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Infinity Through Purification

"Infinity Through Purification" (2003)

1. From The Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity
2. Spiritual Transition
3. Satanic Barbarism
4. Internal Mental Cannibalism
5. Procession of The Soul Grinders
6. Exsanguinated Life
7. Descending Through Portals of Misery
8. Enter The Maelstrom

1. From The Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity

All our futures once were foretold
First etched stone now carved flesh
Despite our frail human stock
We traverse the realms of death
With knowledge bestowed upon us
We proceed to forge our paths
Despite all the lies around us
We will dominate this quest!!
Subconscious strength
Deep inside
Will not accept
Cannot abide!!
Forever onward
Never relent
No forgiveness
No repent!!
Defeated legions
Lie behind
Their corpses stuffed
With their leaderís minds!!
Holy symbols
Now ablaze
Like the congregation
Mindless slaves!!
Overtaking the realms of ignorance
Force feeding the spirits of simple minds
Kicking and screaming the fools are dragged,
From -- the -- mines!
Our display, to show unending strength
Taught and reinforced since the birth of time
When will the maggots start to learn
Weíll be here until the end of time!!
Defeated legions
Lie behind
Their corpses stuffed
With their leaderís minds!!
Holy symbols
Now ablaze
Like the congregation
Mindless slaves!!
With resilience,
The strength of steel
The attack proceeds
Through infinity!!
Now our dominance has been displayed
Trampled underfoot the mindless slaves
Learn by example -- we stand as one
With this knowledge now our quest is done.

2. Spiritual Transition

Spiraling reality consumes itself
Pushing in directions once ignored
Knowing nothing until death is dealt
Then you will rely on what was stored...
Your spirit now unshackled from its shell
Now free to observe that which was lost
More new knowledge than you can retain
Rewards in all this far beyond the cost...
Glide upon wings of death
To heights unwitnessed by mortal man
The lamentations of unrested souls
The sulphorous smoke that follows you into death
And view the planes of the underworld!!
Now you have seen the hereafter
Burned out eyes just empty orbs
Endless searching for something not there
Just wandering on Styxís shores
Lifelong quest for your enlightenment
Now your spirit has its due
Bleeding blisters cover your feet
Now your search for God is through.

3. Satanic Barbarism

Saturated with blood
Battlefields multiply -- covering the earth
Urged on from beings below
At one with the purpose -- rebirth through extinction
Singular in need
Steamrolling the majority -- rejoice in perversity
The strike will never cease
Domination, termination, shattered skulls beneath marching feet.
Feeble opposition
Unspeakable mutilation they endure
Their pain only supplements
The collective hate held by this regime
Mentally unfit
To be able to comprehend enlightened thought
Masters will be slaves
As downtrodden souls unify as one.
Both weak and the strong.
Weíll form devil throngs
Brought together by the steel
Thatís ruled all along!
All our lives youíve waited for this call
Now scream havoc and unleash your dogs of war!
Storming satanic barbarians
Take all that we deserve!

4. Internal Mental Cannibalism

Two sides
of the same coin
Mental imagery
Of the inner self
The "ID" has split
Causing sanity to melt
Trains of thought
Start to form
To the main persona
Leading to
As the mind
Begins to consume itself!
Am I?
So cursed?
The form
My eyes
Too much
I must
The war
of my
As I exist here alone
I feel as though Iím not alone
Things around me are inside me
Making all my senses thrown
Beating fists within my brain
Swelling veins, am I insane?
Voices calling in all directions
Frequencies are ever-changing
Now the voices turn to shrieks
Drowning out benevolence
Rolls of skin beneath my nails
As I pull my flesh away
I must find out what is in me
And show the world that Iím sane
Until that time arises
I will make the world feel my pain.

5. Procession of The Soul Grinders

Procession of the Soulgrinders!
Left unchecked
Collective thought
Led to guilt
Weakest links
And cognizance!
What causes a human to feel insane?
Influence surrounds
Yet all directions lead to pain
Mass hypnosis
Ceaseless scourge of rational thought
Unblinking idols
Gazing blankly at battles fought
The soulgrinders proceed!

6. Exsanguinated Life

Upon Bodies -- lifeless
Heaped in graves
Reflecting -- soulless
Soon to be my slaves!
Throats split
Yawning gape
Digits twitch
Pushing through
Dirt and clay
Ever burn
Like an unholy blaze!!
My purpose -- sorcery
Forbidden arts
Rites long which have been cursed
Daemonology -- a love of hate
Takes control
I enter an altered state!
Now my minds eye has been opened
Showing me my purpose is true
The elder ones have been awakened
The storm has broke the demons burst through!
Minions --Attack!
The harvest -- of death!
My army
Of demons -- swarm the earth
No quarter
Or mercy -- just rebirth
As golems -- programmed
For destruction
I rise -- the almighty

7. Descending Through Portals of Misery

Life was a journey, a search for the truth
Many years passed but nothing was new
Just random occurrences all of them trite
Then, on the way, I gave up the fight
Walking through quicksand is how it would feel
Sickened by people, their spirits revealed
Humanityís lost to me this is now known
Iíve drowned in the current of lifeís undertow...
Bouncing from one place and then the next
One more would follow and so goes the text
Depression would increase and so would the hate
Grip lost its hold, I fell towards my fate!
But on the way down, my mindís eye would see
No one could know what it meant to be me
Deep down I knew that no one would care
When they woke up one day and I wasnít there
Based on my thoughts I gathered my strength
Empowered myself with my freedom to think
Plotting and hatching my plans for revenge
All the while seeing societyís end
Focusing energy into a singular goal
Using my misery to bolster my soul
Between the depths and ear-piercing highs
I found the clarity, and reached for the prize
The choices were many, the decisions were few
Many of options, but I knew what to do
Decide who and what were the cause of my plight
And make them discover the scope of my might.
Now thinking clearly; I moved ahead
Aside from my misery my emotions were dead
But soon during the process, my hate returned
It went from a smolder to a flesh-searing burn!
I know what must be done
Stalking and waiting
Theyíll all disappear one by one
My exploits will proceed unchained
Like a wraith
Iíll pass through them I can steal their soul
Rotten corpse
Useless to me except to fill a hole
Many will grieve
Until they turn -- and -- see -- me!

8. Enter The Maelstrom

Pulled away from life and
Thrust into
A world without a God
No longer sheltered by
The confines of the mainstream world
Confidence wanes and is replaced with uncertainty
Surrounded by the sights, the sounds and grim foreboding creeds
Something in you urges on
Demands that you proceed
Is this what you wanted?
Or do you turn and flee?!
How and why could this
Gathering of humanity
Co-exist and thrive
Amongst the huddled sheep
The wolves are gathered here
And have no shame for their deeds
It would seem their time has come
To rule eternally!
Enter the maelstrom
Youíre fated for battery
Relentless pursuit of satanic reality
Caught in the vortex of
Endless brutality
Embracing the traits of lifeís abnormality
Spinning and whirling
Your life flies in front of you
Adrenaline pumping
Blood boiling inside of you
Eyes turning red
Seeing another view
Open the gates
This is inside of you
Feeling the power
Of united mentality
Ultimate strength
In numbers and family
Using our minds
To subvert negativity
Together as one
We grind towards infinity
Join us and increase
Your mental capacity
Diabolical visions
And dark surreality
Enhancing your spirit
And growing maturity
Open your eyes achieve your true destiny!


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