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Corporal Sadophilia

"Corporal Sadophilia" (1999)

1. Pulp Transfixion
2. Menstrual Vampire
3. Red Mummy Sodomia
4. Internal Vaginal Art
5. Desadobauchery With Fish
6. Copromantia

1. Pulp Transfixion

1. Pulp Transfixion

Which love do you confess
With swollen thorn inside your ass?
For whom her cunt tolls?
The vulgar bells caress with scorn.
The prickly inner kiss
Let rot your flesh and makes you bleed.
Her bizarre cunt can bite
A womb in golden barbed wire.

The body piercing between your legs.
Enjoy your torments in clawful sex
In every pimple you wear a ring
You clenched dick
Is looks like mortal sin.

Amoral scum, disheveled hungry cunt
Wet, open and diseased
The inflammation enslave your pulp,
And pus corrode your rings.

The cold prosthesis between your legs
Enjoy the frigidity and forget about sex.
On every pimple where you wore a ring.
Now you wear only bandage and stink,

Her nipples is sealed by rings
No milk for baby - crumpling instinct
With chemical milk to chemical sleeps.
Chemical zombie - no head only rings

The secretion pus dripping with flies
Everywhere from her holeful cunt
Pulp transfixion, do it now
Swollen organs they're overdone

No carnal spell in purulent smell,
Bacchanal echoes in the sexless realm.
The goled manacle waiting for you
Inveigled fear, fever and death

Painful temptation of
Her scars and stigmas
Convulsive torments
The brilliance of decay

2. Menstrual Vampire

2. Menstrual Vampire

My dick will be your Tampax
I'm hunger for your blood
A penis veiled vampire
Will suck your menstrual mud.
My dick is not so funny
But passionate and queer
A functional vampire pump
Is good for monthly needs

Oh yes! I feel the smell
It's going out of your sexual cells
Why don't you spread your legs?
Just do it it's not a usual sex
The inner blood-thirsty sucker,
Is what I think you need
Sewerage of my blood
Vessels will make you carefree.

Take me inside of your ache
Inside of painful bleeding cunt.
Love me, cause I'm so pussy,
Your pussy sanitary pump.
Your sappy appetizing secretions
Hemorrhage cascade to your feet
Oh, sweet female damnation
Fuel for my immortality.

I'm your vaginal Dracula
Taste some pervert kind of vampirism.

Every time when you bleeding
A fascinating blood-red vine drive mad
And I drown in orgiastic
Creep from your cunt.
The critical days have coming
And blood-sucker become furious
Like insect I dig into your,
Into your blooming virgin rose.
I'm greedy, I thirsty for every drop
From your cranny. I'm thirsty,
Drop by drop I sip your honey.
To fuck? It's not a fucking.
I have a sting in place of my dick.
And what's up? What I doing?
I fuck or I sting?
I suck! And sometime I will suck out
Your life to the last drop
And your innocent your
Empty membrane will be my cruel joke.

She is dead. But I'm hungry again.
I need a fresh menstrual juice.

Soaked - cunt I bleed
Soaked - forever bleed.

Hey girl how do you like my story?
Maybe you want to be my bride?
Maybe your sweet, your innocent
Cranny will give a liquid for eternal life.
I want it. My promise to love you.
And you can live if you suck my dick.
We must be like communicated vessels.
Eternal suckers we are.

Predatory erection for you
My lovely girl
So fill my empty veins
With blood and blood with love.

3. Red Mummy Sodomia

3. Red Mummy Sodomia

Noonday on the Red square
Guard of honor strode
To the Lenin mausoleum
This soldiers are the bests,
Their footsteps so stringent
And we must be proud of them.
But little smiles on their faces,
The smiles of the anticipate.
The leader of the world proletariat
Unsuspecting victim
Motionless embalmed.

The invasion with lust
To the red dusk
This soldiers are necrophile
They have no sense for living man,
They satisfy their Leninism

Under Kremlin we can see
The real Bolshevism terror -
Red mummy sodomia.
He fought and died
In the name of future light,
But there is no rest for him
Only sex with pervert freaks.

Under Kremlin we can see
The real Communist martyr -
Red mummy of Ilyich
Soldiers pester his ass
With their dirty dicks.

Much desired mummy.
Unleash the sexual Bolshevism,
Move apart your cheeks,
Let the members of your party move in
Lure us bald-headed
Old, dead and depraved Ilyich.
Prove that your are now
Lively then all the livings.

