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By All Means

"By All Means" (2005)

1. Intro
2. Inner Sin
3. No Faith
4. Forever Gone
5. ...Endless...
6. By All Means
7. Overcast Days
8. Pain, Evil, Emptiness And Lies
9. Twisted Destiny
10. It's All Been Said

1. Intro


2. Inner Sin

trapped in the borders of my own reality
knowing that some things are just meant to be
trying to find myself but I don't know how
trying to see the light that I need now
to put me out of the dark

the monster inside takes another bite
my sins are deep I can't just hide
tried to criss to the other side
to make a difference what's wrong what's right
what's a black what's a white

the choices we make dictate the life we live
lost in oblivion dark silent incomplete
I'm one step closer to hit the ground
what goes around comes around

3. No Faith

first thing a man should do
is to accept his death
knowing that he must die
nothing lasts forever

bless me father I have sinned
there's no god only pain I've seen
so many lies blind faith and hope
so many gods who gonna save my soul

pray today for better tomorrow
nothing changes only more sorrow
face your sins stop living a lie
don't you want to live before you die...
...before you die...

4. Forever Gone

my heart has been stabbed with a knife of sorrow
pierced by the dagger of broken promises
infected by the plague I can't oppose on
poison thoughts that darken the mind

...forever gone...embrace the ashes

deep oceans of pain that I drown in
choke the struggle for a breathe I can't take
push me away where I've never been before
where honor and dignity lose their meaning

distant cries that I hear will not bring me back the wounds but they're too deep...

5. ...Endless...


6. By All Means

can't hold my breathe any longer
this pain is getting much stronger
the chains around me holding me so tight
the future doesn't seem so bright

by all means I will stand
for sure this pain will someday end
by all means I will succed
won't kneel down won't accept defeat

unanswerred questions dreans so cold
no place in heaven for an empty soul
for the answers I must seek
they are here still unanswered

this cursed game won't break me
by all means I'm not destroyed
my self confidence is yet to be born

7. Overcast Days

slaughter or innocent life
people die without struggle or strive
victims of self destruction
in endless pain seeking for salvation

pure innocence expecting demise
lost sense for wrong or right
sincerity in a dead word
I'm torn apart

overcast days surround the weakest
throwing them on margine of society
apocalypse is now reality
I'm on the edge of sanity

everyone alone in his own sadness
empty soul gone to hell
find a way to cope with the madness
and a cure for everlasting pain

8. Pain, Evil, Emptiness And Lies

another day filled with emptiness
tried to leap forward to the happiness
like a bad dream can't wake up from this
...pain evil emptiness and lies...

living my life not knowing why?
all the backstabs I keep my head high
it's easy to forgive but hard to regret

eternal darkness eats my soul
nothing will break me my wounds are shallow
I open my eyes and all I can see is
pain evil emptiness and lies...

9. Twisted Destiny

I've felt betrayal right by my side
the ones I've felt so close they left all behind
I stand alone but I'll overcome
and bury the fears deep in the ground
...deep in the ground...

I remember what was said but saw what was done
and realized that it's no more than lie
expectations were so big but reality killed
wiped them all out and turn them to dust

the trust is forgotten
and I will never be the same
but for some reason
It's hope ...hope...that dies last...

10. It's All Been Said

I know you don't have to confess
everyone has his own regrets...
someday you'll remember but never confess
it's all been done, it's all been said...'s all been said

I remeber the times that we had
new excitement everyday
so fast it all faded away
and nothing could ever fill the gap...'s all been said

lost pictures from the past
memories that lay awake's all been said...


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