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"Insinity" (1997)

1. Brother
2. Sometimes
3. Echoes In Insanity
4. Revolution
5. Insomnia
6. Innocent Crime
7. Flying to Die (The Other Side)
8. No Rules
9. Wake Me Up
10. Living and Learning
11. Faces
12. Lost and Confused
13. Zero
14. S.O.B.
15. Futebol, Mulher e Rock 'N Roll

1. Brother

1. Brother

Are you blind? Can't you see?
Since you don't see you better learn to bleed
Are you deaf? Can't you hear?
The sound of silence is louder than you think

Brother where've you been
Brother talk to me

It's kinda hard
to help yourself
If you don't ever know what's going on
I don't think you're gonna win
If you don't know what
you've been doing wrong
You're fading away

Nevermind, you won't try
To change your life if you're afraid to fight
Don't know how you can live
Do you feel pleasure digging your own grave?

2. Sometimes

2. Sometimes

Sometimes I'm all alone
It's so hard to carry on
Sometimes out in the cold
Sounds like a sad song

I feel alone, down in a hole
I feel so cold, down in a hole
I feel insane, down in a hole
I just don't know what's right from wrong

I'm on my own
Down in a hole

Sometimes I'm not so strong
Feels like my mind is gone
Sometimes it's like a game
That I've been playing in vain

3. Echoes In Insanity

3. Echoes of Insanity

Inside your mind you hide a madman
Your world is spinning round
Insanity has driven your life
Your masquerade has run aground

Time against you now!

Your eyes don't show your soul is burning
The smoke is going down
The sun left you alone in the dark
Time runs against you now...

4. Revolution

4. Revolution

Let's say no money
Let's say no crimes
Let's say no limits
Let's say no war

Let's say no hate
Let's say no pain
Let's say no fear
Let's say no more

People why don't you scream
Fight for your dreams
Here comes the revolution
People why don't you scream
Live for your dreams
Here comes the revolution

Some promise you heaven
But give you hell
Some have no mercy
They kill for fun
You may call me a dreamer
You may think I'm fool
But I have to believe that - I'm not alone

5. Insomnia

5. Insomnia

He came from the streets
He's struggling to forget
But now he just can't sleep
Rolling in his bed
He's searching for the truth
Feel lost without a clue
Wasted in his room
He's always been refused

His shadow in his past
The weight on his back
He saw too much too fast
Children smoking crack
So damm hard to sleep

He never felt so sad
He knows that no one cares
Now it's too fucking late
He wrote his own fate

6. Innocent Crime

6. Innocent Crime

She's so amazing
Driving men and women crazy
Flips a coin, it doesn't matter what side is up
I guess love is blind
It doesn't matter what kind

She said her girlfriend's name was Daisy
It just left me blind and hazy
Then I realized my fantasy would come true

Am I loosing my mind
Just an innocent crime

Sweet temptation
Hot sensation
Wild creation

I was burning with desire
Cause these girls set me on fire
They really got me
under control

7. Flying to Die (The Other Side)

7. Flying to Die (The Other Side)

She just cares about getting high
Maybe she thinks she can fly

Cherry is flying
Tomorrow dying

Never knowing when to stop
She would die for another shot

Can't remember her own name
Just keeps running from her pain

8. No Rules

8. No Rules

No time to waste
Get out of the way
Don't be afraid
Get ready to pay

Nothing can stop us now
We're tearing up this town
Try saying no
We'll bring you down

Oh! Can't stop me from living (dreaming)
There is (just) no right or wrong
It's burning in my soul
I've had enough

We're breaking all the rules tonight
There's no one who can tell me it's not right
There's no rules tonight

I feel the pain
These empty days
I won't give up
'Till someone pays

I just can't get enough
There ain't no backing off
I'm feeling free at last
It's time for kicking ass

9. Wake Me Up

9. Wake Me Up

Last night I had a dream
To tell the truth it was really a nightmare
I was buried alive
That was so sick
So damm sick
I was paralyzed
Couldn't tell if I was dead or alive

I was scared, things happened so fast
Everybody was there no one cared
I think I'm going crazy
This place was black
I had a cold sweat
I felt so bad trying to get back
I cannot breath here

Oh no! Wake me up
Oh no! I don't belong here
Oh no! God
let me go - Oh no! Wake me up

This dream has made me blind
There was no wall to climb
Man I wish
I could fly
I felt so dizzy I felt so stoned my mind is gone
I totally lost control

10. Living and Learning

10. Living and Learning

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes
I just realized
That nothing has changed, nothing at all
I just don't understand
Why so much hate
So much pain
It doesn't have to be this way
So tell me now
How far can we go
I guess nobody knows but

I've been waiting every morning
I've been waiting for the day
When the real love will last forever
To make this world a better place

Most of the times I feel mankind
Pretending they're blind
Who's been fooling who
My oh my here comes the time
To let your soul be free
With a brand new song to sing

Living and learning
The world keeps turning
That's why we are here
Nothing's gonna change what I believe

So my friend
There's nothing wrong with crying
When you're down and out
Cause we're living to learn
We're learning to live
Keep searching you will find

11. Faces

11. Faces

No looser
No winner
The search
Has just begun
You got to
Don't ever

You have to be strong
Strong enough to face your own reality
No matter how long
One day you have to face
your sad reality

Life is - A game
Who's willing - To play
I fear - No man - I just fear
Another day

12. Lost and Confused

12. Lost and Confused

There is a time in our lives
We have to decide what to do
Inside our minds
So lost and confused
We feel like committing a crime

Seems like time is passing by
Seems like life has left me behind
Feels like trying trying so hard
I can't find, find a way out

No way out, no way out, no way out
Sometimes I cry deep down
inside - I can't find a place I'd be safe

13. Zero

13. Zero

Keep your faith in the hero
Take a look in the mirror
Some things are gonna bring you down
You're no saint, you're no sinner
Always being a believer
That's the only way he knows to survive

And he sees that
There's no way back now
I know - He's tired of being a zero
God knows - God knows he's nobody's hero

He puts his head on the pillow
Feels the pain in his soul
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
He doesn't feel
like a hero - He never looks in the mirror
Cause he's afraid of what he would see

14. S.O.B.

14. S.O.B.

Stay back, watch your step
You're a joke, and that's a fact
And I don't give a shit if you hate me

You've been trying hard to put me down
I look at you and I see a clown
NO matter what, you better stop
Someday you'll have to learn
Or maybe you wanna be

S.O.B. you son of a bitch
S.O.B. you better (bastard) listen to
me because - You've got nothing
You're a joke
Don't even try to mess around with me
So get lost, you fool
Cause if you push me
I'll give you what you need

God dammed! Check this guy!
He made a fortune ruining people's life
He makes me afraid of human kind

You talk too much, it drives me mad
I really think that is pretty sad
The faster you climb, the faster you fall

You bastard, you better listen to me
You're just a son of a bitch

15. Futebol, Mulher e Rock 'N Roll


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