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"Existence" (2004)

1. 3/9
2. Necromancer
3. Mankind`s Bleeding
4. Thermal Detonator
5. Draining Blood
6. Burned To Ashes
7. Betrayer
8. Discover The Light
9. Hypnotized Fall
10. No Regrets

1. 3/9

I'm the third of nine and i was born as a new species
my brothers are still sleeping but the day will come then we are ready
the first try was a mistake but they said we have to risk this
they wanted to believe it so they closed their eyes and turned away

I'm the third of nine you know i'm on a higher level
my look is not like yours, i'm created to rule, a new born god
parts of mine are fiendish, my basic's almost human
a new constructed warmaschine, build from you with your own blood
you made me alive

I'm the third of nine and you put me out of hell
you thought you know the danger and you like it when you play with fire
now you get the invoice and you try to stop your ruin
but you made me strong enough and there's no chance to fight me back

As delivered via national press communication there is evidence concerning an outbreak of an
unidentified bacterial virus from one of the modernized chemical research centres downtown.
According to official authorities the virus is an extremly contagious mutation of the well-known
influenza virus. Citizen should stay in the homes, but as reported there is no imanent danger for
the population and therefor no reason for panic.

I'm the third of nine and now it's time to wake my brothers
the virus's coming over you, there's no escape, there's no way out
you 've lost the game against me, your reward is destruction
i'm coming like a killing curse, what you can do is pray to god
live is full of hate

2. Necromancer

Creeping times of darkness and sorrow are coming back
every servant of discord is trying to use our hate
they are praying for an age which we're trying to forget
for a new dictator and a vague upcoming fate

conjuring up the past
get it back

Once you were a honored man a leader of the blind
you decided 'bout life or death, stronger than the right
as this times were over you have lost your power too
but you haven't killed your idols, now it's breaking through

conjuring up...

You're a fiendish preacher but noone sees your mask
now you're sowing the seed of violence, waiting for the crash
on the search for new recruits which awakes the ghost in you
a new devilish army which rips this world in two

conjuring up the...

3. Mankind`s Bleeding

Too long i was away from here but now i'm back the world creator
but the first look down on earth let me forget i'm your protector
burning crosses, war incessant
only hate runns through your veins
i see the forbidden fruits which you try to eat
you think you can get them all even if you kill your breed

Mankind has to bleed

I know i've said you have to rule, what have you done with my creation
all the good has turned to bad and all i see is devastation
without regard, no helping hand
own the advantage till the end
you should live like brothers but you dig your tomb
before you solve the problem, you answer with a bomb

Now i make out the deadly virus, you spread yourself like a desease
you're a plague and i regret that i have asked for your increase
kill the nature, no compromise
you're ready to pay every price
you're treating your own fellows like dogs under your feet
fighting is your daily bread and violence is your creed

Mankind has to bleed

So is this all what i have teached, is this determination
i guess you won't leave your way so i order your destruction
no forgiveness, my eyes are blind
my ears are deaf out of my mind
take the holy writings, open your eyes and read
i don't know my children, this is the devil's seed

Mankind has to bleed

4. Thermal Detonator

They built me for a mission, i guess noone will survive
they made me for their vision which stands higher than their lifes
no escape is possible if they push the button
i do my work for everyone till everything is rotten
who set it free the fire in me
who wants the blame, the doubtful fame
all the holy warriors, save us from the sin
praise a brand new weapon, the only way to win

Thermal detonator

They teached me what i have to know and revenge was my teacher
they put the pain deep in my heart, a perfect killing creature
i am just the instrument for all the blinded armies
to rape the souls of thousand lifes, crying for their justice
who set it free the terror in me
with your final breath you can smell death
all the holy warriors

Thermal detonator

The holy war comes up to you and you don't realize
the time is good and i can feel the hunger for your cries
the end of yours is my end too, no longing for another
cause read the writings on the wall, no waiting for my brother
you set it free, i take you with me
i send the pain in our gods name
all the holy warriors

Thermal detonator

5. Draining Blood

I see clouds in the sky, i can 't wipe them away
i feel pain inside when i hear what you say
all the lies and statements have brought darkness in my life
all the tries to put me down made me still alive

Rain comes down, don't let me see
rage is what i feel
blood in my hand like warm rain
i see your final tear

I see lightnings; not far, it pours towards me
i feel wrath inside when i see what you give to me
you 're the one who still believes that i 'm the fool for you
you think i am dumb enough to make your dreams come true

Rain comes down...- fear

Hear the thunder roar, it is hell on earth
i feel death inside, now i know how i can serve
you get back all what you gave, i give you something more
so look deep into my eyes and you know what you're dying for

Rain comes down...

