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"Martyrs" (2007 EP)

1. Alone
2. Martyrs and Madmen
3. Fair Haven
4. Transcending God

1. Alone

There's whispers in the dark
I can feel my lonely heart
Beating desperately in need
For someone to come rescue me

Was bounded by your rules
The misery to me untold
There's no reason left to give
This is no way for me to live

You were the selfish one
I know now what must be done
There's no choice left can't you see
Its either you or it is me

I warned you one last time
Yet you resist and still decline
But now that the game is through
It is a joke that's now on you

I am alone
On my own
Crying inside
I am alone
On my own
Dying inside

Nothing left to fear
The end is here
At the break of dawn
I will be gone

2. Martyrs and Madmen

He sees the fear inside your eyes
Bestows a truth that I despise
There is no more that�s wrong than this
He kills and blames the innocent

By death and war he takes our lives
And mass his troops on hidden lines
I'm here to say he will not win
This holy war is not the end

Never will I ever give in
Never will I give in
Never will I ever give in
Never no never give in

3. Fair Haven

There is a place that could be far away
A land that welcomes strangers
Wanting to be out there every day
A world that�s safe from dangers
This must be endless paradise

Many things to do and many more to see
In this vast empire
Even another is waiting there for me
It�s every want and desire
Is this real or a fantasy?

Coming from the shadows is a little voice
A whisper only I hear
It asks me to make a vital choice
Between happiness and fear
Or is it heaven and hell

Is it a yes or could it be a no
Constant pain or pleasure
This is an answer I really need to know
It is now or never
Only one way to go

I have dreams of fears inside me
Forever haunting
I have felt this need beside me
Always wanting
I�m afraid where it may lead me
Never dreaming
I will leave this life behind me
Finally be free

I want you to believe
Wanted to deceive
And place your trust in me
I set the rules
And played you the fool
To steal your soul

4. Transcending God


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