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Human = Garbage

"Human = Garbage" (1994 EP)

1. Stress Builds Character
2. Hands That Mold
3. Sanctity
4. Ignorance Of Pride
5. Love//Hate

1. Stress Builds Character

Life is swell, now I want to die
My body it hurts me, sigh after sigh
I call it torture, you call it life
A slave to money and everything I despise
Like everyone in general
Fuck, eat, sleep, destroy
Just about destroy only things you fucking enjoy
I am a disposable being who will fuck all life
I multiply and the air get thinner and dirty
I take up space
I smell
I consume
But I produce nothing
I abuse
I have no reason to exist
The toilet's clogged in this world of shit
I breathe filth everyday
Living fucks up my brain
Why? why did I wake up today
My eyes are heavy
Why?..why must I see your face
Your life is ugly
Why?why do I buy into these things
I don't want them
Tension, tension
Frustration, alone
Tension, despair, tension
All these pressures on my life.

2. Hands That Mold

hands that kill mold illusions of peace
their fucked up psuedo security
destroy to give birth to technology
to quickn the killin of yo and me and him and her
blind. us humans think we are so smart
creating challenges
how. our sky bleeds in your hands
its nothing
build and build and build some more
industry fucks nature like some kind of whore
quest for invention intelligence gone too far
sythetic environment were doomed from the start
and i guess were all gonna die (my home)
and take everything under th sky (is nothing... to you)
skies they bleed infecting the land
oceans they vomit onto the sand
wind so foul, a putrid reek
animals they scream in disbelief
and i guess were all gonna die (our lives)
and take everything under the sky (are nothing... just
humanicide // humanicide
black trees, dead seeds, dirt weeds
how much longer do we have?
human beings should have never evolved at all
your heart... your heart as cold as the concrete that
you lay
your mind... clouded with the polution that you make
hide... lies... from all of us, the ones you have
chosen to die
smother our earth, blacken our skies
your quest for progess, convenient demise
man... kind... to whom are you kind
the peace that you mold is a lie, all lies
our lives float rejected down the stream
they are nothing, not you or me

3. Sanctity

4. Ignorance Of Pride

you killed again today
she was 12 years old
you killed her mother too
when she bent down to help her
and you killed again today
he overdosed on drug
he was a friend of mine
i know that you dont care
except for money and power
and the force to make everyone cower
the system makes its money off you
kill each other off just like they want you to
ways to survive dont involve killing your kind
poverty is colorblind
the systems fault not yours or mine
kill again for more respect
kill some more to make you look tougher
kill again but look whos losing
poverty is government made
kill again for more respect
kill again to make you look tougher
kill again but look whos losing
stomping out your own fucking race
racism starts with a twisted idea
genocide starts with the squeeze of a trigger
both are easy to do
both are fucking stupid

5. Love//Hate


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