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Holy Erotic Rapture

"Holy Erotic Rapture" (2002)

1. Holy Erotic Rapture
2. Armageddon=Satisfaction
3. Grind A.D.
4. Escucha Musica
5. Immaculate Deception
6. Intentional Tourettes
7. Braindead Masses
8. Greed Disease
9. Fecal Matter Platter
10. Lost Cause
11. Human Suppository
12. Progressive Holocaust
13. Mental Restraints

1. Holy Erotic Rapture

Faces emerge from mechanical mutations
Filthy hands reach from the sky
Cleansing themselves in seas of scum
Secretions spurt from unknown orifices
Calibrated hate pinpoint exact
You canít sustain with your mind intact
Give birth to fate aborting the past
Uncover these false impressions
Cleanse yourself with false confessions
Kneel before your icon's altar
Strangulation from thy father
Brain-dead masses stay sedate
Living corpses copulate
Repetition seals your face
Ingest, digest, defecate
Loathing this condition that we are stuck in
Providing the incentive to shut down our minds
I turn to the good book for some guidance
Then I rip it apart it makes no sense
So called wise-men long proven wrong
It tears me apart to see someone else get the credit
Without sight or senses opinions blindly overrun
Population multiplies, we procreate the scum
Force fed concepts, obscene
Undying rituals, unclean
Pornographic scripture
Holy erotic rapture
Itís written in the scripture
Your frail before his stature
You cower in the shadows
You lust for messiah's phallus
Human ants in their hill
Die off in record numbers
Itís all a human error
Await the repercussions
Fairy tales obscene in nature
Pulsate heavenly members
Enter through vaginal church doors
Your broken mind remembers
You rest your weary mind
Saturated in your hostility
Your body satisfies their twisted sexuality
Lust, fuck and multiply
Hate, kill, depopulate
Vicious circle, man made wasteland
Messiah descends on earth to fuck man
Crown of thorns around his cock
Religious perversion never stops
Choke on the words that you preach
The words you preach breed death
A brand new definition of hate: god
Frustration forever clouding my mind
Wrapping its tentacles around my spine
Branching forth from this cancerous growth
Is a lecherous abscess of slime
Perpetually feeding me to the most average
Of all mankind
To witness revolting display of deformity
You must stand in line
Desperately fight to the top of the human cesspool
Try to shake off the leeches that cling to me
Never allow them to breach the intangible revelations
That live and breathe deep in me
That live and breathe deep in me

My Christ-like libido remains sexually unchallenged
I lust to make a fetus you lust to throat my phallus

2. Armageddon=Satisfaction

Throughout the course of time
Everything changed we blurred the lines
Standards set have met demise
Well laid plans fell by the wayside
We are thinking
Canít suppress individual instinct
Canít afford to have them thinking
Instill fear eternity of suffering
One mentality religious supremacy
Fulfill the basic need
Acceptance in this creed
Join up or you bleed
Deciding motive greed
But its all falling apart
Corrupted from the start
Well never fall in line
As worthless fucking swine
Your minions loathe one another
They fight wars with each other
My mind rejects this mentality
Iíd rather call it slavery
Crowd mind warped opinion
Rejected from when I was young
I learned at an early age
Everything I knew was fake

The plan's falling apart
Cash flow slowing down
No comfort anywhere
People have ceased to care

Tear down the world we know
Fuck it
It must all be destroyed
It must be done
I hate this cold hearted world
Maybe itís a lost cause
Too far gone
No love left in my body
Fuck it
Taken away with my hope
And my pride
No respect for your authority
I wonít fight for the scraps
The end is near

Start over throwaway society
I canít feel the blood run through me
Hating all those who come in contact
Drop out of this useless affair

No man deserves power over all
Corrupts minds beyond understanding
Plants the seeds of eventual decay
Those same seeds we nurture today

If this is life blow me away
I want no part of the human race
We all finish last anyway
Why the fuck should we even play

Human loyalty worth less than a hooker
Friendship has no meaning now
The values failed to take
Your fucked up life your forced to fake

I feel no reason to continue inevitable downfall
Images on TV convince you all
Abandon your faith before it falls

And if you think you can turn it all around
You are sadly mistaken
Years of conformity has left your mind in ruin
Fuck you let them control you
Lured by products that you love

No pity for weak minded bastards
Single file apocalypse

Iíve seen the light when you die
You will not rise

I cannot define my zeitgeist

The time for you to die is right now
So why donít you do it get the fuck out of the way

The holy light is misguiding it leads you to demise

Disintegrating before its time
Masses waking from their
Slumber only to discover how
Frivolous and pointless their lives really were

Their trust was misplaced betrayed
By their leaders foolish actions
Trusting government and church hand in hand
Was even worse

I can feel no pity for those who lie down for them
Bred for profit fed the machine
But the squeaky wheel lost the grease
Stop and think starve off your inherited lust for material things

You served your purpose well you generated revenue

3. Grind A.D.

Here we are in a new age
The weak lie in my wake
I dream of structures
Erected out of violence and hate
Do you know why you are here?
Do you question your existence?
When you look into the mirror
What the fuck do you see?

