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Time of confusion

"Time of confusion" (2000)

1. Metal warrior
2. Breaking heads
3. Time of confusion
4. Strong and louder
5. No memory

1. Metal warrior

A war scream it was hard in the distance
Country side and seas sailed on blood
It’s the small of death it was spread by the air
When the desolation dropped on the earth
Transforming hope to sorrow announce the end of tomorrow
Listening to this words
Were not dogs to be manipulate
Listening to the warning
Nobody steels our lives not paying the price
Were sight much paranoid rebels
For loving Heavy Metal we are satirized’cos
We fight for na only ideal, to shout for justice in the
World injust
And all what we want
Is to do the people discerning the truth that was denied
To us
Solo – M.S. / I.C.
This song was made in the name of the Metal Warriors
Because of them the power of metal will not die.

2. Breaking heads

There are changing sings in the air
The big men tell the promisses
While the people like pigs join for listening
The walls shake with the applauses
End of the medíocre words beginning of misery
Now they say no to violence
And send their dogs in uniforms to the streets
Satisfy with blood of the innocent.
Manipulation on our lifes
Thete´s no place for fools in these files
Dominate the world without pity
It´s time for breaking heads
You dream of a better world
Time is passing by and our hope dies
It´s time to run back to our deals
While others fight to make the world better
It´s time for the truth and where have you left your
In a desperate act a few ones still want to fight
Semeone writing poems other handing gun to kill.

3. Time of confusion

Jump the boundaries, break the rules
Fight against oppression and think about your
Take your bag and go to a road
Lucky was played madness is played
Law was broken justice is damaged
Time is confused nature was violated
Last words of lies and steps to death
War was lost but faith didn´t fail.
Love and hate are not in the same side
You pass by a wrong side but search for something right
Love and sex are not toys of life
You lost the sense between right and wrong.
Something happen´t in my life ours eelings die
Don´t hide your face as a big disgrace
I saw the things in a different way
Don´t blame me for that new day
That´s our fate of life
This is our Time of Confusion.
Don´t make rules, don´t make enemies
Don´t let the past create illusions
Our minds are full with plains
But our hearts are empty
Leave the sistem change your destiny
Slaves of thoughts don´t see reality
This is the true time to show your weapons
Find the way and have fun.

4. Strong and louder

Hey you!
Who’s thinking the life is a shit
And the days are not so sweet
Stop and think! – You just lost your faith
Cause everything seems built with hate
It must be strange I say that
But everything can change and become the best
This is a hard way to get out
But there’s a warrior a sleep inside you
Politicions and rich men sell us their drogs
And poison
And so they send their dirty policemen to
Arrest and best us
Stupid society looks for a guilty for it’s
Children’s vice
Wake up! – And believe in yourself
Solo – I.C.
In my childhood nobody told me the truth
But now they say rules about right and wrong
Don’t use drogs, don’t fuck without protection
I don’t let the world in that situation
I just want to live, I just want to smile
Don’t want to be a victim of this wild world
I don’t want to let “Society’s Worms”
Richer at the cost of my blood
Strong and Louder
I will shout, I will fight for my brothers don’t die
Strong and Louder
I will shout the truth and say “never more!”
Solo – M.S.
Solo – I.C.

5. No memory


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