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The Darksoul

"The Darksoul's Scream" (2005)

1. Ancient Sign
2. Return
3. An Image About An Infinitely Cold Soul
4. Frosty Screaming
5. Ashes

1. Ancient Sign

2. Return

I woke up at a dark and cold place
It is narrow and the air is damp
Smells of the dead spreads in the smothery air
I�m in a bin
I�m dead, smelling my reek
Deeply under the ground, far from the livings
We are dead in the world of the livings
We are dead, however we are awake
Digging myself I behold
The red hot full moon
I take cognizance of my arrive
To the world of livings with a long screaming
My body is putrefaction, my soul is destruction
I flew down by a war chariot
From the sky of the black night
I hear the screaming of my brothers in my soul
We are here again to fulfill the whispers of our soul
My recollections remembers me to my frozen death in my blood
We left the life in each other�s arms for perpetuity
We got each other�s arms to eternity
For the riddance

3. An Image About An Infinitely Cold Soul

Bloody tears falls from the dried eyes
Falls into the cold waters like the leaded drops
Infinitely cold soul
An infinitely cold water
Every weigh of blood drops tears the calm surface
Making waves and deeply tears to its bottom
In this so dark and so cold water
Every waves and ripples are one and one screaming
One and one screaming for the riddance
One and one screaming for the death
An infinitely cold soul
An infinitely cold water
This lead weighed blood tears gathers on the bottom of the water
The eyes are so dries
Doesn�t dropping anything from those already
Maybe the water is filling with tears slowly
It is already full, because it makes an isle
An isle of the last pain
Where it can rest
Because the cold water is slowly drying up
Don�t leaving anything but the wounds of the bottom of the dried channel

4. Frosty Screaming

A quiet scream slashing into the fictitious silence
My frosty scream
Am I still alive?
Or I�m already dead?
I feel still too much things
But less then I can be alive
Endless birth and life
It was take on me one and one thousand wounds
Every breath fissures into my spirit
An other frosty screaming
Blood splashing from my mouth
Bleeding from thousand and thousand wounds
In the dungeon of the eternity
I�m already not alive for a long time
But I�m not dead yet
I�m dying
Searching for the riddance
My bloody body and bloodier soul
It is slowly get chill
I�m getting nearer to be dead
Maybe it�s the last frosty screaming

5. Ashes

Bleeding from thousand wound
My black blood crying in the night
A mirror
What is totally black
If I hold it before me
There is no hardly anything
Only ashes
Only solitude
Burning out everything
Everything is dead in my inner self
However, I live
There still are ashes
The remains of a devastation
Although, the screaming what I feel
Is before the ages, I still hear its
Black fog buries the air
What is living here?
The smell is the odour of a rotting timeless time
The air corrodes everything
What is ventures to here
Only ashes
Ashes everywhere
There is no life
This is the empire of the eternal Death
The place, where the escaping wanderers
Pilgrimizes from the life
Empire of the Past
Scream of our black blood


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