Pissing down a wishing well
Violence and hate have served them well
Nobody here deserves to die
But nothing will stop this genocide

You donít know the things I feel
You canít change whatever I say
Try and try to block them out
Problems just wonít go away
Fuck you, you never understand

Iím in love with anger

Iím married to frustration
I only feel at ease
In social isolation

Who can I turn to but myself?
No compassion no one else
Sleep forever in my place
I feel no pain no disgrace

Carving knife-holes in the fucking walls
Pacing up and down the motherfucking halls

Stuck in this cycle riddled with regret
Waiting for complacency anticipating death

Paycheck to paycheck
For whom for what
Contemplate my future, but I donít give a fuck

Unyielding thoughts of evil
In the wake of deep depression
Personalities I see through-I abstain of this bullshit

Your life is full of fiction fooling no-one but yourself
Your a walking contradiction
I abstain of this bullshit

Doom, not a shred of hope,
Iím grinding through their skulls
And feeling no remorse 2X

Your way, my way everything will be the same
When our minds melt in the flames
On our judgment day
Memories of the past are erased

DoomÖ end of saga 4X
DoomÖ end of saga 3X

Doom end of saga and the weak ones are the first to go
Thoughts and actions are forgotten end in human war 2X

4. Escucha Musica

5. Immaculate Deception

Profit from disciples
Theories are recycled
Force fed indecision

Memorizing what was said
Unasked questions in your head
Religious cancer in your mind
Spreading tumor, not benign

Profit from disciples
Theories are recycled
Force fed indecision
Christened in their vision

Donít believe, they deceive
Free from sin, immaculated
Crucifixion for your sins
Book of fiction full of shit
Donít ask why just fucking die

Human toll, it will rise
What brought them together will now bring demise
They've become what they once despised
Murder is easily justified

Your fucking mind runs on superstition
You worship Santa Claus, terrified into religion
This fucking parasite, burrowed into your mind
Fearing the afterlife, salvation youíll never find

Repent it will not die
Ignorance is everlasting

Comfort from lies
Independent thoughts despised
Open your eyes, the priest has hands on your thigh

Dying doctrine, system of lies
Rejoice in the blood of the unknowing innocent
Repent, I refuse to spread your ignorance

Dying doctrine, system of lies
Birth of ignorance, death and demise

Tombstones smashed to pieces
Human rag-dolls thrown to the side
Die, holocaust, die, genocide

Armaggeddon, it has been written
Destruction overwhelming
Restrictions on your mind
Death to disciples of every fucking kind

Total discrimination
Of every race and creed
Exploit entire cultures
To satisfy their need

Tombstones smashed to pieces
Human rag-dolls thrown to the side

Prophets for profit
Believe the bullshit
Obeying, decepted
The followers of horseshit

Fuck the world

6. Intentional Tourettes

7. Braindead Masses

Endlessly searching
For a reason for existence
Dead end, pointless mission
You wait your whole life
For the messiah to take your fucking life
Endless waiting pointless praying dulls your mind
In religion common sense is hard to find
Government dulls your senses blurs your vision
Unaware you let a book make your decisions
Your thoughts are programmed
Inscribed in your mind
Ignorance is bliss, violence is divine
Existence filled with pain and strife
Violence in your afterlife
Brain-dead masses thrown aside
No remorse for those that died
Blindly believing every lie
Worship till you fucking die
Ignore contradictions found in religion
Join the herd
Waste your whole fucking life...

8. Greed Disease

Emerging from the depths to
Desecrate the population
Feeding on the greed and hatred
Of humanity
Ignorance eclipses the minds
Of the apathetic
Climbing of the spine of the earth
To reduce us to dust
It knows nothing of compassion
Hate fuels this machine
It kills without discretion
Slowly spreading its disease
Vivisection of the planet
Pinned down, gutted like an insect
Limbs are frozen you are helpless
You cannot escape its clutches
Brains are stagnant
Conforming to pain a daily habit
Memories of pleasure fade away
Blind to lies we slowly decay

Apathetic eyes wide open
Never seeing bodies broken
Profits compel greedy minds
This one way system never dies
Path we're on a vicious circle
Religious wars that no one wins
Beast that dwells in all of us
Will eventually consume our being

Action must be taken today
As minds melt away
Corporations destroy the planet
Accelerated state of decay
Planet rots away
Your motherfucking bible useless
Visions of the past slowly die
The present I despise
I canít bear to even see the future
Living under threat of war
God that you adore
Canít be bothered to save
What he created
Who is your god?
Where is he now?
Fuck you
Greed engulfs the world
The scum of society
Swarm like maggots to a corpse
Consuming all, this greed disease

Masses growing never knowing
They are slaves to mass hypnosis
Randomly lobotomized
Reduce to primitive psychosis

9. Fecal Matter Platter

Kingdom cum you will be done
Your story ending
Long awaited
Your epitaph reads nothing
You are nameless, faceless
You are nothing
Deeply hated in your time
Pointless existence,
You will eat my shit
You are hated
Living in a world of shit you've created
You've given me so much bullshit
Now its time for me to return it
Fuck you
Youíre an asshole
Wonít you
Suck my corn-hole
Your daily nutrients will come from my
I hope my feces satisfy
Fecal matter platter, you will dine
Bury you in shit

