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Dr. Sin II

"Dr. Sin II" (2000)

1. Time After Time
2. Danger
3. Gates of Madness
4. Eternity
5. Fly Away
6. Miracles
7. Same Old Story
8. What Now
9. Pain
10. Devil Inside
11. Suffocation

1. Time After Time

1. Time After Time

Time after time
Living in memories
Crossing the line
Of reality

Lives passing by
Watching my destiny
Voices are calling
From deep in my mind

Alone in dark
I fear the night
No words can explain
Am I insane?

If I think
Of all the pain
I couldn't make
Me through
Another day
Another way

Where will I find
Peace of mind
Before my eyes
My life slips away
Fades away

Wondering why
Nothing seems real to me
Watching the hands of the
Click tick away

It's like a bad dream
No one can hear me scream
I can't stop the nightmare
Have mercy on me

2. Danger

2. Danger

Wake up
We've gotta get out
There's no time left
There's nothing left
Here for me

In my mind
you won't find
No answers
The nightmares
Has just begun

Oh Oh
I've got a feeling
Something is coming
And I know
It's coming for my soul
Oh yeah

Oh Oh
I feel the danger
All around me
And my heart
Is beating
Out of control

Darkness is on me
It's out there
Waiting for you
And for me
Someone help me
I just can't find
I can't find a safe
Place to hide

3. Gates of Madness

3. Gates Of Madness

Thru the gates
Of time
Secrets were
Left behind
Salves with terror
In their eyes

Darkness engulfing
The light
Visions of fire
In the sky

Chains, pain, blood
It's the face of
Screams of hell
From the gates
Of madness

Where are the Gods
And holy lands
Colliding the future
With the past

Help somebody let
Me out

4. Eternity

4. Eternity

Sitting here looking at the fire
My life passes before my eyes
I feel so tired I could die

As the night sky falls upon me
I think of everything I love
Lonely tears are coming from my eyes

I watch the world around me
The little things remind me
How my life was easy before

It's so hard to remember
On ling cold december
Wainting for the sun to shine on me

If I knew what I had before
I would have chosen another door
The path I took
Wasn't what I thought at all

Looking back
Oh, I wish I could
Live eternity in my childhood
Lord I wish I could...

Holding on to what escaped me
Too many years ago
The voices echo in mu soul

So many lost desires
Too many broken dreams
I'm going back I'll find a way

5. Fly Away

5. Fly Away

No, don't wanna
Bring you down
It's lurking all around
Nobody knows what lies
Behind the door
All that I've seen
I can't take it anymore

Living and dying, loving
And hating
(I will show you)
Look on the other side
Living and dying, loving
And hating (take my hand)
Just searching fora sign

Fly away, through
Another day
All the sorrows fade
Time will heal any
Pain you feel
Just fly away

No, no way we're
Looking back
Believe me that's a fact

Who do we blame when
Nothing is left to say
Always the same when no
One gives a damm

6. Miracles

6. Miracles

Tell me now
Just tell me what you see
If you believe in miracles
And dreams
You can make it real

Into the night
Shadows of light
Leading the way
Showing us how
We can open our eyes

Nowhere to turn
Lessons to learn
Teaching us how
We can play this game

No one can break the speel
But many have tried
Be strong you're not alone
Don't never say die
You must believe
Believe and carry on

Say what you will
All that you feel
Then you'll find the
answers to the questions
That you always knew

Give it sometimes
Leave it behind
All of your fears
You need to open your mind

7. Same Old Story

7. Same Old Story

Don't wanna talk about it
Don't wanna hear no more
Why are you always cryin'
Why can't you find the door
Same old story
Day after day

You're living an illusion
You're living in a dream

You're not a child anymore
Get a grip it ain't no war
Get a life, get it now
Cut the shit, you fuckin'clown

If you wanna be a loser
There's nothing I can do
It's your own life
That you're ruinin'
Why you always play the fool?

Same old story
Night after night

Stop living an illusion
Stop living in a dream

8. What Now

8. What Now

I'm sick of thinking
It's late but I can't sleep
It's slowly killing me
I feel like drinking
Something to kill the pain
Some fuel to numb my brain

I hate, I hate when
I'm missing you
What now, I don't know what
I'm gonna do

The clock is ticking
This shit is getting deep
I think I've lost my mind
It ain't that easy
My head keeps spinning round
Feels like I'm gonna drawn

If there's a way to
Let you know
How everything just
Come and goes
We had a dream and
Now it's gone
Now I'm a prisioner
All alone

9. Pain

9. Pain

Biding my time, in the
Still of the night
I'm wondering why
Oh why I'm wasting my time ?
I'm feeling so bad,
Thinkin'of what we had
I never really knew
That I was losing you

Now I have no reason,
No reason to smile
I look in the mirror
I can't find myself

Something is not right
I've been losing my mind
I've stucking inside the pain
Up all night feel the
Presure of life
I don't think you'll understand
I turn my head see an empty bed,
Oh, I wish that you were here
Everything has changed so much
Since she left me alone,
Now i'm on my onw

Day after day,
I try to find a way
Prayin'for the rain
To wash away the pain
So many times, how
I've looked to the sky
I couldn't see the lights
Oh, Why was I so blind

10. Devil Inside

10. Devil Inside

Too young to die, stop
Flyin'little child

She never had a good life
She never had a real home
Living in a fast lane
She's got no clue 'bout
What's right or wrong

She's got no one
But she doesn't mind
She'getting high
Drowning in a bottle
Of wine

She's way too crazy
So wild and crazy

She looks like an angel
She's got the devil inside
With a sweet little smile
Watch it she can hypnotize

She's got no one
But she doesn't mind
She'getting high
Drowning in a bottle
Of wine

Looking in her eyes
And you'll touch the sky
She'll take your soul

She rules the night
At the speed of light
A perfect crime

11. Suffocation

11. Suffocation

I'm sick of exploitation
Nothing but suffocation
So tired of false
To much alienation

When will we face the
Are we all fools?

No, nobody is gonna tell
What to do
No, I'm really not afraid

Don't push your medication
Insane intoxication
We're lost illusion
Blind faith and no


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