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Artificial Playground

"Artificial Playground" (1992 Demo)

1. Siamese Child
2. Not Enough Hope
3. Artificial Playground
4. Compulsion
5. The Lowest Ebb
6. A Certain Shape (Instrumental)

1. Siamese Child

Siamese Child had one of her own
Siamese Child had two
Siamese Child - waif and grown
Pulp - taken by you

Wounded and torn, she calls her name
She knows no-one replies
Siamese Girl twinned with no-one
Pippled mirrors in her eyes

She touches stone, feels the cold
Siamese Child sighs
Savouring bleak, glistened pain
Siamese Child cries

Another body, another bloodrush
Hate serves pure delight
Beaten face into a smile
Siamese Child bites............

2. Not Enough Hope

Suffer for their reasons, I dont know why
People in our world, pleading for their lives
Waking in the misery and fear
Not enough hope to shed a tear

State of the nation, watch your people die
Wars as scapegoats, cover up your crimes
Paying for tha Arms Race, whats in return?
Ten million starving, when will you learn??

Disaese is rife under a merciless sun
The weak getting weaker, nowhere to run
Fly-ridden carcasses, plague swarms the air
Afraid to drink the water, praying in despair

So how can we help, all of these people?
Send them some food and also some clothes?
So what happens next year when the rains dont come?
The seed wont sprout and they'll go without
So hello Brother Nations
You can help next year
So how can we help?
All of these people...........

3. Artificial Playground

My mind is hollow and I feel so dry
I couldnt reach you if I tried
Numbed by comfort as comfort numbs
I've never felt so distant..........

I need to hold onto something real
I need to feel the hold
As conscious slips and isolates
I embrace the cold.............

This Artificial Playground
Just opened up for miles
I need to swing on every face
And swim between the smiles
Sex claims "I am Death!!"
Mobeius laughs at the cliche!
And under every breath we fall
Into the easy...............

Fall again, fall again
Everything is easy when you have the cure for minus pain
Lie with me, die with me
Distancing your love will make it easy for the A.B.C.
Alphabet, out to get
Something clicked inside me when I fell across your epitaph
Sanity - desert me
The light before me, open all the eyes to what we SEE...............

4. Compulsion

Your crazed compulsion, pills to expand the mind
The hours of confusion, The Visionary, the paranoid
Spiritual spirals up ahead, twist and turn your gaze
Visions unfolding, exploding at a glance
Reality falls away, into a distant haze
Face this timeless haze, it's only my dream....

Through passages black I walk, to see the desire
Answers to it all - behold, life's a Question in itself


So revel in the mire, now it's time to squirm
Your mind's expanding, got to take control......

Strobe of dreams, in my psychic haze
In my mind, can I find insanity??
No control over my feelings, no inner warmth
Cause of my arrogance............

5. The Lowest Ebb

Rotting inspiration, this harrowing decline
Perfection now perfected, unhealthy balance of mind
Desperate worries fester, my corroded thoughts
Distancing my instincts, illusions that I sought

Once the finder, once the keeper
Now the loser, now the weeper
Hope and freedom to you I beg
Now I have met - The Lowest Ebb

Loser - I tell you now
Lowest Ebb - to you I beg
Wasting - you kill me dead
Lowest Ebb - I have met

Getting high on anger, the hate enhancing drug
Drifting into nothing, the grave's already dug
Easier to close these eyes, now that life is numb
Conjuring only hopelessness, depression's work is done

Feel let down when I wake from a dream
Brilliant life has now lost it's gleam
Somebody help convince me that I am wrong
Wasting away, kid myself I'm strong

Tantrum eternal, cant grasp the real
This feeling is monstrous failure, signed and sealed
Nothing has worked out and nothings likely to
At The Lowest Ebb, what more can I do??

6. A Certain Shape (Instrumental)


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