You are such a bastard
Your lifeís a fucking waste
Confine you in my basement
Shit I'll make you taste
Piss and shit laden vomit fill this place
Itís smeared all over your face
You cannot escape the taste
Pubes stuck in your teeth
Smell like human queef
Baptized in my shit
Fecal crucifix
Chef's cooking up shit soup
Gallons of urine, pounds of poop
Mixed with a cup of puke
Sprinkled with my anal pubes
Ass connected to face with tubes
Make you take bong sized hits
Of my flatulence

10. Lost Cause

Euphoria erodes away
Nighttime has ceased to show contrast from day
Happiness left behind
Locked away in a dark corner of my mind
Emotions are better left alone
When hope is awakened its hard to let it go
Alone, outcast from the world
Nowhere I feel at home
Alone, I donít want to think about you or myself anymore

The moon penetrates my skull
Cycles of thoughts in my head keep me enthralled,
Into the night, flashing shades of red
Interrupt my sight

Haunting thoughts of failure
Overcoming feelings of pleasure
Faith wonít make it right
How could hell be any worse than my life?

Unclean, impure, unforgiven
Comfortable, alone and hidden
Nowhere I can go for help

I just want to leave this place
Regret a past I canít erase
Thereís no way I can change my fate
Forget the past and clean the slate

Progress is useless,
Feelings are useless.....

11. Human Suppository

I slip inside
Impossible to deny
When I cum it's intervention
Torso thrust relieves the tension
I am up inside you
I just want to ride you
Living just to skull fuck
Really like to bust nuts
Iím inside you
Iím the human suppository
Stimulex is in effect
Enhancing penal petrification
Irreversibly erect
Overdosing on Viagra
Rubbed raw by erotic friction
Never did well in math or addition
But I got an A in genital collision
I would like to be your tutor

These are the sex drugs of my choice
Top gun
Here is one I enjoy
Stamina RX
Here is my personal favorite
Shoot my semen, youíll savor it
Huge dick

Iím inside you
Iím the human suppository (repeat)

Dick in your mouth
Balls in your face
Past is forgotten
Future is erased
I am up inside of you
Iím the human suppository

12. Progressive Holocaust

Itís all lies, no surprise
This is where you say goodbye
Every single living creature is about to die
Dredging the remains of a once important city
With no present hope of finding something
Worth saving
Buried beneath the bones and broken glass
A lost society
The reverts once again to a primitive state
Free from obligations
Our own technology betrays us
Population tears itself apart
Bottom feeding, unachieving human breed
Fuck us all
And the plot thickens, population goes insane
The young cannot understand
Why theyíre subject to the whims of perverts
callous as the next man
Oblivious to duty
Possessions wonít fill the void
Role models lie, six feet under
Dead and defiled by my hand
They were slaughtered and decapitated slowly
To ensure a very violent deserved death
Day of reckoning, mass repention
Overwhelming human tragedy
My convictions give me strength to digest
The grisly deeds that inflict upon you all
As I rise to power the world will forever be cleansed
Of human life, little children now pay for your fucking mistakes

Do you feel ashamed?
My greatest dreams fulfilled parallel to the downfall of god
Meaningless figurehead
Dig your own grave and donít grasp onto the life you took for granted
Useless to resist
Abandon me now, treat this like a normal day
Where you didnít care, it shall be your last
Human devotion, draining from the open wounds in your loverís skull
Luxury Christ

Bombard the public with cryptic messages
And human nature will do the rest
Paranoia runs rampant planet rots away
Their minds held in submission
Mild mannered turn to killers

They fear this, my new world
They grasp on tightly
And rape the world of supplies, bust out right now
The world is crippled
Can you adapt to chaos
A second chance at life
If you can pay the price
Some chose to die
Why not capitalize???

13. Mental Restraints

What is loyalty?
Is it determined by necessity?
Is the human mind geared for its own end?
This is inbred in us all

So fuck you fuck your new ideas
No one minds where you stole them from
Millions of people live their lives to plan
And in the process they add up to nothing
They are unable to please themselves
They will attempt to continue to do so
Frivolous attempts will not awaken them
Consideration wiped clean from their consciences

Knowledge isnít glamor
Isnít money isnít happiness
Bloodshed will only tighten the noose
Will man put aside his own priorities?
And focus on the good of the earth
The horizon is ominous
Doomed to fail
The answer lies behind the look in your eyes
We are all going to die
So realize
We are all going to die
So start something right now
Thereís nothing you can do about it
Born everyday again and again and again
Your potential lies in your hands
Live it in a hellish cycle
Ponder all the things youíve done

Been content to wander the left path
Youíve never been in control of your life
You always try to run away
Itís quite obvious youíve already chose to die
Dive out of mindless light
I know all your servants
I spite them with my life
Thrown dying to sustain
Suicide lack of hope
Death before hypocrisy


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