From childhood we kiss your image,
With your name we are live and learn.
We are always loves you Lenin
And our lust is just the physical form
The physical form of the bearded
Dickhead cult.
Wherever we look
We see your red face
Under your monuments
The puddles of sperm
You can enjoy to the love of a millions
And our lust is just the physical form
The physical form of the bearded
Dickhead cult

Welcome to the shameful mausoleum
Red dusk and his embrace.
There is no sex in the USSR
Only redfucking bearded dickhead cult
Hey, somebody see the sperm
On his face?
Somebody see his mouth is not shut?
There is no sex in the USSR
Only redfucking bearded dickhead cult.

4. Internal Vaginal Art

4. Internal Vaginal Art

Welcome to my saloon
I'm a genital graphic.
I prefer internal vaginal art.
A pure light of the future art
Illuminate my way.
And imperfection of your pitch-dark cunt
Inspire my creative fate

And you call me genital genius.
I deserve this honorable name.
My clientele calls me genital genius.
I deserve the crown of libido

I suggest a various service.
Only in this saloon
I can adorn the skin of your cunt,
It will be very coming to you.
Brand, tattoo or scarlines
Comics labels near a womb
Nobody see it, but everyone can feel it
If he will penetrate into you.

Make your choice
You will be in raptures
Masturbate like chimpanzee
And fuck like a bitch
With the ornate hole
With plaits of a cunthair
Make your choice
You must understand.
The secret art of the future.
Internal vaginal gallery
A short exhibition of a vulgar thought.
It's not easy.
To turn your cunt inside out.
Shut up scum!
Don't you fucking squeak.
Shut up scum!
Or I tear asunder your cunt.
Bleeding bitch.
Don't you fucking squeak.

The art demand a sacrifice.
Your pain is nothing
By fear narcotized.
And after that if you survive
More perfect vagina will be your pride

Internal sexual organs
I push in the natural place
The graphic design in the gashframes.
The brand of unholy grace.

5. Desadobauchery With Fish

5. Desadobauchery With Fish

Sodom and Gomorrah are sucks
And De Sad is just a child
For this the scaleful.
The deeply vileness

Yes, I love my sleepy fish
Slippery and slowly wish
No one knows that the fish can cry.
Yes I fuck the screaming fish
Victims of my boiling wish
Coming to the surface
Upwards their bellys
Stuffing of my sperm
Superabdominal conception.

Die by my dick in your gills!
Die by my dick in your gills!

I don't need a diving-dress.
Wisp of ooze grown from my ass.
Who am I, the god of the oceans?
Or an unusual miscarriage victim?
My mother let me down
In stinking closet
Since that time the water is my element
Under the pressure of the depths
Degenerate Ikhtiander live!
Desadobauchery with fish
And other sea creatures.
Psycho-sexual ichthyos
Dick oppression.
The never ended my potention,
Lust and painful inclination.
Twitch of torment twitch in pain,
Desadobauchery in spermolake
With lethal result.
Crazy oral sex with shark.
Funny kisses

Die by my dick in your gills!
Die by my dick in your gills!

As to me I like my ogry's
I see no rival to resist
If you have a scale with gills,
Swim to me and we can kiss!

6. Copromantia

6. Copromantia

Do you really want to know your future,
Which is lying in the Darkness?
Do you really want to hear
The prophetic voice of Doom?

Many kinds of fortune-telling
Are deceptive dotage
I possess by holy power
Of the true divination.

I can tell you the truth.
It is so easy, but hard
All your secrets inside
Deep inside intestine.
Wrinkle your ass with smile
You hope to see this stinking shit
Is leaving your flesh.
Defecate or be defecated.
Wrinkle your ass to know

I can tell you the truth.
It is so easy, but hard
All your secrets is here
You can test, you can touch

Are you ready for the copromantia?
Is your shit enough for this rite?
Don't you look to me so stupid.
Your shit is in your hands!
So put your shit on
A showel, be careful.
Tell me how it smell.
It is smell like you,
Because you are piece of shit too.
Don't you forget about this.
Grow dark inside
Your watch -- oh yes!
It is time to make it fly -- higher.
The flying shit is so beatiful.
It is shin in the moonless sky.

You must run into the place
Where your shit falls.
Gaze to a flat cake
Again and again
What do you see?
You see nothing,
But shapeless shit
Do you expect for more?

Copromantia is proved
That your body consist of shit -- don't you?
Shit is run in your veins,
Shit is hold your spine -- yes!
It is smell like you,
Because you are piece of shit too.
Don't forget!
Defecated Copromant.
Now you know your destiny.
That lake excrement in your hands.


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