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"Insecure" (2002)

1. Mass Blindness and Fabrication
2. Denied
3. My Forever Shade...
4. Out
5. The Awakening
6. The Feast
7. Offertory
8. Criminal Art Extravagances
9. Enslaved
10. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
11. Et Nox Facta Est

1. Mass Blindness and Fabrication

Feeling complacently a deep enjoyment
as I am draining out my knowledge from the inside.
I just remember the channel,
losing my capabilities of abstract though.

My life’s a succession of screens
My brain is made of one million pixels,
blinded by my fabrication.

Becoming a reflect of reality,
losing my imagination.
Becoming a reflect of reality,
a reflect of my reality.

Drown under the fireworks display of negatron,
Drown in my electro-paranoia
Drug-addicted to information about my virtual world,
The only one I live in.

2. Denied

One hand, the other one, nailed down, on the cross

Denied, three times, as knifed, one hundred times
Listen to the seraphs, who were in the skies,
laughing at the noise of nails

A doubt still remains in me
What’s the use of the love you have given
Now your dreams of confidence are trickling down your cheeks

One foot, the other one, nailed down, on the cross.

Life is like the way of the cross.

3. My Forever Shade...

4. Out

I can’t take anymore
The bitterness which is burning my soul.
I need an escape
Far away from my own demons.

Afraid by life’s beauty,
Frustrated in sorrow,
Lost in doubt,
Dismal in love.

Embalm me, my forever shade.
Achieve me, my shield is lowed.

Falling into the use of spirit,
To forget the past and leave the time.
Falling into the use of white fairy,
To forget the sadness and leave this earth.

Falling in love, that needle’s mattress,
Shapeless beauty poisoning the blinds.

5. The Awakening

While I was quietly sleeping, I still felt hungry.
The thunder broke the infinite skies
of my unsightly kingdom.
The infernal noise woke me-up,
I felt the impact and the vibrations it was creating.

Time means nothing to me,
As I got to endure all eternities.
Time means nothing to me,
My life is a waiting.
I will never grow, never shorten.
Nothing is gonna grow if not my hunger
And hunger is coming over me.

6. The Feast

Soon, I’ll be able to eat my fill.
Yeah, I will make them all lie down.

To feast is the most beautiful pleasure of my life :
To taste the remembrances,
To savour all the emotions which are growing inside of me.
To learn all the finest aspects of my desires.
There are the wealthies of rage,
The juicy taste of passion,
The exquisite flavour of fear and panic.

I eat all that, I digest all that, i absorb all that.
‘Cause that is what is feeding my soul, my essential need.
Now, I want her with her golden hair.
I will swallow her up by my eyes.
I will absorb her whiteness into my darkness,
And I will finally drink her mercy.

7. Offertory

She’s been adopted by everybody
the one taking care of the babies.
She moved them to tears with her story of poor mother
The countdown has started
She was giving all her tenderness to those babies
And she loved them less than him.

Him, this monster, who couldn’t be shifted,
Who drew, his strength from all those babies.
She was bringing them as an offertory.

In the wood, the oak was crying
to have swapped the maternal perfume for the foliage.

Who knows how far she can go,
this mysterious nurse lurking around the cradle?

8. Criminal Art Extravagances

9. Enslaved

Feeling running down a flood of blood
In the hollow of my temples.
Feeling all the suffering of my kind
Entering into my veins like a shifty poison.

Nevertheless nothing stops the fervour of this world
Moving apart the joint of my bones.

This pain will feed your rage
And bloodlust will vanished.

10. Blood Is Thicker Than Water

The blood’s running down slowly
On my pale skin
I am out of pain now
The blade shines in the sun.

Far away from my full of hatred sight
I wish you as much harm as possible.
Farewell murky jail I’m leaving you,
The knife is my final friend.

A fine blade is laying on the blue line,
A crack hurts me and takes me away.

The knife’s cold caress
Made my jailers run away
And delivery is born by my blood
To bruise and jeer at you.

Close your eyes, I don’t want your pretty sullen
And I spit on your regrets.
I’m naked smiling to death
Voluptuousness holding out her hands.

11. Et Nox Facta Est

How that gentle seed could have made
such a bitter fruit?

The suns were far away but all like still lives
were shining in an eternal dawn.
The thunder rumbled into the deaf skies
Creating a myriad of entities called men.

Inside my life has quickly turned to a gruesome celebration,
‘cause everyday, men, by their own hands satisfy their dementia.

Inside their heart was reigning the deep and gloomy darkness of a new feeling I don’t have.
But now I understand that word ; the thing they call “fear”.

They broke the spell tonight, now I got to divorce them.
They have committed an unforgivable sin and signed a pact with my starving rival.

I have lost the final battle.


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