spilling, filling, cleansing me
ripping, dying, bathing, now you scream
tear apart, cut apart, rip apart, limb to limb
ripping, tearing, cutting, limb to limb

5. Inside Me

Inside Me
Take my hand
come walk with me
see what itís like
to live like me
all by myself
always lonely
look through my eyes
see all I see
holding ever tighter
as you walk with me
feeling all the pain
looking less lively
a tear drips down
blurring what you see
feeling what I feel
the pain inside me

Canít you see the pain: inside me
Canít you feel the pain: inside
Donít you see the pain: inside me
Donít you feel the pain: inside

In the blood, guts and gore.
Inside me lies a broken soul
That could have been lovely
broken by this world, most horribly
beaten, battered, and raped.
Donít you see, the pain inside me

6. Tough Shit


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