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The Only Thing I Love Is Hate

"The Only Thing I Love Is Hate" (2005 Demo)

1. Intro
2. You're God (Hate Anthem)
3. Nuclear Gates Open
4. The Last Attraction in Life
5. The Death of the Sun
6. The Flesh Smiles
7. Don't Wanna Back
8. Never

1. Intro


Helles Blut auf weißer Haut.
Sauber, weich und ganz vertraut.
Schwarz ist weg und kommt nicht mehr.
Ein leichter Fuß auf Weg, nicht schwer.

Engelsflügel, Engelsfleisch,
Gottes Flug und Tod zugleich...
(Im Sturz noch weich)

Roter Wein, ach ungeschickt.
Durch Zufall das Genick geknickt.
Du süßer Mund, sprich wahres Wort.
Und kommt kein Wort, ist Wahrheit fort.

Ich liebe dich. - Mein Gott Verrat!
Zu sanft hast du genäht die Naht.
Zu rein gesungen meinen Traum.
Klarfleisch umgarnt von Saum.


2. You're God (Hate Anthem)

Youíre God (Hate Anthem)

Kill and destroy! Bleed and die!
Youríre nothing, but anything in mind!
Youíre God
Fuck me, fuck you, die free, fuck you!
Terror blazing over a night in pain.
Head is my hate, hate is my head.
My head is insane.
Fuck a God! Somewhere youíll find one! (To Fuck)
Cry for mercy, for speed and blood, for fucking mercy.
Fuck a God...
Fuck a God...
Fuck a God...

3. Nuclear Gates Open

3.Nuclear Gates Open

Nuclear gates open, with a force of tanks galore.
The breaking of hope and nothing to follow, nothing more.
Not King or Queen, no Lord. They will call you God.
Out of all masks, yours will be the greatest one.
Strong and Great
Never Change, your way is right. Let them know, you gonna fight.
Never Change. Ignore. Never Change. Youíre god!
You will shine bright and clear. Above all heads, all man.
You will be cruel, you will be cruel. Forever and again!
Blood splattered leech, welcome to a nuclear age.
Warheads explode.
Dissolution, profligation!
Never Change. Ignore. Never Change. Youíre god!

4. The Last Attraction in Life

4. The Last Attraction In Life.

Deny the time you live on. Tonight you dead has been born.
It is your final day. It is you last decay.
Face the fact you fool. Are you afraid, are you decayed.
Come with me you fool. Iíll rape day and kill you wife.
Iíll cut your throad, burn you alive.
You have been seduced: By God, by Lord by God.
The dreadfull pain, you have to pass on your way,
will make you again, a worm, a toad, a beast.
After the night is gone, no second chance will come.
No resurection.
Cause death is always the last attraction in live.

5. The Death of the Sun

5. Death Of The Sun

Hate, War, Death, Pride,
Love, Dirt, Noice, Fight!
Never ignore. Never dare to deny.
The lickerisch thoughts you think, when children cry.
You will be in vain, the master of pain.
Cause the end will come, with the death of th sun.
Everyone wants to see you dead,
because you are mad. So you better run.
For you life, for you hopeless life.
You even hate yourself. And you take the knife.
Five times you rape, and than you break.
You start to cry, watching he die.
Say hello to madness, say hello to death!

6. The Flesh Smiles

6.The Flesh Smiles.

Deeper the flesh smiles.
Cheeper. Everyone is the same. And thereís no one to blame.
Cutting my skin, turn it up, turn it down.
Till agony wins, and I smile out loud.
Burning inside, under silver knives.
Theyíre turning me right for society life.
Helping my lips, brightly to smile.
Cheering for help. Crying prohibited.
Everywhere blood, from cheeks to chest.
Smiling all time, without any rest.
Beautifull face, forced to madness.
Youíre made to be glad, no harm, no sadness.
Silicon nose and plastic cheeks.
Iíve got staned glass eyes, and a brain full of lies.
Forced to be and to live,
a dreadfull nightmare, dedicated to god.

7. Don't Wanna Back

7.Donít wanna back.

It was night, cold and true.
Cars were passing somewher behind you.
The grass was wet, so wet and cold.
So fucking cold, so fucking cold.
Breathing the ain slowly in and out.
Wondering, if somebody would go this way and shout.
" What are you, you fool doing out there.
Come back, back to the road!
Donít wanna back! Thought ist cold and wet in mind.
Just wanna stand, in the gras, listening to the cars behind.
Like a tree, a silent man.
Standing there, enjoying like no one can.
His eyes were dark, his mind was turning.
Dark as death, dark as death.
All by myself, breathing the dark,
surrounding me, like a silent spark.
My mind is clear, so clear and clean,
that all I fear, is lost in dust.
It was...
It was...

8. Never


Hey, darling. I didnít meant it, wake up. Come on. Dont play with me, wake up, breathe! Wake up you pigfucked bitch!
It was dark, it was night.
Seemed so right, semmed so neverending free.
Through the fog, flew a voice,
a dreadfull noice, it was never, never me.
Lying there, cold and pale.
With a nail in her fucking bloody head.
Face of dirt, hands of mud.
Lakes of blood. She will never ever breath.
Why donít you move, yust to show that youíre sad.
Why donít you want to live?
Well, fuck you. Iíll kill you though youíre dead.
Hey, darling... Die!
They will never, get me, catch me.
Theyíll just see, a crazy monsters will.
But I am not, somekind insane.
All the sense it got, will never, never, never be dicovered.
It was...
Why donít...
They will...


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