6. Burned To Ashes

Sometimes you are angry when you think 'bout it again
the pain deep in your heart, you know you 've lost, there's nothingmore to say
yes, you think about it but you don't wanna cry
you know the time heals every wound and then the hate will go away

Sandman 's coming and everything seems real
all what 's burned to ashes he will heal

To long the time of fighting and to long you had to wait
for the chance you never had you 've waited for all the things you need
where is all your will, your strength and ecstasy
you 've lost your soul and all what's left is pain and dreadful agony

Sandman 's coming and everything...

You are burning like in hell and noone 's here to help
a ticking timebomb in your head and all you know is pain and dread
till you push the button then everything's too late
and you will burn all to ashes, new solution means death

Sandman's coming and everything...

7. Betrayer

Once you have dreamed of the future
sometimes you still do it now
you had big dreams and a vision
it disappeared you don't know how
once you have sworn you can change it
truth was the sign in your eyes
but you were caught by the power
everyone can hear your lies

Where is your honour
where is your pride
where is your passion
afraid of the fall
where is your backbone
where is your heart
just a betrayer and that is all

High the amount of your balance
big are your symbols of salvation
everything seems like in heaven
cares with your conscience are far
don't tell me how you could get this
don't tell you lied to friends
you sold your soul for the best price
all i can see is your mendacious soul

Where is your...

Once you have dreamed of the future
all what's left are broken dreams
you think you're ruling your chaos
but you will see your ship will sink
this will be the time for revenge
and you have to pay for it all
then i will stand on your grave, man
and i will spit onto your soul

Where is your...

8. Discover The Light

It happened so fast now i am here on this place - and i see fear
but keep away this fear from me, i'm feeling great, there are no tears
the sorrow 's written into your face, i guess you mourn for yourself
but look into my face and see my smile, you don't have to be afraid

I'm not afraid deep inside of myself i feel a little part is leaving me
it's flying upward, myself too and from above i see the truth
there is no pain, no suffering and everything for me is clear
it seems my mind is flying free, without resistance, away from here

I wash away my pride - discover the light
i'm walkin straight away
now i'm closing my fight - discover the light
a new gate, a new way

It was a hard time here on earth, a place of sin, i won't come back
i felt the weight of pressure heavily on me, then came a crack
i ask myself how could i stand this all alone but now it is done
and now this has an end for me, show me the way i have to run

I wash away my pride discover...

And when i'm gone away think of me with a smile
look into the future, don't talk about bad times
another world is my new home and what i gave i get it back
the time will come for everyone
you have to leave it all

My way on earth is not done yet, i know the journey has to stop
so i wish they would send me back, i have to go, no time to drop
if my time is passed i will come back to see the promised land
i will welcome my final day cause i saw the beginning of the end

I wash away my pride discover...

9. Hypnotized Fall

I'm still walking through the streets, i 'm watching all around
i see the poor life in the gutter,the rich do what they want
i look into hollow faces, empty eyes without a hope
hunger for a different life remains an unheard call

Faith - i can't feel it here
trust is turning into fear
with open eyes we run against a wall
hypnotized fall
cold - are the feelings dead
lies are burning in our heads
turn off your brain and listen to the call
hypnotized fall

Computerdisks are telling us the way we have to go
they plan our lifes until the last breath, we're still under control
is this the future, new age time, so unreal, this world 's not mine
robot-feelings, engine-minds, inside a dead soul

Faith - i can't feel...

Arrogance and ignorance fills this world without place left
tell me who has killed our idols, who has smashed our aims
everything is payed with money, nothing 's cheap no price to high
everyone should sell his body for a doubtful fame

Faith - i can't feel...

10. No Regrets

You can't live your life in peace if a neighbour doesn't want
he always finds a reason to give you hate and harm
it doesn't matter what you do, even if you do your best
when you're lying on the ground, he 'll take care about the rest
never put me down
no time on the ground
don't push me over the edge

Against the storm
i don't regret my sins
against the storm
i set my sails against the wind

Some talk about how bold we are, tell us what we've got to do
cause we don 't think as otherones and our way is new
they say we don't know what we do, we play an evil game
keep on listening to satan, we 're gonna burn in flames
never put us down
no time on the ground
don't push us over the edge

Against the storm...

No interest in truth, they hear what they would like to hear
am i a new born killer that everyone's in fear
some punish me with contempt now and slander me with lies
you don't accept opinions, you don't accept the life
never put me down
no time on the ground
don't push me over the edge

Against the storm...


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