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Promo 1999

"Promo 1999" (1999 Demo)

1. Rain Song
2. Last Astral Dream
3. Come Back

1. Rain Song

rain song
another side of this
silent world - eternity...
only one road for you soul
to go inside the dark...

on the black mountain
stands lonely cross.
this cross will wait.
you can hear
whisper of angels of death
and song of rain,
your last song

give me, give me only hope
can i save your soul,
tell me please, when i'll hear
last song of rain

2. Last Astral Dream

last astral dream (inglamatus v.s. ignorabimus)

inglamatus et accensus
perte virgo sim defensus

in your mind has stayed
world of clouds,
come from dream.
in your dream you were
there where sunrise,
you cry with this rain
in the night with your pain
please look back again
now your life is in pain

of this silence in the dark...
the wanish morning.
forgotten sun, forgotten life,
who has mistook it
who thinks that life
is a gift of god
and now is your last chance
hear your god

3. Come Back

come back

moon shines in the dark,
i will come back,
i'll listen to this silence tonight...
there where white snow lays
cold silver so nice
stands lonely castle
sorrow and sad...
i'll come back

moon shows my road home
i'm so alone...
i'll stay here, there is my cross
who wants to find a fate
must listen to his heart
what are saying old stones
and old trees

i'll come back to my castle
there are my feelings and pain
i'll come back


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