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Ocean Mind

"Ocean Mind" (1997)

1. Ocean Mind
2. Change?
3. Shadowed Words Forgotten
4. No Part Of This
5. Leaves
6. Horizon
7. Cry To Heaven
8. Underworld
9. Forever Changing Winds

1. Ocean Mind

looking for a way to say
looking for a way to stray
stray away from my thoughts
say my thoughts
to speak from within
and say what I want to say
to live my life
and be who I want to be
breaking these obstructions
enshrouding me

can this be the first time
failure staring you in the eye
can you be the only one
believing in what you've become

a day does not pass
without a glance
out the window of chance
silent and fading
is the light of a summer's day
fading and fading

my mind is like an ocean
running through and through
the tick of the clock
the beat of the heart
racing through empty halls
pounding on sweating walls
I'm drowning in my ocean mind

like a sea of clouds and the sun
is breaking through
and the familiar cries of loneliness
have their way again
yes but I can still see
the light is fading

feel free and search your mind
or will fate intervene and decide
your destiny that may become
a reality through time
and time has no boundaries

in my ocean mind
still surviving
in my ocean mind

the light is shining again
in my ocean mind
time's been revived
in my ocean mind

2. Change?

an idea comes to mind
paint a picture for the blind
as the pen reaches the paper
and the words they
find their rhyme
am I hoping for an answer
while the clock ticks in time
ticks in time

I'm at the center of attention
will they feel the
anger in my words
will they feel the
passion in my voice
will my cries be heard

will I change the world
will I make a subtle difference
can I see the signs
will I change the time
I'm not trying to be the hero
will I change the world
can we change

an artist leaves his
dreams on a canvas
the poet bleeds his soul
placed upon a pedestal
with meanings they left untold
are they searching for the truth
while their hearts,
their hearts unfold
the stories told

did they escape into a painting
or within a simple rhyme
leaving the world to chase them
finding a piece of mind

3. Shadowed Words Forgotten

skating in a circle of confusion
facing the days
and nights to come
tracing my steps
and feeling I've been here before
wishing to find a switch or just
slam the door

synchronized cries
somber lives
shadowed words forgotten
found a little place
to tuck it all away
I found a place where it can stay
is that the answer to it all

fraying rug on the floor
tattered and worn like
the nights before
I can't seem to find it
but I can't seem to hide it
I know I can't break it
I just want to smash it

there was a place inside of me
a place I never knew I had
confronted by my fears
my barriers broken down
this was all left revealed

in a way I don't know
why we bother
do we love to hurt each other

we go through life to love
we go through life with hate
will we go through life alone...?

4. No Part Of This

stereotyped, controlled,
and labeled
misguided youth
who's to know why
spoon fed rhymes
of today's headlines
it's far time that this subsides

dreaming of a time
without closed minds
will we see the day?
locked in a box with no key
the alternative is today's society
set me free
I'll have no part of this

stabbed in the back again
when will this lunacy
come to and end
calculated profit
there is room for error
bias judgment
is instrumental in this

who is right, who is wrong
I've counted the ways
for far too long
we've lost the meaning
it's hard to go on believing

5. Leaves

carried on the currents wave
I tried to hold on to the past
a morning breeze,
a cold reminder
I must face what is to come
as winter calls my heart wanders
to summer memories of yesterday
I close my eyes and fear another
year is gone

watching the leaves fall
remembering yesterday
but I can't go back now
can I stand on my own
or will I fail without you

my eyes still see the same
and what I see I can't understand
and what I've tried
so hard to gain
I feel slipping through my hands

I remember when I knew
all the answers
It seems so long ago
now I have only memories
and I find them hard to hold
each day I try and find a reason
as it all just drifts away
I reach out...are you there?

the leaves have fallen
reach for tomorrow
while holding on to the past
can I stand on my own
or will I fail without you

we stand together
waiting on a forgotten dream
trying to justify our feelings
but these changes
just bring us pain

6. Horizon

walking through my memories
recalls a time in my youth
pacified by imagination
innocence saved me
from the truth

I find myself upon a ground
I haven't visited in years
now a stranger
where in my youth
I grew and conquered my fears
distractions from the present
comes rushing in
and the pressures to succeed
are here again

fear over taking me
I'm frightened at
how far I've come
since yesterday, soothing presence
comes over me
voices calling to me

climb aboard the wind
set your sights beyond
what lies upon the horizon

I turned to find myself alone
alone to stare back
at the things I've done
forever locked into a place in time
and never to return
except within my mind

time is precious
I've not a moment I can waste
each day I take from the future
I add to my past
I'm frightened at
how far I've come
how long will I last

7. Cry To Heaven

startled one more time
out of another restless night
there's fear and terror in her eyes

she'll hide the tear stains
where she used to
find her dreams
there will be no more
sleep tonight

to close her eyes would
be to face him
replay a past
she thought forgotten
so today I'll watch the sunrise
hoping to catch
a glimpse of the morning dove
and carry her prayer to heaven

crying to heaven
hoping her voice will be strong
crying to heaven
she's hoping it won't be too long

shadows reaching out to her
the days are getting colder
she's trying to hang on
to every minute of every hour
tossing and turning the night is
tormenting her
and I'm helplessly
watching over her
so today I'll watch the sunrise
hoping to catch a
glimpse of the morning dove

I tried to hold you close
so close within my arms
trying to keep you save from harm
I used to believe that
things happened for a reason
now I'm not so sure anymore

staring outside her window again
her weary eyes upon the sunrise

8. Underworld

fairy tales my father told me
when I was a child
of evil dragons that filled the sky
engulfing the land in flames

but in every tale there was a hero
who like me, was a child
he would find his courage
stand alone
and see the dragons slain

once upon a time
a time we know today
and yet another tale
a boy and his father traveling
through the city
detour pulls them through
a hidden reality

wide eyed horrified
the child's eyes
nightmare awoken
the fantasy's broken
decaying buildings
and crying children
frozen hands surround
the burning cans

I said father can you tell me
what is this place I see before me
this is the underworld my son
this is the land beneath the city
it will disappear
just close your eyes
it isn't real it's not alive
this is the underworld

now years later
the memories still strong
the day I witnessed what the
dragons had done
my father's tale had come to life
am I the child that makes it right

I've seen the magic dragons and
their many evil forms
so rich and unfeeling
they've all become
I'm just a child so young
I'm no army I'm just one

9. Forever Changing Winds

I lift up my head
to the scent of the air
the wind grows darker
it's heavy fingers in my hair

they'll be here soon
the rains are near
I can hear their voices
cold whispers in my ear

thought I stand frightened
my heart beats stronger
taking my place
I will cower no longer

a man stands before his mother
left him the world to conquer
this wasn't how it
was meant to be
standing alone he couldn't see
leaving his sorrow oh her bed
left the seed within his head

so much time has passed
so many season's changed
standing here before you
seems so strange

staring out into your eyes
staring past the painted skies
are you watching over him or me
and the seeds from within
helping him to believe
in all the dreams that I've

though the sun shines brightly
he fails to feel it's warmth
strangled by faith
he grips the roses thorns
forever changing winds
he lifts his head from his hands
his face to the wind
it's heavy hands pushing him
forever changing winds
thieving in the breath
from his seams
and the dream that he dreamed


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