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"Shadowsoul" (2003)

1. Innerself
2. Dusk
3. The Secret
4. Diewish
5. Eternal Pain
6. Vow

1. Innerself

2. Dusk

Bluish fire in a circle
Shadows are swishing around it
It's glowing but still
It's so cold
That the air wraps up
In fog
The body shivers
Under the weight of the soul
As if an eternity
Is starting to break
The memories return slowly
The future's and the past's
The phantasm of the body
Slowly falls down
From a dark soul's power
The shadows are swishing increasingly
In the mist
The memorie of the past
The pictures of the future
In eternal pain
In eternal domnation
I'm tormented by life
But the time will come
when the shadow leaves the body
And it's life ends
Reaching there where already
It's one with the dark night
One with the freezing winds
One with the death
One with the end.........

3. The Secret

To leave the path of life
And find a new one
To an unknown, frosty place
A hideaway of an eternal secret
We are inside the secret
And we are in these places invisible
An existence for ever
A pain never ceasing
A thausand teardrops of the night
Like a scream for emptiness
We come forth from our graves
By the frosty winds
By the dense fog
By the infinite darkness
And scream for ourselves
Searching for the secret
We arrive at an almost dead place
Finding the answer
In the endless pain
The answer is the place itself
Walls are getting dim
As we stare at the writing
On the fading walls
How could we die
When we don't live?
An existence for ever
A pain never ceasing
Darkness is open before us
Yet seeking is not over
Life eternal
Torture endless
Pain eternal
Search endless

4. Diewish

A Strong wish for a hug
For it's touch, for It's Feeling
To feel It
An eternal wish for the death


To feel It by pure heart
To wish It with thousand souls
To Scream for It thousand and thousand of times
Feel It's throbbling, feel It's rattle
Feel It by pure heart
Die for it
And It's also waiting for me
Feel It, the Death
And leave a lying world
Only It is clean
And only It can rescue me
And It is the


Thousand screams and thousand drops of blood
Thousand screams and thousand drops of tears
Like stabbing pain
The fire is burning inside of me
A wish after It....


5. Eternal Pain

6. Vow

The dust of the infinite times burries me
In a forgotten grave
Chained with time and eternal life
For such a long time
Alone in an infinitely cold
And almost completetly dark
The thousand year-old wrinkles on my face
And the tears dryed up long ago
Are being burried by the dust of an eternity
Till somebody opens the grave on a night
Finding the chained in the past
Ancient dark soul of mine
Blowing away the dust from me
And from the weapons laying at my side
The war starts again
So it had never ended
And the face gleaming on my sword
Is the one's who freed me
Such a familiar face...
This is my face...
I freed myself
Just as I vowed a thousand years ago
I came to pull down the gates...


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