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Under the Aegis of Damnation

"Under the Aegis of Damnation" (2006 EP)

1. Falsehood Crucified
2. Under the Aegis of Damnation
3. Wielder of Scythes

1. Falsehood Crucified

No light and no love from the god above
Enemy of the cross, salvation dies
Unholy reaper of the flame
Burn the crucifix to the ground

This orgy of forgiveness
His name is Jesus Christ
A martyr for the dead and the dying
May you rot for eternity
His followers will die too
My blade is for the children of the messiah

My blade shatters the whore messiah
Fuck you!

Hammer the weak with iron superiority
May our lust be spit in your face
May our sin be the thorns in your crown
May death be the end of the legacy

2. Under the Aegis of Damnation

When the shadow calls
When the night fever calls
When the dark mist is rising
And the pyre needs igniting
When the moon is high
And the earths engulfed by flames
When courage is at hand
And its time for an un-holy stand
I rise up with those who conjure
Damnations calling the hearts of pure

I sanction every war
One death is one so what’s one more
With the aegis of hell propagating
I feel the age of god descending

The fields are plagued with genocide
We ride on into the darkest night

When man seeks a scapegoat for his failures
And I flay and curse the weak
I summon ceremonial damnation
To burn you at the stake
When the moon is low
And we are on a high
Our ritual is a blood plague, in the wake of every war
I call to those who see, the lies and the deceit
Its time to make your stand
I’m summoning damnation for the end of man…

Sulphuric wrath from the sky…exterminate!

The dawn has risen
For the end of man…

3. Wielder of Scythes

A curse, a call, for death is here
The seventh trumpet sounds
The angels light enshroud in darkness

Writhe in pain, flayed in death

A plague onto this world, Lucifer strikes
Fall into un-light
And you will die your soul aflame
The black heart purify
For the curse of demonic fire

Wielder of scythes
The holy kingdom burns

They may challenge our ground
But we shall attack as one
Forever vengeance triumphs
Hear the beat of the devils drum
Break the chains that have cursed our souls
For we are the threat to order
An influx of chaos murder
Fight ‘til death to overthrown their rule
To live the way we wanted to

Glorious in death, we are, the eye of the storm, Charge!
Demon blood running warm
The reapers plague at night it swarms
And wolves of terror ignite the pyre
I steel the crown of the bleeding martyr, dies!

Wielder of scythes
A plague upon the world

The devils fist in the face of god
Demonic wielder of deaths curse


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