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"Omnigod" (1991 Demo)

1. Blinker
2. Ephemera
3. Omnigod
4. Convicted By Trial

1. Blinker

In fear
Knowing, what's outside
What you dont know
Cant hurt you
Thus ignorance
Is Paradise............

2. Ephemera

Stranded, the rude awake
Clinging to each braeth I take
Existance just a cruel mistake

Look into my own reflection
Search the void for soul protection
I am the Immaculate Mis-Conception


The sun is high now I'm half dead
Weak from hours, I have bled
Ephemera - for death I'm bred

Help me now, dont let go
Change what I already know
As I watch my lifeblood flow

Going out with God, but no one understands
Born to die, take my hands
Soon my body lies in the sands

Titan drops and greets the night
Prepare to blacken my own light
A losers lament is all that I write

Morning - fool, evening - wise
I know my destiny, no fatal dice
Once I walked on water, now I skate upon thin ice

Nature's freak - what is my crime??
Moon is full - no more time
Ephemera - now I'm dying............

3. Omnigod

Lost in belief, yet controlled be belief
They say that you're love but all love ends in grief
When we are scared we resort to your prayers
God, do you care? Are you really out there, are you?

Can you see me? Because I cant see you
Your public appearance is long overdue
The Bible was written a long time ago
Does it apply to our lives? I cant accept that

I wont justify death via religion
Peace & love do not equal war & pain

You're the one - Omnigod - trusted by millions
Answer me - Omnigod - all my questions
Take a look - Omnigod - this confusion
The suffering - Omnigod - and desperation

Oh My God - Is this real? This blind fixation
Oh My God - Cant they see? This futile worship
Oh My God - fear of what? Heaven or hell
Oh My God - whos my God? Time will tell...........

I cant see you - can you see me?
I cant hear you - can you hear me?
I cant touch you - can you touch me?
I cant trust you - can you trust me?

If I pray - all will be well
If I sin - I'll be cast into Hell
I have prayed - is everything well?
I have sinned - am I in Hell//


4. Convicted By Trial

In the dark years that have passed
Renounce the faith was wrong
Knowledge was denied
Why was this?

Innocents lost their lives
Souls that deserved no death
Mercy not abundant then
Courts - of - horror

Convicted by trial
Your own damnation

No pity or compassion taken
Tender years or humble servant
Into a hellhole prison
There to suffer

Humbly begging forgiveness
For their own sins uncommited
Hopelessly pleading their cause
Upon deaf ears

Now confess the truth
He, The Lord Your Saviour
She learned her skill
So prepare for death

The charms you made will never work
Blinded by ignorance, no help for you
The charms you made will never work
Blinded by ignorance, they have sentenced you

Why was this land so bad & foul?
Bloody witchtrials, unholy howls
Horrors of conscience, those who lied
Priests of beasts, take away your pride


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