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The Storm to End All Wars

"The Storm to End All Wars" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro: The Storm to End All Wars
2. The Final Solution
3. Eradicator
4. Denouncement Pyre

1. Intro: The Storm to End All Wars

2. The Final Solution


One plan, it’s the way to destroy life
It’s the inhumane course of action
Deterioration, immense satisfaction
A cleansing process with eternal benefition

The need to be supreme
No longer is it a dream
I’ll drive this ‘till the end…
The need for barbaric war
I’ll fuck the demon whore
We will rule the Earth when the final solutions called

You rape the world and we fight back
When all is gone we will be back

Truncheon blows and wolf-like howls
The brutal legions on the prowl
Defending the earth you’ve killed and raped
The final way to see you pay

We are the supreme
Slay the Christian dream
I’ll kill you in the end
The need for fuckin war
To lead the infernal horde
We will destroy your Earth with the final solution call

Laceration to your way of life

3. Eradicator


A will to succeed, barbaric war creed
Iron fists of fire, crushing all with power
Charging through your town
Yeah, we’re here to crush you to the ground
Enforcing a sinister regime and fucking all the meek
Indulging in your holy blood, killing all and marching on

We’ve been ordered by the goat lord
To end the final war
Leading through the fog terrain
Killing, fucking spreading pain

We rape all your souls
To obliterate all the fools
Leaving no life
Leaving at the end of the night
Human life annihilation
Yeah, it causes such sensations
Like a believer stomped into the ground
Left to witness us rape their god

Hail lust hail power
We are the warlust devour

Sons possessed with sodomous desire
Of triumph and glory
A malicious incantation
Kindred to the heathen gods of war

Hail the new dawn
Hail eternal war
Hail the death of god
Hail the end of mankind
Hail Eradicator

The dawn of war and fuckin’ eradication

4. Denouncement Pyre


Strip you of your soul- throw you into the pits of hell
Torture you in flames, rape and flay your human spirit
Barbaric hate
Vengeance flames- Antichrist

Barbaric Vengeance Antichrist

You fools are all slaves- I don’t have the time to waste
You live and you decay- Such senseless unfulfilling ways
I plague and curse you all- And triumph as you fall
Not shunned in secrecy- Genocide for all to see

Barbaric Vengeance Antichrist

Raise the flag of un-divinity
And fuck the whores of virginity

Barbaric Vengeance Antichrist

At night my spirit soar, beyond the thunderous roar of destruction
Under a moon an immortal feast, in the shadows of nocturnal beast
Predators of the night- shattering everything in sight
Look the wolf in the eyes- Consumed with hate as you die

Barbaric Vengeance Antichrist
Decimate, Killing all, Lust
Barbaric Sodom Death
Kill your god, Rape your soul, Fuck you all


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