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"Defy" (2003 EP)

1. Apathy (A-Path-Y)
2. Escapism
3. Peace of Mind
4. Waking Dreams
5. Catharsis
6. When Bullshit Remains

1. Apathy (A-Path-Y)

open your mind
set free your soul
open your arms
and take me with you
feel unknown powers
ruling our lives
help yourself
to rise up!

warm energy fulfils my body
negativity breaks away
I open up my inside widely
to let it all come in

you have always been afraid
that this could be a lie
you closed your eyes,
never facing the sun.
separating yourself,
just feeding your fear.
you are down
meanwhile i am pushing my stars!

open up doors
life has been closed
open your heart
a fire will burn
this is a path
to your own why
go on and on
to stay free!

2. Escapism

senseless aggression
caused by frustration
projected sorrows
what you fear is who you are

faked emotions
that turn out real
wasting time and fooling the crowd

I just need to get far away
escape the hate, the fear

minds and thoughts
the news keep telling
what to believe and who to hate

does no one realize
what’s going on?
they feed our hatred
to divert from failings on our own!

3. Peace of Mind

born into a place
regulated in space and time
each act affects another
is a cause for reaction

a black menacing shadow
touches my disposition
followed by the ray
of a bright and familiar sunshine
the aim:
to keep the peace, the warmth
throughout all ups and downs.

red lips cause security and suffering
brown eyes touch me deep inside
soft skin makes me feel alive
a moment lasts forever.

green smells say smoke me for clearness
burning liquids show fun and confusion
it’s all repeated change
my eyes get tired and through……..

white clouds I swim, to face the light
that keeps me warm and saves me
from all my restless inside.
I know you are my peace of mind

4. Waking Dreams

I am painting
pictures in my brain
of futurist situations.
lucid moments,
sunny days and open sky
as time arrives.

with other lives
make me aware
things happen
we can’t control
just let things slide.

let this life take place
but keep your dreams alive.

5. Catharsis

Permanent pressure caused an overload of my nervous system – emotional breakdown.
As I tried to suppress my reactions the inputs turned versus myself – loss of control.

my mind was lost
somewhere in space

panic attacks were my minds effect
I had only the wish to leave my fears!

so as I left this darkness behind
I know I have to leave fear
as a destructive element
that infects our lives and our minds
but as I feel the sun and a clear air
that runs through my body
I know I’ve got to rise.

6. When Bullshit Remains


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