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Darkened Reality

"Darkened Reality" (2003)

1. Humanity's Carelessness
2. Martyred In the Rage of War
3. The End of Time
4. Dominated by the Disease
5. Dive Into Nothingness
6. Artificial Life For Eternity
7. Sentenced by the Hammer of Justice
8. Schizophrenia
9. Escaping Reality (Instrumental)

1. Humanity's Carelessness

In a society supposedly evolved
We still can see primitive thinking

People who live using preconceived ideas
About life and death

How can we be sure of what we believe
In such a complex world

It is time to stop ignoring
That no one in this world can hold the ultimate truth

Open your mind
Open your eyes
And find something that is undeniable

Many are the ones who create
Fake beliefs for their advantage
Exploiting all those
Who really need to believe in something

Humanity's Carelessness

2. Martyred In the Rage of War

Right into the rage of war
Through the noises of fire and explosions
A man is fighting against two things
The enemies and his own mind

Killing everyone in sight
On his side or not
He doesn't even care
FOrgetting all about himself

Seeing guts spilling
And blood quirting
Even rays of the sun wouldn't be able
To enlighten his darkened spirit

Running amongst the corpses
Holding his weapon tight
He now feels the fear emerging
Knowing that he could end up like them
Even his own visions of mutiny
Wasn't that horrific

Caught in the middle of the battle
Behind the enemy's lines
Aware that his defeat is imminent
He started to panic

Crawling in a long grass zone
Seeking for a way out
He his now the pray
And not the predator anymore

Remembering his family
And what he's done so far

The man recover his breath
To return to the battlefield

Back on his feet he realizes
That it isn't going any better
Looking all around hum
Hw knows he won't last long

Pain suddenly struck his left arm
He just got shot from behind

Covered by the blood of his injury
He falls to the ground

Hearing death whispering to him
Feeling his life vanishing
Someone gets close to him
Puts a gun to his head
And finishes hum

The last thing that passed through his mind
Was a feeling of hate...about humanity and its logic

3. The End of Time

I'm walking my way back home
Following the infinite loop of the human being
I see a suspicious light in the sky
Darkening my entire soul

All around me, people scream and point to the sky
Transforming the peaceful atmosphere into a total euphoria
I'm fighting with my mind to keep control over myself
But I start running without any destination

Evidence of the end
Now is possessing me
Decadence of the Earth
Losing its place in the universe

I'm feeling the end of time
I'm living the end of time

The darkness is now invading the surroundings
The clouds are splitting, letting the Earth unprotected
And I hear a diabolic noise...louder...and louder

The strenght of the impact destroyed all lifeforms
The Earth is now a gigantic pile of dust
Floating into infinity, releasing its heritage

Lost forever

This is one of the infinite possibilities
About what could be the end of all ends
No onw knows how it will happen
But everyone knows that it could be our destiny

4. Dominated by the Disease

You wake up a morning
Have some stomac aches
Not important you tell yourself
And you stop thinking about it

Later that same day
You feel it once again
And it's worst than ever
At that time you really start wondering

At the hospital
After a long check-up
The man in white sits down in front of you
And makes your worst nightmare a reality

Your heart is pumping at foul speed
You would prefer to ignore all this
But the pain refreshes your memories
You're now stuck in the disease tornado

You return to your house to pack your stuff
And take a desperate look around

Knowing that it could be the last vision of your home
While the disease builds its own in your body

Dominated by the disease
Your only hope is to fight to survive

Even if you know that the victim is unlikely
You take the decision to engage in a long internal war

Feeling the Reaper close to you
You grip your heart to seize its last beat
Seeing your life behind
You ask yourself why so much suffering
And to dust your return...clueless...

5. Dive Into Nothingness

In a world that doesn't appear to be his own
A man is witnessing a surreal vision

Obscure swirl of total emptiness
Causing time distortion and lights fading
Attracting each parts of himself slowly
To a place where even sounds can't subsist

Dive into nothingness
And see what this man has seen

Feeling every fragment of his physical form
Leaking out of what he tought was reality
Paralyzed by an unknown dizzyness
He's now unable to see due to the absence of lights

Floating into nothingness
The man thinks about himself on Earth
Looking towards the sky
Imagining a paradise that is now empty

He wakes up
From his dream
In his bed

He wonders what were those vision
That contradict every of his actual beliefs
Forcing him to see everything with a different approach

For each day that passes he realize more clearly
That each part of our world is in fact part of the void
He knows he'll have to face it one day or another
Unsurre about how hard it will be to go through this step
He dives into nothingness

6. Artificial Life For Eternity

In a futur not far away
Knowledge about life itself
Has so much evolved
That death is now rare and forgotten
Without fear of dying
Humanity is desecrating
Taking all risk for his own gain
The end is now temporary pain

Artificial life...
... for eternity

Mastering the art of cloning
We have become our own makers
The world is overpopulated
And real humans are disappearing

People who commit suicide the next day are getting revived
Force to enroll in therapy that can last eternally
There is really no more exit for thos lost souls
They'll have to deal with their suffering...over and over

Time is not precious anymore
And life has become tasteless
Cause there's no longer an end
Or at least, none that we knows of

Artificial life...
... for eternity

7. Sentenced by the Hammer of Justice

The sound of the hammer
Just echoed through the court
Now officially a criminal
I am escorted to my cell

I know that I've done nothing
I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time
But guilty is just what justice is in need of
And I am the only suspect they got

My vision of justice will never be the same

Everyday I have to face
Suspicious looks from the others
Who have chosen to think
That I deserve what's happening to me

I thought that the law would unveil the truth
But I got stuck in a world of lies

I have lost everything I lived for
How could I find the force to survive

I can't believe that my life
Is going to a dead end

Every morning, when I wake up
Before opening my eyes
I hope that all of this
Was just a nightmare

Sentenced by the hammer of justice

Frustration and anger
Are growing stronger
Slowly losing my sanity...

8. Schizophrenia

All around me, shadows and voices
Are tormenting my life
Trying to survive
In a world covered by fire
Closing my eyes
To escape this vision
But it doesn't...

Sometimes lights from the past come to my eyes
It is really mine? Can't know for sure...
Everything in my head seems so blurry
SO much incoherence that I can't explain

I'm completely alone
In a world ignored by the others
Shattered by the fear
Of someone that may not be myself

Get out of me

No reality, no dreams, I have control over nothing
No reality, no dreams, I'm trapped for a lifetime

9. Escaping Reality (Instrumental)


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