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"Backstabber" (1997 EP)

1. Socialized Death Sentence
2. Backstabber
3. They Live

1. Socialized Death Sentence

i am just a fucking slave
bust my ass for minimum wage
before im paid...
the system comes and takes half away...
for bombs someday
my boss hates my fucking guts
i was never good enough
if im injured on the job
he'll say tough luck
he'll find someone else to fuck
my job... my life
landlords pissed, rent is due
havent worked in a few
i dont pay i get evicted
im fucking screwed
what am i suppose to do
each day... i die
your..... your job sucks
the system fucks
a timeclock dead
employed... mind void
destroyed... cant avoid
i try... to survive
work work
socialized death sentence
system system
fucked all around
work work
like taking cyanide
system system
washing it down...
and i die again tomorrow...
when i wake up

2. Backstabber

lying bastards
decieving fuckers
you are a curse
kicked in the head
when i hurt the worse
my body boils with
both anger and confusion
thorazine is such
a bitch to endure
i wanna rip your
fucking head off
you desecrate
all that i pure
stab me in the back
and to think
i fucking trusted you
you never cared
like a fucking doormat
you wiped your feet
on my dignity
so what
you caught me
when i was down
i must have been blind
to think your actions
constituted any love
apologise till your
throat is sore
youre not sorry
cover your tracks
like you did before
no not any more
the drugs im taking
dont calm me anymore
i sit in angry depression
im worse off
than i was before
you fucking pig
i dont forgive
i dont forget
my minds set
i hope youre proud of
what youve done to me
you never fucking cared
are to me in many forms
my best friend
hitler. jesus christ. the law
fuck all you cunts
you shat on me
i hope it happens to you
maybe youll understand
how fucked it really feels

3. They Live

leaders of the land playing god
control our senses pavlous dogs
kept sedated brainwashed to submit
a life of torturous hell is what our leaders give
(see you dont know this but...)
theres many things that we do wrong
were worthless unemployed
and theyd rather have us gone
were fucking up the city
and were taking up their space
so theyre importing dopefor us
with hopes well someday die
our lives are being sucked dry
just to be sacrificed
for a fascist, sexist, lie
they keep it all illegal
so they can always lock us up
but they still want us to dope
so were to dumb to rise above
and if that doesnt do it
and were still in th way
theyve created a disease for us
with no cure (or so they say)
work away a lifetime
just to end up dead
conveniently provided
with the drugs to fill your head
educations limited
by governments control
they only teach you what they think
you really ought to know
televisions just a reinforcer of control
readjusting thoughts
robs you of your soul
desensitize the public
to violence, sex, and greed
watch us kill eachother
for our wants and needs
all the sins are here for us
indulge and have some fun
they tell us not to murder
but theyll just sell us the guns
dont count on the system
to by easy on you
cause the rich can buy their freedom
and the poor will be their tools
in you follow instruction
and do as your told
life will be much easier
theyll fit you in the mold
theyre working for a better world
harmonious, and new
peace, love, and unity
except for you and you and you....


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