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From the Inside out

"From the Inside out" (2001 EP)

1. Dead Animal
2. My own Trip
3. Walk Away
4. Perfect Pain
5. Damned to Die

1. Dead Animal

days have passed , but still my mind
takes up thinking just of you
`cause no one else would do
and of course I want to hide it,
and of course I want to flee,
but my mind doesn`t move,
like my worst enemy.

raise my head ,
just let me think about ,
what`s going on outside
and let me know

shall I see the light?
shall my mind get clear?
inside somthing promises me,
everything (is going to be allright )

of course everyone will see,
what`s behind the wall of dust
and inside the time of me,
but still I think of my life
and this is all I am
and if you are gonna kill me,
there`s nothing left to me!

.......(`cause) I`M THE DEAD ANIMAL!........

2. My own Trip

from time to time you share
expiriences with other people,
but as soon as you leave them,
they live their life and you live yours!

you think you know me, but what you see
is just the surface, all you see
is just a moment that becomes past,
I see things different, `cause life is just.....


6 billion people - 6 billion trips
who cares about you - just walk your own way
I`ll go on growing - expanding my mind
just complete your trip - until your own I

3. Walk Away

this face is not, for what I`ve known,
I find a mask, instead of your soul,
we once have walked right the same way,
it took all my time, but you have not grown.

every day white turns in black
my mind starts walking
I find myself in a place
of blank confusion
see you shining through dark clouds
my eyes keep smiling
I`m so glad to have you here
but you just walk away

my eyes have been blind, to what is real,
I´ve been locked up, rigth to myself,
it took me my past, to find a way out,
still I`m looking for, a way to stay clear.

4. Perfect Pain

broken dreams are crushing down,
see you walking hand in hand,
sit alone in my deep black hole,
of emptiness and sadness, where I meet my


my mind takes dreaming of you,
I don´t know, if you would to?
just see your star walking away,
and all that you leave me is just my

and all I´ve ever wanted to do,
is just becoming one with you
and screaming out the pain´cause I see,
it doesn´t work, I´ll always be me!

nothing is wrong, all is just one,
and I wished death could be the same,
but still life has so much to give,
so you are my reasons,
that I don´t wanna die............

5. Damned to Die


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