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Scars of the Mind

"Scars of the Mind" (1991 Demo)

1. Fictitious Exsitence
2. Pains' Gonna Last
3. Limits of Horror
4. Blood Drained Memories
5. Tragic Aggression
6. Externally Silent
7. Mind Scars
8. Screams
9. Human Errors

1. Fictitious Exsitence

Pathetic is how you feel because you think no one cares for you
Nothing is what you think you have but you never stopped to think of anything else

Chorus: In your room you sit alone, now it's time to take your life
never wanting to exist, care for life is no concern

Crying everyday because you think no one cares for you
Fiction is what you want to be, to exist is just a waste of time

2. Pains' Gonna Last

Lips of pain, home for abuse. Cry and beg, scared and hurt.
Slap in the face, blood rushing pain. Flesh discolored, lost and confused.

Rape isn't new, mind is controlled. Sad story starts, it never ends.
Want to leave, threats on your life. Home is your hell, think of yourself.

Pains' gonna last, pains' gonna last, pains' gonna last, pains' gonna last

3. Limits of Horror

Beyond reasons why I am here, I panic as I go under
Terror reaches inside my mind, thoughts so tense I can't control
My hands reach for more than air, limits of horror have gone too far
Blurred visions of the sky, fear so complex my eyes stare

To breathe is my main concern, my life is so helpless
My jaw opens wide, water quickly enters
I now taste the salt and vomit spews from my throat
My lungs feel the rush, death has won and my heart stops

4. Blood Drained Memories

Born in the upper class, brains are what you lack two faced idiot
Money speaks for you, Daddy's your only friend buy your way through school
Friends have dollar signs, new car on your mind it's in your driveway now
Get your own way parties and your crowd cut down everyone

Mommies on her drugs, Daddy's love affair perfect family
Futures looking good suits and offices lines of coke for lunch
Fancy restaurant, penthouse now all yours, forgotten all old friends
Shame how it starts, sad how it ends, blood drained memories

5. Tragic Aggression

Gang violence, police brutality
Premature deaths, cult sacrifice
Silent suicide, tragic aggresion
Killing forests, government debts
Trading freedom, sanity dying
Ambitions slaughtered, toxic angels

Chorus: Cancer, heart disease
Comas, brain deaths
Cyanide poisoning
Tumors, leprosy
Repeat chorus

6. Externally Silent

Vicious control of a human life, brutal attack on the innocent
Beat her so bad he begins to smile, violent inside she begins to fade

Hateful mind, endless healing
Another example of mankind

She's alone his urge is done, sickening thought what she's been through
Aggression so strong she cannot cope, nightmare inside and it won't escape

Externally silent, Externally silent, Externally silent, Externally silent

7. Mind Scars

Youngest victims filled with fright
Eyes full of tears cry for help
All alone and no escape
Emotions all in pain

Screaming child family hate
They fall into giant shadows
Walls are built minds are closed
Domestic mind scars

Mentally, physically, sexually, painfully
Mentally, physically, sexually, painfully
Mind Scars, Mind Scars


8. Screams

Addiction to your death
Needle filled with lust
Damaging every cell
Living flourescent dreams

Crying violent tears
Decaying from inside
Ending your whole life
Nightmares of reality

Scream in your arm
Scream in your vein
Scream in your soul
Scream in your hell

Holding a loaded gun
Aiming it to your head
Victim for more coke
Dead from overdose

9. Human Errors


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