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At Hell

"At Hell's Deep" (2005)

1. The Battle
2. At Hell's Deep
3. Man Made Of Steel
4. Prepare For War
5. Danger In The Dark
6. Heaven Will Pay
7. Blade In The Night
8. Future Invaders
9. Devil Lust
10. Metal Avengers
11. Fistful Of Fury

1. The Battle

2. At Hell's Deep

They all shall fall down
And im fighting to the end
In the mist and dark i stay
And wait for my final slay

The sky is filled with screams
And their blood around my feet
Soon i feel the hell's heat
When Satan cast his evil spell

At hell's deep
Im catching your dream
At hell's deep
And hear the endless screams

We are the dark knights
Plague glory to christ
And sacrifice your soul
And hear your final scream

3. Man Made Of Steel

Here i stand
On the marshall tower
And im screaming out
I'm a metal fighter

In the love of the night
I'm hell bound forever
Coz i'm back to the roots
Man of steel will rule

Man made of steel
Back to attack
Man made of steel
It's time to fight

Hear our voices
No mercy we'll show
The end of your world
For the terror i bring

Stare at the sky
The armies of the night
You know what they are
Metal man and half machine

4. Prepare For War

Wild savage watching
Into the future i see
Memories of holy crime
Makes me insane
I live for the night
And searching for the steel
A storm blasted knife
To feed my will

The burning irons
And smashing anvils
They made the blade
Prepare for war

I know you feel the pain
When i sentence you to hell
And hear my battle cry
Only slashes of the blade

5. Danger In The Dark

Our time has come
To dance around his fire
Praying to the master of hell
Singing the blasphemy song

Daylight fade away
And hell is still alive
We wish you welcome
The night's closing in

There's a danger in the dark
There's a danger in the air
There's no where to hide
There's no way to run

6. Heaven Will Pay

No tears for the strong
Only bravery for war
Can you face the evil eye?
Hungry for holy blood

The pagan fire will burn
For the bravery who sailed
Across the storm and rain
We will fight and take your lives

I swing the axe
To protect my fight
I'll rape your land
And desecrate your ground

Tears are only for fools
So bring out the beast
And feel the flaming breath
Marked on your chest

The end of your world
Will lie in Satan's hand
Won't live for another day
We come with victory

7. Blade In The Night

The steel will blast in the night
The enemies cries in pain
All of thee shall die
Death by the blade

In the dead of the night
We are here to take your life
At the gates of hell
Future warriors full of strength

A blade in the night...
Stab the enemies back

Crawl to the place of enemies
And see the beast in me
Feel the iron rip your bone
Unholy mighty demon horde

You are the chosen one
The pulse of the evil force
Across the frozen plain
The beast in me full of rage

8. Future Invaders

They are coming from the past
To catch our future
They are riding on the metal ship
On the wings of the dark

Don't fear the light in the night
They was giving all the might
And i'm ready to start the fight
Against the holy light

Riders in the sky
Save us from holy light
They are demons with wings
The future invaders

9. Devil Lust

It's burning in my heart
The frost and fire from hell
I face the sea of the dark
And welcome hell on earth

Hope you'll change your mind
And left your soul to me
To a place where i was born
Then you finally realize...

Hear a lost soul cry
Somewhere in the dark
There's no turning back
For the devil lust

10. Metal Avengers

Heavy Metal strong as steel
Awakening my inner sense
The devil's triumph has revealed
Standing here in the bleeding street

There's no god to save this world
There's a devil leading the force
And the battle rage is on
We are the metal avengers

Metal Heads
Stand together
Metal Heads
Strong forever
Metal Heads
The steel in my veins
Metal Heads
We're pounding in the night

We're pounding in the night
And can you feel this evil steel
When we ride on Satan's well
Up from hell we all shall rise

11. Fistful Of Fury

I'd rather go wild
Then living in memories
Face my dark life
Hear my warning tonight

Man will hide his fear
We all come together
With violence that we need
My desire they feed

Fistful of fury
Only the strong...
Fistful of fury...
Will survive


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