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No memory

"No memory" (1999 Demo)

1. Metal warrior
2. No memory
3. Strong and louder

1. Metal warrior

A war scream it was hard in the distance
Country side and seas sailed on blood
Itís the small of death it was spread by the air
When the desolation dropped on the earth
Transforming hope to sorrow announce the end of tomorrow
Listening to this words
Were not dogs to be manipulate
Listening to the warning
Nobody steels our lives not paying the price
Were sight much paranoid rebels
For loving Heavy Metal we are satirizedícos
We fight for na only ideal, to shout for justice in the
World injust
And all what we want
Is to do the people discerning the truth that was denied
To us
Solo Ė M.S. / I.C.
This song was made in the name of the Metal Warriors
Because of them the power of metal will not die.

2. No memory

No time to think
No time to choose
No time to gaze
No time to live
My mind in fusion to show me the dark side of life
Hard to control the emotions
Itís just like a flash in my mind
Nobody to listen to me
Nobody to talk to me
Nobody to learn me
Nobody to share my moments of affliction and desperate
Million people wrapped in ruin
No time to cry
No time to help
But with time to destroy them
On the cruel way of life
Theyíve chosen to live
On Lord why is all burned
In this world, in this dammed land?
All the time I see a child crying
I see the nations dying
Iíll die about it all
Will kow Iím alone
Crossing the seas
Fighting with gods hammers
And fury of hundred men
Crying out like a no memory wild
All the time...
Solo Ė M.S.
Solo Ė I.C.
No memory

3. Strong and louder


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