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Disrupt & Warcollapse

"Disrupt & Warcollapse" (1993 Split album)

1. Another Angle On Angling
2. No Seems to Give A Fuck
3. Destroy to Create
4. Skincolour Terror

1. Another Angle On Angling

I'm wandering through this vast environment
Observing each individual scene
Searching, wanting to ease the hunger
A blackened home that was once green

Suddenly dangling just before me
A squirming object resembling food
My jaws agape, I chomp down hard
Then unbearable pain and gushing blood

This food fights back with it's sharpened tooth
My mouth is torn as I try to escape
I feel myself being pulled upward
Towards the place which seals my fate

As I'm dragged out of my habitat
The scenery changes drastically
I gasp for air, I cannot breath
A giant then wrenches the hooked tooth free

On the verge of death, my gills on fire
The giant raises its monstrous fin
My life it flashes before my eyes
As the club comes down and my life it ends...

2. No Seems to Give A Fuck

Earth day rolls around only once each year
But for the rest of the year you don't seem to care
You have to clear your conscience so you kindly oblige
And live 24 hours in a guilt-driven lie

You don't seem to realize the problems that we face
It refers to the end of the entire human race
But maybe the earth would be better off without us
'Cos all the more I see the more I'm filled with disgust

If you'd only adjust your lifestyle just a little more each day
Preserving the earth is worth going out of your way
But it's no immediate concern so you put aside the thought
Soon your ignorance and apathy will be the only things you've got

If you don't care about your life than at least think of the children
Think of the environment they'll be forced to live in
If we don't act now there may be no children at all
'Cos humanity is stumbling and we're ready to fall

But still you continue to hunt and fish
Ravage the environment and do as you wish
Polluting air and streams with your smog and trash
The traffic of carelessness will make sure we crash

No one seems to give a fuck
I guess the earth is just out of luck
We've slit our own fucking wrists
Into the toilet of life we are pissed
No one seems to give a fuck
The guilty always pass the buck
But this is where the buck stops
A new life the earth will adopt

3. Destroy to Create

I destroy all these frames
Of normalisation when I act

I destroy to create

I destroy all you hopes
Of a supervised lifelead

I destroy all your dreams
Of a civil massdomination

4. Skincolour Terror

Swollen bellies dried out limbs

Denied - no escape permitted

Europe is closed for people in need

Wealthy bastards guarding
Their lands
This denial of humanity
Only separates...And the
Problems grow


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